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    Extra Stuff

    PART X: X for Extra stuff Easter Eggs: Game observations

    Well, these are more of game observations than anything.

    Un-dead comes forth: I have seen this once and initially I thought un-dead walk the cemetery every night. But upon reading the message boards, I realised that the zombies only appear during October. Anybody with me that EA or Maxis should tie up with whatever the company that is doing Buffy so that we can have a "Buffy" reward once we have three cemeteries? Or maybe they could also team up with fox and create an X files division in the local police station.

    Brotherhood of Nod: One of the high-tech buildings is called Kane Tiberium. Perhaps, this in one of the weapons manufacturing plants or refineries. GDI commands you to use your "lightning storm" to destroy this nefarious Nod base.

    Drive Through Cinemas: The movie turns on at about 7pm to about 4am. A very short movie of alien space ships making crop circles and planes attacking the ships.

    Flasher or any crime: Use the data view to determine the location of the flasher and zone to that location to see this display. This works with any other crime. But sometimes you may not see any crime in progress.

    Sending the police to catch criminals: You can dispatch the police under the emergency button to catch the criminals. You will see the police catching the criminal and placing the criminal into the car.

    X’tra Insights:

    Multiple Save Games:

    For those of you who complain about the lack of save games slots, you could always just copy the region to another folder. All you have to do is to go to my documents and copy the region that you want to another file / location and now you have an effective backup of the region. This is what I did when I was trying out the various means of creating hi-tech.

    Mew 3: Idea Incubator

    This section is for ideas that cannot really be fit into the guide or that it is an alternative to the ideas given in the guide. It also includes ideas by contributors which sounds logically good but I have yet to try it out myself.

    Idea I: To water or not to water

    There are some people who advocate not placing water until your population hits about 5000 I believe. But personally, you can hit 5000 so fast, at least with water coverage that I do not think this is too good an idea. The amount of money save is minimal provided that you are using the water towers. However, if the rate of growth from 0 to the time one needs water is similar whether you there is water coverage or not, then if one truly wishes to save money this is a good idea.

    MDMUFF’s Comments:

    "I have gotten a population of 50,000 without water facilities..." That means that a lack of water coverage will only have effect on:

    1) Higher population growth: Above 50,000

    2) Increased risk of fire

    3) Possible prevention or at least a slow down on §§§ moving in. But since the main idea of not have water is to save money, it most probably mean that this city by itself is not very attractive to the §§§. So not much harm done.

    You should be cautioned on the point that while people may not mind moving in despite the lack of water, the cutting off of water will result in people actually leaving. So the moral of the story, if any, is if you wish to treat the population badly do so consistently and at the start of your inauguration.

    Idea II: Coverage Construction: By MDMUFF

    I will talk more about this method after receiving a reply from the author of it. Basically rather than using a elementary school as a basis of construction he seems to suggest using a fire station and its coverage as the basis. And then fitting in the school coverage into the fire coverage.

    But more importantly, he places down the structures with coverage such as fire and education first. Then turning on the view showing the coverage, he constructs zones to fit completely in them.


    This plus point of this method of building makes it such that no coverage is wasted. The problem, is unless you leave adequate places, when the city starts getting really huge, one may have problem preventing the schools from overflowing. When the population starts becoming higher, you will find that you either have to build another school and overlap the coverage or reduce the funding for the buses of the school so as to cut the area of coverage. This is simply to prevent strikes from occurring.

    Idea III: Generation Development: By MDMUFF

    Since education is built upon foundations, placing a high school or college in a place where the elementary system is not developed is only a waste of money. Therefore according to MDMUFF, you should wait several years after placing an elementary school before placing a high school, then a college and a library. This is a further method of saving money.


    However, its effect is in my opinion somewhat limited. The only savings that you can make is in the first few years and it is a bit of a hassle to remember the date you place the school at and then calculate the next phase of development. Although the remembering of the date can easily be remedies through the naming of the school to the date it was founded.

    The only savings you make is through bus coverage. And if you adopt a zero bus funding coverage then you will make little savings. This is because if there are very little students in the college or high school, it does not mean you are wasting money since you can easily reduce their funding.

    However, it is my opinion that this should not really matter since most of the time you do at least wait a few years before placing higher education because of budget constraints.

    Idea IV: Policy favouring the rich

    When you decide to start placing facilities into the city, you may find yourself unable to get full coverage. Thereby forcing you to select certain areas over another. If you adopt this method, concentrate building amenities in one area. That is giving this particular area health, education, police etc. Make sure this area is at a somewhat desirable location, preferably away from pollution.

    At least by providing full facilities to one area, you can attract a higher wealth class into that area. Spreading your amenities around may result in higher desirability but because of the lack of the other facilities, a higher wealth class may not move in.

    Remember, facilities are placed with view of using them to further increase your income.

    Idea V: Grid Unlock City: By Chris McFadyen

    This is a simple idea. Rather than splitting up the various zones, they are placed near each other.


    This layout helps reduce traffic since people do not have to go across the city to get to their work place. This layout may however have problems with industry. Even assuming it is a high-tech non-polluting industry freight trips will be long. Therefore it might still be advisable to place the bulk of the industries at the edge of the map. Of course you could use freight stations but that will only take up valuable space and create traffic.

    Mew 4: Positivist or Natural / Stoics approach to cheats

    The following are methods that exploit the game under the rules it has. Whether you view them as "cheats" depends on if you are a positivist, or a follower of natural law.

    As a positivist who views things as it is without reference to moral judgement and normative statements, you will easily conclude that these methods are not cheats at all for these follow the rules of the game. After all these are not means that change the codes or support the use trainers, which circumvent the rules laid down.

    However, as follower of natural law, which St. Thomas Aquinas has described as the "dictate of right reason," you might disagree. Or if you are not of the Christian religious belief there is also the natural stoics school of thought. Either way you might conclude for whatever reason that these are wrong and thus are cheats.

    Furthermore, the term cheats is already misleading since the act of cheating requires a form of deception with a party being deceived. Even if you view your computer as a human being, it cannot be claim to be deceived because it is the one acting upon your directions with full knowledge.

    For those of you who wonder what this digression is for, it simply is to show people there are different ways to approach this issue. But I am not going to dictate the way you play a game, which you bought. Therefore do not flame me telling me to remove these exploits.

    Exploit I: Ghost town money maker

    The basis of this method is to generate income without expenses or population in the city at all. It does not matter that the amount made is small since you can also run the simulation for many years to build up the cash. Thus after setting it up, you can either take a break or read a book since it may take sometime to build up the cash.

    There are several variants of it. You can either use them in conjunction or separately.

    Legalize Gambling:

    To start any ordinance you need something built. I think a single residential square is sufficient. Legalize gambling to make §100 a month then remove the road and wait for the next few hundred years.

    Selling power or water:

    This only occurs if you have the neighbour with the demand. Similarly set this up and allow the simulation to run.

    Business deals:

    Start up a small town just maybe less than a hundred. Then build a huge amount of expenses such as normal power plants or waster to power plants. Run your budget into the ground. Accept all the deals possible. Then either remove the budget busters or sell power and water to your neighbours if possible. Import waste if and only if you have the waste to power plant and NOT a landfill.

    Exploit II: Force Majeure

    As Winfield & Jolowicz book on tort stated so clearly, "Lightning, earthquakes, ... and tornadoes may be acts of God..." Therefore you should use them as a means to frustrate any obligations relating to monetary payment when destroying buildings.

    Of course the most effective is still the fire disaster. But I prefer to view them as arsonists sent on behalf of the mayor. Fire unless started by a natural disaster is always man-made, be it through negligence or intentional.

    For those of you who have trouble directing your fire-starters, you have to realise that you should not release the mouse button until and unless the building is blown apart by the fiery cursor. A single click in most cases is not sufficient to start a firestorm.

    Exploit III: The Time Machine

    As I have stated in PART III(A) under Info 1b: Utilitarian Approach: Dump and obliterate, this approach simply means creating a city with a huge dump and destroy it when it is filled. Repeat as often as necessary.

    Exploit IV: Two in one reward

    Let me quote MaxisDevinoch (Mayor Steven) who is from Maxis / EA and is one of the moderator of the official SimCity 4 forum.

    "Q: Users can get reward buildings twice. They can open rewards, choose building, then place it. Then, click on the link in the news ticker about the new reward, and place it again.

    A: This is an extra bonus to those clever enough to discover it."

    Prior to this, I thought that this was a bug. But since the person writing this is from Maxis / EA therefore, one can only say that this is not a bug.

    Mew 5: Sim City websites

    The following are obviously not all or even a great amount of sites. But I find these sites either quite useful or these are sites that posted this FAQ up. Oh no, I hope you do not view me as an egomaniac. Please note that I have not tried any of the trainers or files that are on these sites. So use your own discretion.


    1) http://simcity.ea.com

    Specific website dedicated solely to Sim City 4

    2) http://www.simtropolis.com

    - Articles / Forums / Download §3.5 Billion

    3) http://www.sc4ever.com

    - Articles / Forum

    4) http://www.simcitycentral.net

    - Articles / Forum

    General game website with things on Sim City 4

    5) http://www.gamefaqs.com

    - Original Post site

    6) http://www.ggmania.com

    - Articles / Trainer / (Popup)

    - My FAQ is here too...

    7) http://dlh.net

    - Articles / Trainer /

    - German + English site.

    - My FAQ is here too...


    - Articles / Trainer / (Popup)

    - French + English site.

    - My FAQ is here too...

    - Note: Articles, trainer, etc are under the heading "Trainers."

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