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Found 18 results

  1. I'm going to spill the beans. SimCity 4 has been out for a solid 14 (!) years now, yet we as a community still have pretty good control over this game's content. What are the benefits and / or risks if, say I upload my plugins folder somewhere for anyone to download? That would be at their own risk. Obviously it's nice to credit the creator, as if everyone downloads files individually they can track the number of people who are using their files. It also lets members rate and comment on them too for good feedback. If rules were relaxed, there's be a big change to this. I get asked all the time to upload my plugins folder and usually my answers for not doing so seem to fall flat, especially over the years. It may be a good time for us to refresh our policy around this topic. A change to protectionism could open SC4 to a bunch of new users, but that comes with changes to the use policies we as a community have set up. I'd like to know your thoughts. This thread is for discussion only. It is not a means to argue or challenge anything. EDIT: See a similar discussion on SC4D here: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17599.0 Thanks @Akallan!
  2. Do files on the STEX now have to be downloaded with a logged-in account? No more downloading to quest accounts?
  3. Hello, I haven't played SimCity 4 in a long time (last time is almost 10 or 12 years ago), at that time I didn't have any clue about mods / patches and so on so I never downloaded anything for the game and just played it the way it was. Now I wanted to play SimCity 4 again and I looked up where I can get it (I somehow lost my original copy), I saw that I can buy it on Steam very cheap so I got it there but now the first thing I wonder is: Do mods work with the Steam version of the game? Do I need to install patches for the Steam version or is it the newest version already? I read some threads in the last days about SimCity 4 (on this site and others) and I am very overwhelmed by the things I need to download and fix before the game apparently runs the way it is supposed to run. Every time I click on fixes / patches for several things there come up more and more links where I need to merge files and so on but I don't know if I really need them. I can't really remember a lot about the game when I first played it because I had no clue about bugs and so on but now where I read about all the bugs in the game that need to be fixed I am kinda worried that I wont be able to play the game properly (When I first played it I was still young and naive so I didn't have a lot of knowledge about games in general but that changed in those years) becazse I read about things like bugs in the demand system that prevent a certain tier of industry to grow and other things like the bugs that commuters have. I read the pinned threads but they didn't helped me a lot to find out all the bugs and that makes me wonder, are these Demand bugs not that important? Because there are no links to those fixes and that kinda makes me feel like bugs like these aren't that serious. Is there any kind of "guide" to fix the game so that everything works as intended? If so, where can I find this guide? And maybe some very experienced SimCity4 player can tell me if I really need these patches for my game. I am just really overwhelmed and lost right now and don't know what to do Oh yeah... and once I got all this done I still need to learn the game again... even more work incoming for me... (I can't reply anymore right now but I will be back later to answer your posts)
  4. Hi folks Well we are making progress! We now have a dedicated PLEX section on the STEX! Over the next while, we will work to get all the legacy PLEX files transferred into this new section of the STEX. We are hoping that this will be completed within the next two weeks... seriously... it wont happen overnight but it will happen. Thanks again to the Dirktator for throwing us a lifeboat - it is very much appreciated. Simpeg Staff
  5. I get asked all the time about what mods I use and where to get them. I have compiled a list of useful links and I wanted to share them here! Simtropolis Exchange -Most popular: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/category/1-simcity-4/?dosort=1&sort_key=file_downloads&sort_order=desc -Highest rated: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/category/1-simcity-4/?dosort=1&sort_key=file_rating&sort_order=desc SC4 Devotion -Most popular: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_lotlist.php?orderBY=popular STEX Hall of fame: Toutsimcity -Most popular: http://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads/index/simcity4/sort:Download.downloaded/direction:desc Capital SimCity: http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc Japanese SC4 site links: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=361.0 -SOMY is a great example: http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/index.htm Simtropolis STEX CD/DVDs (costs $ but its easy and helps support the site): http://www.simtropolis.com/stexcollections Strictoaster, a popular SimCity 4 and Cities Skyline streamer and Youtube creator, has a easy to follow spreadsheet for the content he uses: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ya_32tupri4av11zGeX92yVh5L6en8KMi1syZgsf55I/edit#gid=0 Others: https://sites.google.com/site/sc4modds/ ...That's what I've got for what's popular and easy to access. If you have questions or others to add, please do so!
  6. Super Sticky: SC4-STEX Mega FAQ Quick Links The Simtropolis Exchange (STEX) - Where all the downloads are. The SC4D Lot Exchange (LEX) Registration Page - Trying to download a dependency or other file from the LEX and can't find the download button? Register here. The Omnibus of Knowledge - Lots of info here, folks. Requesting a BAT? - Want to request a BAT? Request it here! Don't forget to follow the posting rules. Need to Find Something? - Saw something or remember having it, but can't find it? Ask it here. General Modding Requests - After a special type of mod? Just ask here. General Lotting Requests - After a special type of lot? Just ask here. NAM Feature Requests - Got ideas for new NAM features? Ask for it here. Tools of the Trade - Wanna make stuff yourself? Find out what you need here. IndexSTEX Related Rules and TipsThe Definition of the STEXSTEX Related Issues - Failing, Slow, and Corrupt DownloadsSpam on the STEX and How to Deal With ItHow to Search the STEX When Search is DownWhy Aren't there Any Cities or Why Can't I Upload Cities?Plugin Information and HelpBoggy1's Quick Guide to All Things Custom Content - if you only need a quick reference.How to Install PluginsHow to Install MapsHow to Unzip FilesHow to Use AutoinstallersI See a Brown Box/Blank Ground/Other Lot Issues - What are DependenciesWhat are These FileTypes?Download Technical IssuesItem Doesn't Appear In the GameThe Game is CrashingMy Rails No Longer WorkI Don't Get Nightlights on Custom BuildingsMy Game Runs Slow
  7. Hello everyone! I am super new to all of this. So be easy if I say anything wrong please! I discovered the ability to download different buildings and textures and I guess went a little nuts because now I have brown boxes all over my map. When I question them they say they're palm trees. Can anyone tell me what my trigger happy self needs to do to correct this problem? Thank You so much!!
  8. Up to now I've gotten most of my content through the Steam Workshop. My question is when downloading content from this site, what file should it be put in to be able to use it in the game? Thanks -Dick Wright
  9. What location does downloaded content go in? Thanks, Dick Wright __________________________________________________ Duplicate topic, re-posted here: http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/69095-download-location/
  10. HELP !! Quicksand !!!

    I have encountered a problem with what may well be an obscure lot download. "Duquesne Pacific Shipyard". Can't remember where I got it, and the files do not have anything to identify the author. The lot has combination water/land tiles -- much like other docks -- and must be plopped on partial water to work. The lot appears to have a low exterior foundation wall around it, and a heavy metal lock gate on the water side. It would look absolutely perfect if it worked right. When you plop the lot, it sinks into the shoreline like PEG docks always do. The problem is that it sinks down flat with the water and hides the base foundation with the walls and the lock gate. The necessary detail has been lost, and the lot appears to be floating on the water with nothing underneath it. The lotter has provided a "Lot" file, "Model" file, and a "Desc" file. I am still a novice at making lots, but I presume this has something to do with the foundation settings. I really would like to use the dock, but can find no way to make it look realistic. Can anyone offer some advice?
  11. Could someone please give me a simple, easy to read tutorial how to download this region correctly so that I can play it on my game. Sorry if this may be a stupid question but I am quite new to downloding regions and I do want to get it right the first time. Thanks
  12. STEX 100 Million Downloads!

    In a major milestone for Simtropolis, the STEX has now reached a grand total of 100 million downloads! (As of 17:35 GMT, 13 Feb 2015) Over the past 12 years, members of this community have shared and continue to share content of dazzling and diverse quality. From buildings to mods, the games we play continue to be improved and expanded. 18,848 files later, reaching this figure is really a testament to how strong the member base is, and how influential custom content is for a game’s longevity. Also, special thanks must go to our Dirktator for providing this website -- the foundations which have made this landmark a reality. Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement! There may be a few surprises in store over the next few weeks (all will be revealed)... Interviews #01: MandelSoft - Transit modder & member of the NAM Team #02: Heblem - Content creator & founder of the LBT Team #03: Glenni - Tower block & ghetto BATter #04: madhatter106 - Commercial building BATter #05: paeng - Lotter & founder of NightOwl Productions #06: mrbisonm - Content creator & founder of Nexis #07: rivit - Transportation & automata modder #08: Aaron Graham - New York apartment BATter & member of the NYBT #09: Seraf - BATter & member of the NYBT #10: Tarkus - Transit modder & member of the NAM Team & NHP #11: T Wrecks - Industrial / residential lotter & modder #12: Sabretooth78 - Buffalo New York building BATter #13: nofunk - Midwest USA BATter & member of mipro (originally the BSP) #14: bixel - Hong Kong BATter & original member of the HKABT #15: Jasoncw - BATter & member of mipro (originally the BSP) Celebration Uploads [View List Here] Thanks to all interview participants, and SimCoug & NMUSpidey for organising them.
  13. Back in October I made a thread about the painfully slow speeds here, and since then things have gotten worse. Not only are downloads VERY slow, with most downloads going at a few KB's per second, but now the whole website is getting very slow, and its been like this for a few months now. Sometimes, be it a 50 KB or 1MB file, my downloads drop into the Bytes per second range, thus some times tiny files take 5 minutes to download. I have a good fast connection with unlimited downloading, all other websites load fast and downloads go fast, but here its getting very slow, sometimes a page wont even load or the website gives me an error page. This slow speed not only effects the SimCity 4 stuff, but the Cities Skylines stuff as well.... This worsening problem is making me want to avoid using this website. What I usually intend to be a 5-10 minute mod searching and downloading spree ends up turning into a 2 day long wait for files as I wait for the mods page to load, then it takes a minute sometimes for the agree and download page to load, and then another minute to load up the download page, and then ANOTHER MINUTE for the download to actually start, which then takes 5 minutes for a 600 KB file... This problem is exacerbated when mods require dependencies Whats going on with Simtropolis? Is the website falling apart? PS : While I wrote this message, it just took me 24 minutes and 53 seconds to download a 637 KB file, an all time record for slowest download. Heres a link to the file I downloaded that took forever EDIT : I don't mean to come off as demanding, mean or rude, but its hard not to get aggravated when a website like Simtropolis, a hub for mods and dependencies, continues to chug along and get slower and slower with time.
  14. I am currently using a MacBook Pro with an updated OS X operating system. I'm having difficulty downloading from the STEX. Anytime I click to download, I am redirected to an Error 404 page. Since I did not encounter this problem when I used my older PC and other Mac users in the forum don't seem to be having an issue, I must be missing a piece of software or file translator. I was excited to discover that Simcity4 deluxe was available through the App store and would love to customize my cities with the uploads from the exchange Please help!!
  15. "Failed" Downloads

    Hello all There are two mods that, for some reason, won't download: I'm using Firefox, and when I go to look at the downloads by clicking the arrow icon in the top right-hand corner, it says that the two downloads for these mods failed. All other downloads work can anyone help me?
  16. Navigating the LEX (Navigation Category Definitions) The STEX (ST) is pretty easy to understand as there are very few sections to search: 3ds Models, Buildings (BAT), Lots, Maps, Props, Textures, Mods & Tools. The PLEX (simpeg site) is quite different but even though the acronyms are not obvious, clicking them always opens a description page to explain. The LEX, however, has the most easy to browse categories and while they are mostly easy to understand, there are a few that still elude me (even after searching for definitions on the sc4d site). There is amazing content found at all 3, as well as some other sites out there that I'm still finding out about. Does anyone know the definition of the category headers below marked in Red text? Appreciate any help. Thx! 00 Locked -- Locked (for a reason), not downloadable, may want to reconsider if using in your game [Empty] 00 Outdated -- Newer versions exist, these are not downloadable, may want to get the new version for your game 3 Rivers Region Co - Assuming it was a set by someone that is no longer supported [Empty] CAM Agricultural -- Farm-related that are CAM-patible, meaning work with the CAM and likely only with CAM mod CAM Commercial Off -- Commercial Offices that work with the CAM and likely only with CAM mod installed CAM Commercial Ser -- Commercial Services that work with the CAM and likely only with CAM mod installed CAM Industrial -- Industrial-related that work with the CAM and likely only with CAM mod installed CAM Main Files -- The files required to install the CAM mod (to change the game to allow massive sized cities/buildings) CAM Residential -- Residential-related that work with the CAM and likely only with CAM mod installed Civics - Education -- Schools & education buildings that actively help increase your residential sims' Education (EQ) Civics - Health -- Hospitals & Medical Clinics that actively help increase your residential sims' Health (HQ) Civics - Safety -- Police & Fire Stations that actively reduce city flammability and crime Commercial -- Commercial buildings that did not fall in one of the other more specific commercial categories [below] Commercial - Highr -- Commercial High Rises Commercial - Mediu -- Medium-sized Commercial buildings Commercial - MEGA -- Extremely large Commercial buildings that take a significant amount of land Commercial - Small -- Small Commercial buildings that could fit in any city Commercial - WFW -- Wall-to-Wall Commercial buildings, fit side-by-side, building takes the entire lot, no extra land Commercial - WFK -- Waterfront Kit Commercial buildings, designed to sit on land by water Dependency -- Large mixed packs of Dependencies needed for the buildings in the other categories Dependency - Props -- Prop Packs needed as dependencies for the buildings in the other categories Dependency - Textu -- Texture Packs needed as dependencies for the buildings in the other categories Documentation -- Various Tutorials and Documentation, helpful for both modders and players Farming -- Agriculture Farms & Fields Farming - SF -- Slope Friendly Agriculture Farms & Fields, look decent when built on any slope tile Industrial -- Assorted Industrial buildings Industrial - MEGA -- Extremely large Industrial buildings that take a significant amount of land Industrial - WFK -- Waterfront Kit Industrial buildings, designed to sit on land by water Landmarks -- Landmark buildings that provide the Landmark effect in the game Landmarks - Functi -- Functional Landmarks, meaning they have jobs or do other things for your city Map - Standard -- Maps that come as standard greyscale JPEG images that are rendered in the game Map - Terraformer -- Maps that come as a Terraformer/Mapper file Models - 3DS -- Models made with the 3DSMax tool, available for use on custom lots Models - gMax -- Models made with the gMax tool, available for use on custom lots Mods - General -- Mods that change features of the game, similar to the Mods category on the STEX Mods - Graphic -- Mods that change visual look and feel (graphic) aspects of the game (eyecandy) Mods - Traffic -- Mods that change vehicles and transportation networks in the game NAM -- Most popular mod of all time, adds additional transportation features to the game, upgrades capacities, fixes bugs Parks -- Parks that don't fit into other categories, found in Parks menu, give Park Effect, new animal mods found here too Parks - BSC Compli -- ???? (Unsure what this means. Anyone know? BSC compliant or something?) Parks - Eyecandy -- Parks for looks only, not functional in the game. Parks - Sportsfield -- Various kinds of Ball Parks and Sports Fields Residential - High -- Residential High Rises Residential - Medi -- Medium-sized Residential buildings Residential - MEGA -- Extremely large Residential buildings that take a significant amount of land Residential - SF -- Slope Friendly Residential buildings, look decent when built on any slope tile Residential - Smal -- Small Residential buildings that could fit in any city Rewards - BTE -- BSC Tracking Reward buildings. a special set of rewards programmatically linked together Rewards - General -- New Reward buildings that will become available in Rewards menu when requirements are met Tools - Data Creat -- Tools used for Data Creation, useful for batters/lotters, not needed for those who only play Tools - Data Manag -- Tools for Data Management, advanced users can make good use of these Tools - Data Modif -- Tools used for Data Modification, useful for modders, not needed for those who only play Transport - Air -- New Airplane skin mods, add new airplanes to the game Transport - Rail -- New Rail Stations for trains and trams Transport - Road -- New Road Transit stations like bus stations and parking lots Transport - Water -- New Ships and boats Utilities - Garbag -- Garbage Utility buildings of all styles Utilities - Power -- Power Utility buildings of all styles Utilities - Water -- Water Towers and Pumps These are the current options as of 2013. Perhaps this list will be useful for others besides me. If anyone suggests a more accurate description to any category above, it will be updated. If others find this useful, perhaps I'll add the PLEX categories here as well. Appreciate any help with the Red ones above. Thx! EDIT: Thanks to infamousjbe, Indiana Joe, z1, catty-cb for helping answer the questions. Clarified categories are now shown in Green instead of red above.
  17. Good new website

    Dunno whether anyone else uses this site, or if it is new, but it has some good files on it. There are quite a few that I don't think have been uploaded here. Worth a look. http://www.bripizza.net/sc4/index.html
  18. I downloaded a number of buildings and when I open up my downloads files on Windows, I can see all the files but how do I have them become apart of the game? I am going through the Sim City 4 files and am not seeing a prompt for buildings... thoughts?