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    Creating Functional Landmarks

    Creating functional landmarks

    EDIT: I am aware the pictures are missing, I shall sort this when I have time, took me a while to realise. This is my basic guide that shows you how to add jobs to a landmark. It will be far from perfect, as I’m doing it from memory. It’s a common question in the Chat room, so im making one that should be easy to follow.

    This tutorial requires: Ilives Reader (http://www.simtropol...e-reader-0-9-3/)

    It is possible without creating your own model, as long as you have the .SC4model file. Don’t know if it works if that is compressed in a Dat, I’ll try it later.

    Right then, to business. I’m going to use


    Because I like the BAT, and it looks right for a CS$ which is what I’m going to make. (Obviously that’s not all you can do, but I need one and this is a good excuse.)

    It’s normally an Resi building, but Plop able Resi’s are a bit buggy, so don’t attempt it.

    First find the model and stick it, and only it, in your plugins. This makes the Lot editor and such open quicker, and it is easier to remove mess after if you want.


    Quick hint, add LM and GR to the exemplar names. Makes them easy to distinguish later.

    Posted Image

    The landmark one doesn’t need too many changes from default, Budget cost will be removed later anyway. Change the item name and description if you want a different name in the menu. The only Real area that needs editing for this is the wealth section. MAKE SURE ITS THE SAME AS THE WEALTH YOU ARE GOING TO USE. I set mine to low after this, as I was doing CS$, but for CO$$$ it should be high. This isn’t needed for everything, but I’ve had crashes on some of the ones I didn’t do this to. Best be safe.


    Posted Image

    The only things that need Changing drastically are the in game features. Capacity satisfied is normally MILES higher than a city can provide, so lower that. (If you’re using more than $ the higher values when you click it are the lower wealth.) Don’t worry about the hex code on the left when you click there, ill deal with it later. You’re also going to want to change the Pollution and consumption figures; as if you look there they are incredibly high before changing them. That’s really it; you can change other stuff if you want. None of this is really necessary, but if you want it to have any useful purpose then do it.


    Make your landmark Lot, no need for a growable. Just get this done, not really major, but it needs to be done before the modding itself as Lot Editor can strip away the modding you do, leaving the files useless. It may not happen at all, I’ve only had it happen once, but it is a possibility. This is where using an empty plugins folder comes in useful, as if, like me, you have 5 GB of plugins it takes a while to load LE.

    Now we get onto the hard bit...


    This is the tricky bit. Open the Lot file in reader. Go to filters and select only the exemplar box. Click refresh underneath the boxes.

    Posted Image

    Once you’ve done that you should get 2 exemplars. For the minute we want the one that looks like this.

    Posted Image

    Remove these ones.

    Posted Image

    These are what ties it to the landmark and interfere. So remove them. A few require editing, but I’ll get onto that later. As ever, you can remove more, and edit more, but that picture there shows the ones that really need to be removed. (Just right click delete property.)

    Now open the Growable. (If you close remember to save, reader wont prompt you.) You need to copy these properties from that exemplar over into the landmark Lots exemplar you just edited. (Right click copy and paste or CTRL+C CTRL+ V) (EDIT also select growth. Dont know why, but I forgot it in this pic)

    Posted Image

    Now we need to do some cleaning up. This is what the landmark exemplar looks like now. (Or should.)

    Posted Image

    To start with we need to clean up occupant groups. Double click on it.

    Delete the bottom two, and then go to the Growable exemplar.

    Posted Image

    When you do, you should be able to see quite a few there. We want the second one down. Copy that over, by copying its hex code from the bottom into the other one, separated by a comma, the others aren’t needed as the ploppable shouldn’t grow, and we don’t want the game to think it should.

    Posted Image

    You should get this once you press the apply next to the text box in the bottom. Press the apply next to cancel to continue and save.

    Posted Image

    The next tricky bit.

    This bit is a bit of trial and error unfortunately, ive not managed to work all of it out. The other exemplar within the Lot has some properties, which also require editing. These are the 3 in question.

    Posted Image

    Zone types is an easy edit. Simply double click, and add the code 0x0F into the box.

    Wealth types is also simple. Add 0x01 for low wealth, 0x02 for medium and 0x03 for high wealth.

    Purpose types is harder, they are all different. I’m going to look into various files to find them, but

    for now this is what I’ve found out.

    CS$ 0x02

    CS$$ 0x02

    CS$$$ 0x02

    CO$$ 0x03

    CO$$$ 0x03



    I-HT 0x08

    Just for reference, R is 0x01. (Again, dont make a ploppable resi. Not worth it.)

    So just as an example, if you’re confused, mine now looks like this.

    Posted Image

    Remember I said you don’t want to confuse the game and make it grow this Lot? Well just to be sure make the “Growth stage” one 0xff. This sets the Stage to 255, which even the CAM can’t manage.

    (No pics, im sure you get how to do it by now.)

    This Lot is now testable in game, well done.

    As always, don’t worry about asking me for help, I’m normally found in Chat and if you can’t find me there PM me.


    Ill look at this if its put in the omnibus and correct it if theres anything to do, but this is a good enough one to follow.

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