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City-building game(s)

Found 121 results

  1. 1.6 Down the Lane

    From the album Southside

    We've made our way to the end of the paved street. I hate having to cycle on gravel, but that's all the city budget allows for.

    © Bipin

  2. 1.3 To The Left...

    From the album Southside

    Now admittedly, the neighborhood isn't so nice. I suppose there's some redeeming quality to this decrepit infrastructure; some character, if you could call it that. There seems to be a new pothole every day - pockmarking the pavement like an adolescent's pimpled face. In any case, it's ample reason to look twice before crossing the road. You never know what you'll come across over here.

    © Bipin

  3. 1.2 Leaving

    From the album Southside

    Factory work is also exhausting. Even in spite of that, I'd still rather cycle home; I can't imagine a day where I'd feel so defeated - so exhausted - that I'd be complacent in taking the bus. That thing is a pathetic excuse for public transit. Being that it's not air-conditioned, it's stinky and most of all slow, it's a veritable death chamber on four wheels in this kind of weather! I might as well make the most of it - biking was definitely a good idea today.

    © Bipin

  4. 1.1 The Factory

    From the album Southside

    Factory work is grueling work. Fortunately for us, the shift is over and the sun is out.

    © Bipin

  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is my attempt at a desert theme. It doesn't include any special buildings or anything like that, although that may come in the future. Look at the screenshots to determine whether I failed or not. It's basically the tropical theme with different visuals.
  6. Wilkomen op Pieterdam!

    Pieterdam is open for business! Welcome to our beautiful city, the Jewel on the river Vos. A modern city with ancient roots, Pieterdam is the provincial capital of West Holland, and today has a population in excess of 100.000, with many more living the surrounding countryside. As this is your first visit, we thought that you would benefit from a quick overview of the city, taking in some of the main sights... What better place to start than the historic center of the city, the Oudekade (Old Quays)... The Oudekade was once the commercial heart of the city, allowing goods to be traded with other city-states within the Hansa (or Hanseatic) League. The quaysides were lined with warehouses and workshops. Unfortunately many of these were lost in a major fire of 1903 - although this made way for the delightful Oudekadepark, now popular with locals and tourists alike: Over on the opposite side of the Oudekade basin stands our impressive City Hall, framed by imposing formal gardens (the Gemeentehuisplein). The City Hall is flanked by the iconic clock tower (inspired by the famous Astronomical Clock in Prague - left), and the Pieterdam Royal Opera House (right). The large square is also a major transport interchange, being served by all three of the city's tramlines... This image from the city archives (below) shows the tangle of lines as they were in the 1980's, with one line passing within meters of the priceless Gemeentehuis Fountain! One might ask what the city planners where smoking when they authorized that layout in the late 1960's? The large Brutalist concrete building (to the right) has also since been demolished to make way for a row of cafes and restaurants built in a classic European style. These are much more in keeping with the historic character of the area. Happily, the gridlock seen in the archive image is also a thing of the past! Moving North from here, still in the Oudekade or Old Quays district, we encounter another icon of the Pieterdam skyline: Saint Peter's Cathedral (Sintpieterskathedraal) is the city's namesake and its spiritual heart. The current building is a masterpiece of neo-Gothic architecture, dating from the 1860's. It replaces the earlier Catholic Sintpieterskirk which stood close to the site from at least the early 1500's. As you can see, the Cathedral is surrounded by a bustling street-market. To the South side is the Kathedraalplein, an open space which now serves as the city's second major tram interchange... The Kathedraalplein is usually bustling with tourists eager to eat and drink on the cobbled terraces, but here (above) it is pictured early on a Sunday morning. Whilst many tourists are still asleep in their rooms, the Faithful are already on their way to the traditional Sunday service... Before we leave this first entry, no visit to the Oudekade and the Kathedraalplein is complete, without taking in the Pietersbrugge - perhaps the most famous and well-beloved of all Pieterdam's traditional swing-bridges: Standing proudly between the Kathedraalplein and the Gemeentehuisplein as it does, Pietersbrugge is one of the most important bridges in the historic Old Town. Whilst it once opened regularly to allow passage of tall ships from around the world, today the canal is home only to houseboats and the bridge is rarely raised - lucky since it now carries trams on their way towards City Hall! This classic image completes our tour of the Oudekade district, the historic heart of Pieterdam. Next time, let's take a look further afield and visit some other interesting parts of the Old Town... Dank je wel!
  7. So it begins!Nowadays i'm very active with skylines,so i thought why not do a city journal about it? Note:Don't expect videos until i get 16 gigs of RAM. To start with here's an aerial overview of the City i'm working on. Her name is rockport city.There is one major highway the I70 and it uses a multi highway system. I think you can find the downtown area yourselves.The big tanks you see is the industrial area. On the lower left of the downtown you see Granby.The highway next to it,the I70/5 has an exit over there but if you go straight,you will be on North Avenue which also leads to downtown. The left of the downtown is an office area with a big complex of the headquarters of CimTV Tokod. The far right area is mainly commercial and a bit residential. The area which is very far is the first built part of the city. If you have good eyes,you can see a small portion of a port. Over here you can see the initial state of the construction of Halton Tower.This area is about to be surrounded by buildings. Once finished it will be a 57 story tall building and will probably be a noticable building of the city. Well that does it for the first entry,thank you for reading it guys!
  8. Once upon a time last week, my game worked perfectly fine. Took awhile to load saves (as it always does, given the number of assets and mods) but it worked, sometimes it crashed in content manager but most of the time it worked perfectly fine. Since then, some things have updated, an asset or three got downloaded and used, so to did a mod. I moved the game from my harddrive to my SSD to see if I could increase the speed of which it loaded workshop content, and copied the workshop folder over with it. The game loaded the menu and I began reenabling mods in the content manager, working my way down the list until I enabled Traffic ++ V2. As soon as I clicked the checkbox, the game crashed. 'Big deal' I thought, 'It does that, I'll just reopen the game and continue on'. However the game has refused to load. I've verified integrity cache. Started checking Steam Workshop descriptions to find incompatibilities that might hinder it and to no avail. Mods which worked perfectly fine with each other before is now somewhere causing my game to throw a paddy and not work. Normally the method of troubleshooting would include a 'safe mode' and enabling/disabling mods one by one until I get the stable game and then I know which mod has issues. Unfortunately I'm unsure where that safe mode exists. I know there are switches to disable workshop content and mods but using the -disableMods switch disables every mod from loading, instead of just populating the list so I can disable them. Mods I have enabled (not in any particular order): Rush Hour (Beta) Ploppable RICO Network Skins (Snowfall) Precision Engineering Building Themes (Snowfall) Extended Building Information Citizen Lifecycle Rebalance v1.5 Traffic ++ V2 IPT - Improved Public Transport 3.8.6 Fine Road Tool Save Our Saves Realistic Population and Consumption Mod v7.6 Building Theme: Brooklyn - Update: Industrial L1 Building Theme: UK Terraced Housing Building Theme: UK Terraced Housing #2 Building Theme: UK Terraced Shops And Pubs Building Theme: UK Semi-detached Housing Building Theme: UK Detached Housing Building Theme: Manhattan Building Theme: Victorian London - 1850-1880 - Terraces and Houses Building Theme: Residential (Low) UK Terrace #1 (L1-5) Building Theme: Residential (Low) UK Terrace #2 (L1-5) Building Theme: Residential (Low) UK Semi-detached #1 (L1-5) Building Theme: Residential (Low) UK Semi-detached #2 (L1-5) Building Theme: Residential (Low) UK Detached #1 (L1-5) Building Theme: Edinburgh Row Houses Enhanced Zoom Continued Local-Only Transport Stations City Vitals Watch CSL Show More Limits More Network Stuff Cross The Line No Border Limit Camera Extra Landscaping Tools Extra Train Station Tracks Sub-Buildings Enabler LOD Toggler Sharp Junction Angles Minimap More Beautification Network Extensions Project European Buildings Unlocker (+vice versa) [Snowfall Compatible] Advanced Vehicle Options (AVO) All Spaces Unlockable Infinite Oil and Ore Redux Enhanced Zoom Continued Multi-Track Station Enabler 1.1.0 Cimtographer (updated for Snowfall) I have been looking at purging some of these mods, especially those which have been deprecated by in game updates or merging/updates with other mods. I'd imagine some others to have eventually been absorbed like the MTSE, unless it has and I didn't notice. Not all of these mods are enabled. Some are enabled/disabled as/when needed. Save our Saves, IPT, Extended Building Information, aren't enabled. I'm also aware that incompatibilities have been noted between European Buildings Unlocker and NEXT but I've not encountered any issues between the two. I'm also aware of the memory issues associated with NEXT but haven't encountered any issues per the memory bug. I am aware I have a damn load of mods. For some reason the building themes are categorised and shown as mods both on the Workshop and in game. Probably due to awkward ways have having to do it at the time. I have cleared out a large chunk of redundant saved games, that go so large because I preferred to keep rolling saves. I've not had it actually crash whilst in game. Just on and between the menus.
  9. In this series I use a map I created myself and recreate New York City!! Here is my first episode: Enjoy!!
  10. I know Earth Day has passed but the contest is that you have to push the Earthloving City achievement to the max. Points are added by: Amt. of pollution, public transport, traffic, pedestrian friendliness, green space quality, and clean power sources. Send pictures:https://www.reddit.com/r/CitiesSkylines/comments/4g2p9q/earth_day_contest_sort_of/
  11. Today, we get to work on creating a metro, so that our citizens can travel around our city more easily
  12. Today, we work on eradicating the industrial section from our city!
  13. Hello Everyone, This is my official release thread and all new assets will be in here. The first post will change according to my latest item in the workshop and I will make a new posts as well throughout the thread so you can go back and comment or view individual items I released in the past. So if you want to see if anything new has been released you can just stop on by and check the first post. Alternatively you can also follow me on the steam workshop here. My Latest Asset Brooklyn Bridge! The Brooklyn Bridge has arrived! Please like, rate, subscribe and enjoy! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=658584285
  14. In this episode, we go about making the centre of our city less congested by removing the intersection. Also, we begin to irradiacate the industrial section, and turn it into cleaner offices. https://youtu.be/WgxGbEsS0-c
  15. Today, we continue to work on the suburbs in cowville.
  16. Whenever I try to place roads, I receive this error: Method not found: 'BuildingTool.CheckCollidingBuildings'. [System.MissingMethodException] Details: No details A popup message appears whenever I click on the road infrastructure menu icon, and keeps reappearing whenever I close it. It does not disappear unless I switch to another menu between the first popup closing and the second one opening. This has only occurred today, after the recent patch. I'm on my lunch hour and haven't any time to complete a binary search of my mods, but I didn't have much luck in removing the ones I suspected of causing this problem.
  17. As many of you know, I'm part of the AIN, and my beautiful country the Kingdom of Illium is the dominant superpower in the southern hemisphere. Well, I've decided to rebuild Illium City, this time in Cities Skylines. If you want more information on the Kingdom of Illium, please feel free to check out the Kingdom's wiki HERE. It is incomplete, though. Keep that in mind. Anywho, I started using Atys' community map, which is beautiful (although I think the sea level could be raised a bit, which I might do). I wanted to start this CJ with something central to Illium City: The Sariah International Airport. It's the southernmost city in the Kingdom of Illium's mainland, and air travel is the most efficient way to get here from international locations. I won't waste so much time talking. I'll get to what you all really love: The picture dump. (See post below mine) EDIT::: Okay so for some reason image tags just don't work. :/ Just click the links for pictures. It's a photobucket problem. I wont use it for future updates. The bridge connection from the port. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y124/daTSchikinhed/City%20Journal/Illium%20City%202_0/2016-03-03_00011_zpssb9dlraj.jpg What you see directly after getting off the bridge! http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y124/daTSchikinhed/City%20Journal/Illium%20City%202_0/2016-03-03_00002_zpsyvkswmjo.jpg Main entrance for parking and regional/international flights. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y124/daTSchikinhed/City%20Journal/Illium%20City%202_0/2016-03-03_00009_zpsrlo8hq69.jpg There is a LOT of parking at SIA. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y124/daTSchikinhed/City%20Journal/Illium%20City%202_0/2016-03-03_00010_zpsrw8envvm.jpg Terminal A, domestic flights. You can see the SIA connector train here as well. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y124/daTSchikinhed/City%20Journal/Illium%20City%202_0/2016-03-03_00005_zps3suptzjc.jpg Terminal B, regional flights. Again with the SIA Connector train. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y124/daTSchikinhed/City%20Journal/Illium%20City%202_0/2016-03-03_00007_zpsvs8ildks.jpg Terminal C, international flights, as well as the hub for Sariah Airways. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y124/daTSchikinhed/City%20Journal/Illium%20City%202_0/2016-03-03_00008_zps0dxwhnk9.jpg Bus shuttle hub. There are two lines around the airport, and multiple lines coming from other parts of the city that come here. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y124/daTSchikinhed/City%20Journal/Illium%20City%202_0/2016-03-03_00004_zpsjjbqq1vh.jpg Also I apologize for the lack of traffic. I haven't zoned the city yet. It's mainly just.. roads.
  18. Complete newbie here. are there really short great guides to get you started (for those with SC4 background). Also what are the best or must have mods in your opinion? thanks!
  19. A City To Remember

    Ash City- A city to remember Welcome back- in this edition we'll show you some parts of the city- some are hidden treasures, others are well visible. We'll see many of the sites of the city, and an oddly placed residential zone that backs against the airport. The Bus Terminal- Built in 1989, the bus terminal is a hub of activity. Beautifully designed inside and out, it features large windows that are great for viewing the city's mountains. Many tourists come through here. Depending on how far you've come, its not a cheap ride. 2 historic structures- located near the stadium and city hall, these structures were part of the city rebuild as mentioned last time- The telephone building- built in 1899, it was designed by Frank Marshall. Next door is the old Gruberton Hotel- built in 1889 it was designed by Bobby Troyal Mills and features an impressive interior. Its interior is all original and features a marble fountain as a center piece. A residential area backed against the airport- an odd location it overlooks the man made Bowerly Lake. Even with its odd location against the runways it is still one of the most popular areas to live in the city. Horchester Interchange- Completed in 1988 it bridges 3 highways- 2 don't connect to each other, but all 3 connect to the main highway through town heading east to west- an odd layout, its a frequent hub of activity in this majestic city. Downtown- simple designs make up this area of town. The reason? Its believed that if a building is too fancy, it'll take away from the surrounding mountains, thus the city chose to use a more simplistic style for its downtown. A pine tree lined street makes up the northern artery, while here a simple design makes up the south route. Many office buildings line this beautiful location, and apartments in sky-rises are at a premium. Average rent- $4500/mo for a 2 bedroom. Thats a look at the majestic Ash City- enjoy the stay. Brought to you by: Ash City Visitors Association 12 Huntler Dr. Ash City, CB Zone B 788-PO9 PH: 1 800990-2232
  20. (this post is a copy of my post at paradox plaza's forums... feel free to comment here or at PDX, I'll report any interesting proposition or question there. Please everyone make noise, we really need a reaction from them on this) Original PDX post here : https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-asset-editor-what-we-need-what-wed-like-to-see.891291/ --------------------------------------- Hi folks, Hi CO devs !! Hi builders, we need all of you here, raise your voice !!! This is a thread to remind people of the things that are wrong with the asset editor, and to ask for features that we would like to have. -- First, the Bugs ! - Similarity to game engine : the way things look in the editor is not the same as ingame. I list it as a bug because I see no logical reason for this to be. -- Features problems/possible enhancements - Lines (on/off)... more precise grid ? Why do the grid lines come onto the asset ? Are they supposed to do something ? Maybe they're here to help prop placement but most of the time they don't help anything, they're just an annoyance. We'd like to be able to disable them, this or make them useful, like more precise. maybe positionable ?? With symmetry maybe, to be able to place props at equal distance from the center. - Precision camera movement We're not in the game, we would like to be able to control our view with precision here. Placing props on top of a tall building is just ridiculously hard. We want to be able to move our view to whatever we need and lock this view. Even going to precise points like top view, front view, etc... maybe even an isometric mode. - Day night but also sun rotation and nightlight movement control Ok the day night selector is broken but we need more than that. We'd like to be able to rotate the sun atound to see what shadows or direct sunlight will do to our assets We'd also like to be able to see the "random" nightlight system cycle, to check if our lights are ok. - Precision prop placement (toggable auto?), coordinates We'd like to be able to place props with precision, the current method is a toy, we want a tool We'd like to be able to use numerical values for height, rotations (x, y and z) - More props (unlock) Some mods have shown that there were props not listed in the asset editor (more roof junk, etc...) We'd like to have direct access to these props, we want to be able to use them without having to go through difficult steps. They're part of the game, there's no reason they should be hidden. - Better prop management (more categories ?) The props categories are a bit of a mess for now, we'd like to be able to arrange them in a more efficient way. Maybe create our own categories or folders. The asset editor is not a game, we'd like to have a more disciplined way of working. - Light props control (position, rotation, color, area of effect) The addition of light props is a great thing but we would like to have more control. We wish to be able to place the with precisioon and control them accordingly. - Hex or rgb color for color variations The color variation system is now fixed, but we'd like to be able to enter numerical values. AT the moment there is no way we can do a precise job there. - More props for unique buildings The 64 props/trees limitation is useful but we need it lifted for big unique buildings. They have a bigger footprint most of the time, we need the prop limit to be in accordance. To sum things up, we want more precision and control. The Asset Editor should be more like a tool and less like a toy. We were told it would be improved over time, nothing happened. It's now been eight months and there has been no change at all. We want to create more things for the game, we'd like to be given working and precise ways to do so. Builders, if you see things that I might have missed here, if you have ideas or wishes, please comment and I'll add them to the first post. Devs : Adding things to the game is great, yeah dlcs are good when they're done correctly... but the game also boasts being modder friendly. It might be, it actually is, but it should be more builder friendly too.
  21. Ash City

    Version 1.0.0


    This map is the custom map for my upcoming planned CJ- Its a mountain map, with lots of rugged landscape. Highways begin at map edge so you can do your own system layout- enjoy.
  22. In this episode, we continue to grow our city, and start adding more services to our city, increasing the land value and our citizen's overall happiness! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOFSqXT5Dxw If you are enjoying this series, please consider subscribing.
  23. Forgotten Vale Cities Skylines Map

    Version 1.0


    A map I made for myself because I couldn't find any that were over-the-top enough for me. Figured I would share. Loads of detail. Build in a valley surrounded by massively (max height) steep cliffs. Designed to be an optimal map for playing on with some awesome views, not so much with terrain realism in mind. Perfect Dam spot built into map with the reservoir on the non-buildable part of the map to optimize space. Separate small section of river that drains nasty water out so you don't have to blacken up the main river with pollution. Great connections with ship route going straight through the map. Lots of Resources close to water for easy shipment out of the city. Extensive pre-built highway and railroad network. Just about the entire map is flat build-able space, even up on the edges of huge cliffs. Just about any square with water and a highway would make a good starting location. Amazing night time views when you have buildings up on the edges of cliffs. The cliff side roads snaking their way around the map look awesome lit up. Should work with all versions of cities. Built with after dark patched version. Install directory: C:\Users\(Name)\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps
  24. When I try to edit existing workshop assets, I frequently get the "no buttons in the asset editor" bug. I found some discussion of this from the summer, regarding assets with changed categories. Is the only solution to unsub/disable those assets? How do you tell which ones are bad? More generally, how do you modmakers keep your assets organized? Finding anything in the "Load Asset" list is a total chore. Every time I think about trying to mod things, it seems like a PITA. So I just sub more workshop content, which only makes the whole mess worse.