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City-building game(s)

Found 301 results

  1. So I figured out exactly what I want to do with my first Region. First, the Region: City A will supply cities B, C, and D with Power, Water, and Garbage services. Likewise, City E will supply cities F, G, and H with Power, Water, and Garbage services. I'll do a 'You Don't Deserve It', and place a Hydrogen Power Plant in cities A and E. I know that I'll want a Highway Loop that goes through all cities except A and E. I have a question: Do schools only have to cover Residential, or the entire map? More questions later.
  2. Greetings Simtropolis mapping community. I wanted to raise the question regarding the creation of geographical region maps. in the 'mapping-terraforming' section i found a tutorial about this put together in 2011, but it is unfortunately rather outdated and doesn't necessarily hold up to contemporary processes. I have been independently working towards the goal of taking DEM data and converting it into sc4 maps with varying levels fidelity and success. given the difficulty of the journey (many fruitless days spent scouring google searches and reading 5-10 year old tutorials full of links for websites that no longer exist) i though i would attempt to provide my own tutorial on the process i have undertaken. Before doing so i thought i should do a double check with the community just to ensure i haven't missed anything obvious (Perhaps a 2018 current mapping process for working with DEM's?). I can see that there has been a lot of discussion to this end including threads and tutorials started by @Izidor44 and @drunkapple, though many of those remain open ended, and that was many years ago. So, if anyone happens to have a contemporary tutorial process for processing geographic based regions i'll be pleased to see it. In the meanwhile i'll keep plugging along with my process i have started and will also be pleased to share it when i have all my findings completed. Edit: The first video in the tutorial series is complete and starts the process of describing in detail what is DEM data.
  3. Hi All My city doesnt grow anymore, i dont know why. I know.. the city is not a city that you say wow that looks good/amazing! im working on it, im doing my best after a long long time. Didnt play this game for a few years but i started again so i need to make steps. Residential started all good, Low Wealth/Medium-Wealth but thats it. The Highrise part doesnt grow, the commercial part is growing but not so fast. Can someone please give some tips/advice?

    WELCOME to the first town of this great region. North Qwerty is the beginning farm/small town plot. It consists of thousands of farm jobs and a portion dedicated to medium manufacturer jobs. To the north-central along the rive is the starter town. Development then spread out in all directions. Now has 3 main townships and 2 major manufacturing centers. The transportation consists of rail for both passenger and cargo, and the starting stretch of the rhw system. Along with subway connecting the townships together. I created a pic vid using in-game screenshots and the windows pic-to-video editor. HERES THE PIC-VID WILL be adding a couple of ferry terminals to connect to the rest of the region. This will be a huge undertaking due to the fact that the land has to be expanded in order to place them in, without wiping out existing city building.
  5. Hello folks, so I got back to SC4 a few months ago, I only played it as a kid and now I'm getting to know the alghorithms and the mechanics of the game. I read in some place in the internet that if you load up a city, play for a while without any growth, then save and close the city, the whole regional growth will be affected negatively because you played that city without doing any growth. So you need your city to grow at least 10% each time you play it otherwise it messes up the region. I can't remember where I read this. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I hope it's not true because I'm focusing on building a lot of RHWs atm and I got little time to play so whenever I do, I just build for a while on pause mode and then save and go to sleep, I hope I'm not affecting my region.
  6. QWERTY-LAND, Chicago

    started this region few month ago,... after watch a ton of Haljackey vids. As well as tons of other vids on YouTube. Coming up with my own play style is easy... but not so easy to capture and share.... lol. The region used is from a down load map from simtropolis. There's a ton of maps of Chicago....
  7. Hey fellow Simtropolians! I'm looking for a few people who would be interested in starting a region together. 1. I am on North America West 3 2. Prefer people who will play long term, not just a few days. Maybe even going on to create multiple regions. 3. Prefer communication via the in game chat or Skype. It is fun to play alone but I want to interact! 4. Any experience level welcome. I consider myself "moderate" in terms of ability. By no means expert. 5. Definitely want to work towards achieving one or all of the "Great Works" - I have yet to be in a region that was active enough. 6. I play a lot. Sometimes early morning, some times late at night - so hoping that no matter your time zone - there will be someone around to play. 7. I only speak English - sorry. So that's my story. Feel free to message me on Origin or Add me in game or... I don't know. This is a new experience for me, I've played many cities alone and many "private" regions with my brothers but they simply aren't the Sim City Addicts that I am. Looking forward to meeting you soon! NoCopyNoMod
  8. Title says it all, share and comment!
  9. Hello all friends, My new city not load since Oldshoes SC4 Modpack 2013 are installed recently... why... can I resolve this problem, any sugestion please... thanks
  10. привет я создаю регион скоро будете ждать Hello I am creating a region soon to be waiting
  11. Hi, I built a city I'm quite fond of on a region I'm not particularly fond of. I thought that there were two large city spaces next to one another, but i was mistaken, they have small ones in between. I want to move my existing city to another region so that i can have a large or at least medium zone next to my city so i can have some hilly suburbs. Ive tried a few things but they didnt work and i cant seem to find anything online about it. Is moving a city to another region even possible?
  12. I've recently rebuilt my PC, forcing me to reinstall SC4. After recovering my plugins and regions, I'm able to play again. However, when the game starts up, it always starts in Timbuktu now, forgetting the region that I last played in. How do I tell it to initialize in my custom region? When I manually switch regions, the game has forgotten where I was, always placing me in the center of the region. How do I tell the game to remember where I was when I left the region? Every time I start the game now, it runs day/night cycles, forgetting that I had previously set it to be all day all the time. How do I tell the game to keep that choice between sessions? I am sensing a pattern of forgetfulness... Is Win-7 incapable of remembering the things that were automatic in Win-XP? And no, I have not yet connected this Win-7 to the Internet (I have a few more weeks before I must activate it). Also, I am running SC4 as administrator, so file permissions shouldn't be a problem. What am I missing? I've Googled every keyword and phrase I can think of, but there's such a haystack of region problems that I can't find anything about initialization. I've been through all of the game settings, but I saw nothing that looked helpful. My XP version always came back to where I'd left my last region, but that was setup back in 2013, so I've forgotten how I made it work (and that was XP anyway). What do I need to do in Windows-7 to skip Timbuktu? Does anyone know where I should be looking?
  13. About the Region Maps... I almost have completed my Region Map... are some way to start a new Region Map and not lost that I have made...
  14. Hey all I was wondering the region map that is built into SC4 as the default tutorial is that map available to download and play? I messed around with it but it's proprietary to the tutorial so it's not really playable only as a tutorial. Thanks! Robdragon
  15. Aeroes and Surrounds Map

    I have begun writing CJ entries for the Aeroes City suburbs twice, and discarded both, as they got confusing pretty quickly. Let's be honest, The Flatlands is developed a little unconventionally, and is currently a disjointed mess. The sims hate me for the traffic, although with each new development that opens up, the bigger picture is being revealed to them, and the congestion eases a little. All along, in my head, I have had plans for the region. As development continues, and the CJ entries progress towards Aeroes City, I realize I need a few maps and plans, for my sake as much as for yours. Here on in, I will be referencing key area/district/place/landmark names, so I encourage anyone wishing to follow The Flatlands to familiarize these maps. The Region So Far Aeroes River is the life blood of this part of the region. Fed by Lake Promethius and the pristine falls from Mount Pompus, the river snakes its way toward Cobbers Harbour and the ocean. The water is rich with minerals essential for plant life, and has promoted the growth of the Promethius Agricultural Community through a natural groundwater reservoir. The Aeroes National Park is a small, but lush green forest, protected by the government in the historic land-grab battle between the Promethius Agricultural Community and Athena Straight Industrialists. Another front to this land-grab has caused a disjointed boundary for the westernmost reaches of Aeroes City. The Ridge Valley National Park is a huge area untouched by civilization. It stretches off into the distant continents. Talks are in place for a highway system connecting The Flatlands and their southern neighbors, but so far these have been unsuccessful due to disagreements with governments over the protection of national parks. A notable landmark of the Ridge Valley National Park are the Twin Peaks mountains. The twin mountains were carved by erosive winds millions of years ago. These prevailing winds are responsible for the east-west mountains and valleys that span the region. As the northern regions of The Flatlands are created, these east-west mountain ranges will continue to be apparent. Moving Eastward I have begun work on the terrain of the south-east region of The Flatlands. As Aeroes City exits Cobbers Harbour, the suburbs will become more sparse, eventually becoming a coastal rural area. The coastline will wrap much of the east of the region, dotted with a few volcanic islands like the one pictured. The old coast highway will traverse this farmland, connecting a future city in the north of the region to Aeroes City. Modern digging equipment has allowed for a more direct highway route through the rugged terrain of the central mountains. All will be explored in future updates. The Districts of Aeroes City Aeroes City is home to 8 districts. Central District, home of the CBD, is the most dense, but also the smallest. Along with the 4 cardinal districts, these are the main districts of Aeroes City. The plan is to cap development of these districts around 100,000-150,000 residential population. As the urban sprawl continued, 3 outer districts, formerly their own community area, became a part of the wider Aeroes City. These 3 districts are gateways to Aeroes City, and are subject to boundary changes as population settles in the region. Athena Straight Industrial District, as the name suggests in the epicenter of industry in The Flatlands. It fed the initial growth into Aeroes City through the Northern Districts. The Northern Districts is the oldest district of Aerores City. Residential development in the district meant that a commercial district had to be relocated as the City developed. The Coastal Riviera District plan is for sparse suburbs following the coastline. Further development may also occur to the east of the Aeroes City airport. Beyond this district is farmland, and the outer areas of this district will have a very rural feel to it. The Foothills District will be developed on rugged terrain, and will be a few towns that are on the furthest reaches of Aeroes City. Separated by hills, these towns are too close for their own regional area, but too far to be considered a part of a main district of Aeroes City. I hope this update paints a picture on my grand plan for Aeroes City, and I promise the next update will explore more city life, and less lifeless region updates.
  16. New Spain

    Version 1.0.0


    New Spain is a region. In this region is the city La Bahía. This city has almost 600,000 inhabitants. I hope you like it. It is advisable to have the following files installed: Network Addon Mod Iberiada Set re-lotted JENXPARIS Row 3 and 4 JENXPARIS row 4l Marina GDV Yacht Club BLaM Anvil Lighthouse Prague tram station Amsterdam Central Station Southampton Stadium Small Football Ground 2 Small Football Ground 3 Small Football Ground 4 Small Athletics and Football Ground All Weather Hockey and Football Pitch Small Rugby Pitch NDEX Windspear Arena Copacabana Addon 1 sports PAMU Bikes Inc. Paeng's General City Hospital 1.0 Lanterna di Genova Angel of the independence Palacio Nacional Mexico Dom Svateho Martina Palais Garnier Berlin Palace Schloss London Harrods TSC Cluny III Torre Picasso Carrefour 1Shenton Way Security Checkpoint Police Kiosk
  17. A Region Update

    I am eagerly working towards bringing you all the first update in a series of the suburbs of Aeroes City. In the mean time, here is a preview on the significant work that has been going on in the region since the last update. Noticeably, the terrain in the South West corner of the map is virtually complete. Aeroes City (Aeroes Metropolitan and surrounds) is the main population and economic hub of this part of the region. I have a vision for a second large city in the northern part of the region, along with a few larger coastal towns between the two. The remainder of the region will be mainly national parks, farmlands, and mountain ranges. The region has had a significant economic and commercial boost since the last update, due to developments in Aeroes City. Population has reached 100,000, with about 50,000 jobs in the region. Business is booming with a boost to education in the city area. Aeroes Metropolitan alone has almost 35,000 commercial jobs. That covers this quick update of The Flatands. Stay tuned for a tour of the suburbs of Aeroes City.
  18. Region : Isle 001

    Hello people! My name is Seb and today I am sharing with you a Region I just began to create. The name is a little bit odd... It might change as the region isn't complete yet. So the idea of the map I am building is to make it a large island with many medium/large sized islands on the other sides. Also, the coasts are very high and the most flat part is at the top of those cliffes. So now, let take a look at the work wich has been done yet. Feel free to message me here. Or even on Steam! http://steamcommunity.com/id/trylk248seb/ Now let see the work! Whoops! Images are unavailable... I currently am working to get 'em back!
  19. Al I need to know is what server you have a lot of friends on and which region you like to play, then I'll either join you or make my own so you can join My username is : Mewthan
  20. Renaming your region

    hey guys do you have any idea on how to change the name of your region?
  21. Evening, Using a brand new Windows 10 PC (previously I had XP) with SimCity 4. I have finally figured out how to move my data from the old machine to the new one, including my regions. However, I've found that some cities in my region aren't copied across, as when I try to run them on the new machine, they show as undeveloped, yet if I load them on the XP machine they're there. Of note - the old Region specific folder had 63 items, but the new one only has 58. I have also found a "Downloads" folder, which appears to contain the cities that aren't there. Is there a way to load these cities individually? I've tried deleting the folder for the region, readding it - but these same 5 cities won't load. If I move them to the region's folder, next time I run the game they just get moved back to the Downloads folder. Any ideas? Must confess I've never seen this before. Thanks in advance
  22. Intro

    A presentation of the region remake and enlargement, a discussion on the future infrastructure projects and starting with the next episode we'll have an asset review on every episode.
  23. Article #1 - Entering Metzú

    Article #1 - "Metzú, Land of opportunities": Last year, the Government approved a new program called "Viendo Mi País" ("Watching My Nation"). This initiative promotes tourism and new bussiness opportunities for Metzú Republic. This will be done expanding the budget for infraestructure (transport, buildings, subsidies, principally), by the Government. It will involve an important loan from private funds, with low taxes. By this gazette, our readers can learn more about Metzú Republic, visit our cities, look our landscapes, our Life's Style. 1.1 Entering Metzú Republic Capital City (and largest city): Yuti (+200.000) Most populated citites: Yuti, Wainor, Krupó, Jalai Language: Spanish, English (unofficial) Religion: 60% Catholicism, 30% Non-religious, 10% Others Denomyn: metzuanuan, metzuano. Government: Federal Presidential Independence: from Spain, 1899 Population: 546.488 (2017) HDI: 0,811 Currency: (M$) Peso Metzuano Official Map of Metzú Republic (Ministerio de Turismo) Metzú Republic by Air. Metzú, República de Metzú (Official) or Metzú Republic is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Metzú is situated some 900 kilometres east of Australia. Has high-income economy and has one of the best standards of living in Oceania. Is the only nation with Spanish as official language in Oceania. 2.1 Economy His main economical activities are Commercial Services, Tourism and Manufactured Industry. Last year there were a high increase of commercial demand, with investments of China, principally. 2.1.1 Tourism In Metzú, one of his main economical activities is tourism. Cities like Xá, Jalai, Bahía Azul and Wer are great importance, economically. You can travel to Metzú by airplane and cruise ships. Available Airports: 5 Most important airport: Nueva República International Airport (Xá City) Available Seaports: 3 Most Important airport: Yuti International Seaport (Yuti City) 3.1 Culture Metzú has a very strong spanish influence. His foods, traditions and music. Metzú has an important latin influence too (from Argentina, principally). Sports like football are very popular here. 3.1.1 Name of Country The name of "Metzú" comes from "Mensú", word referred to the rural worker of the jungle. The "Mensú" inhabits Paraguay and north Argentina. The first colonzers came with a lot of people of this zones to work fields. The name is in honor of them. 4.1 Living Metzú A quick view of Metzú... 1. Xá Downtown - Xá City, a financial and touristic place. 2. Main Avenue - Yuti City, capital of Metzú Republic. 3. Krupó Landscape - Krupó, an Industrial Centre of Metzú. 4. San Roque Beach - Jalai City. 5. Coast Avenue - Wainor, an important commercial centre. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger. Boletín Oficial de la República de Metzú Editorial del Estado S.E Av. Principal 774 Piso 5° Oficina 2 - Ciudad de Yuti www.metzu.gov.mtz/turismo
  24. I'm aware of the agent limitations and building limits. I'm also aware that most of this is hard coded into the game itself The main thing that irritates me so much about this game. 81 tiles is decent but I would love to have a city building game where building multiple cities throughout a large region is possible. Preferably I would really like to have a map the size of a world much like space engineers. I personally don't think the agent based system is good enough of an excuse as to why we can't have that. Several games also use agents but offer much larger maps sizes than C:S although these are not city builder games. I personally feel that the agents only within your immediate vicinity should be rendered / loaded but still allow players to travel freely through the region. What would it take to get truly larger maps? The current map size even at 81 tiles (somewhere around 150 square miles) is about the size of Spartanburg SC.
  25. Mass Render Region

    Hello I wanted to ask if there is a Way to "Mass" Render a Region. RIght now, i have to go into every single City Tile,save and repeat, over and over again. How can i make this quicker? Thx