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City-building game(s)

Found 25 results

  1. The Four Seasons of Meteora

    From the album Animation Challenge (S3-25-E)

    Full size version (~4MB) of the GIF on the first comment. Please keep in mind that a time lapse animation was one of the official suggested ideas for this challenge on the forum thread. An animated GIF displaying my recreation of the Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas in Meteora, Greece along with some of the surrounding scenery. Wanting to feel closer to heaven, the locals would build their monasteries high in the sky, perched precariously on the edge of sheer granite rock cliffs - truly an amazing sight to behold. One of the frames in this picture (fall) was originally featured in my "Greece - Part II" update in my CJ, True Earth, so for this GIF I decided to showcase Meteora in its entirety with Spring, Summer, and Winter frames as well. Each frame showcases extensive custom lotting, intricate MMPing, and custom content creation (various terrain mods created for this picture + a number of new MMPs made/modded heavily) - The first frame starts off with summer in Meteora. Predictably, this time is the most popular season for tourists to come visit Meteora. The harvest season that begins in late summer is a big attraction as well for tourists. The second frame displays some of Meteora's famous fall foliage. Oaks and maples among others will come alive, displaying various shades of red, orange, and yellow. This coupled with the much more comfortable temperatures makes it a great time to come visit. The third frame shows off Meteora blanketed under a layer of snow in the midst of a snowfall. Despite Meteora's relatively close proximity to the Ioanian and Aegean Seas, it's just high enough in the mountains (1,000-2,000 feet above sea level) to receive regular snow in the winter. Additionally, the mountains will essentially "block out" gusts from the sea, allowing for temperatures to vary wildly. For those wanting to visit Meteora in the wintertime, be prepared for frigid temperatures and constant frost. Before looping, the fourth and final frame shows Meteora in the spring. The cold winters often delay Springtime for a bit, but when it comes it can truly be quite beautiful. Be prepared for fog/rain showers however, a common site during this time of the year.
  2. Lamar Valley

    From the album Nature Scenes (S3-19-E)

    Full-sized image in the first comment. Lamar Valley, in the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. Aside from US Highway 212 (which runs along the length of the valley) and a few campgrounds and trails, the valley is relatively untouched by human activity. This makes it a wildlife-rich region, boasting herds of large mammals such as Elk (pictured here), Bison, and Pronghorn Antelope. Bears and packs of wolves also frequent the area. These fauna, in addition to stunning panoramic views, make Lamar Valley a popular stop for tourists seeking to view wildlife and connect with nature. My submission seeks to capture the beauty of this region, showcasing the expansive grasslands bordered by rows of evergreen trees, the scrub brush dotting the slopes, and of course the meandering Lamar River that traverses the valley and supports its abundant plant and animal life.
  3. Night game at Capistrano Stadium...

    From the album Night Scenes (S3-12-E)

    Night game at Capistrano Football stadium.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This was always one of my favorite Maxis industrials because it looks pretty decent, however its vanilla lots did it no justice at all! I present to you Willmott Widget Assembly Remastered! WWA has been remade into a stage 3 I-M Anchor lot (instead of an Outbuilding) and had some of its stats tweaked slightly so it is more-or-less on-par with other Maxis I-M Anchors of similar size. --- The lot features almost entirely custom-made props by me, which includes a perimeter fence, long-haul trucks, employee and company cars, as well as some inner-city semi trucks. The props have been made to appear more "natural" - people are not always very compelled to park perfectly! I also used a technique to make props that sit in the shadows of the two buildings actually have shadows. Something I've always hated about props in this game is how they are not affected by shadows, so I more-or-less circumvented that issue. Lastly, the props included with this set are 100% compatible with various darker-night mods because they have no lighting effects (normal for props). This lot also has a fully custom base texture set. Also, before someone comments about it, the lot has so many large-ish empty areas because the long-haul trucks and the inner-city trucks need space to maneuver. American semi trucks are not known for having very good turning radii! --- Buggi's cheats: - Under the building menu it will be listed as "MM Willmott Widget Assembly." --- Main Stats: - Stage 3 I-M Anchor - 6x5 Lot (Same as the Outbuilding lot) - 100 I-M jobs - All other stats are either the same or very close to the original building's stats. --- Dependencies: Not many of these because I made most of the props! - LRM v4.0 (you don't need the overrides if you don't want them, I'm only using light towers from the prop pack part) - http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27200-light-replacement-mod-lrm-v40-mega-pack/ - BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 (v1.0) - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=342
  5. New Topic

    If I'm under Home ->Forums -> Simtropolis Challenges -> ST Challenges - Info and Discussion I can open a new topic. Beeing a rascal I thought hm... what kind of nonsensical new topic I could open ... maybe "challenges - who needs them?" or "I hate challenges" or "Vote for the worst challenge ever idear"? But coming down from the rascal mood I thought: This button don't make sense to me.
  6. Ardmore Falls National Park

    From the album Tourist Attractions (S3-04-W)

    Ardmore Falls National Park is situated on the south coast of the Isle of Lethaon. Featuring the tallest cliffs in all of the Star Isles at over 350 vertical meters, the climbing centre at Ardmore Falls attracts climbers from all over the world. At the top of the mountain adrenaline junkies can bungee jump from the rope bridge over the rushing mountain river. Camping, fishing, climbing and more, Ardmore Falls National Park is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts.
  7. SimFest 2016

    From the album Tourist Attractions (S3-04-W)

    Peeps gather together at the Annual SimFest to generate automata in celebration of new buildings, mods and lots.
  8. Ardmore Falls National Park

    Ardmore Falls National Park is situated on the south coast of the Isle of Lethaon. Featuring the tallest cliffs in all of the Star Isles at over 350 vertical meters, the climbing centre at Ardmore Falls attracts climbers from all over the world. At the top of the mountain adrenaline junkies can bungee jump from the rope bridge over the rushing mountain river. Camping, fishing, climbing and more, Ardmore Falls National Park is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts.
  9. SimFest 2016

    Peeps gather together at the Annual SimFest to generate automata in celebration of new buildings, mods and lots.
  10. Emerald Bay Golf and Country Club

    From the album Urban Features (S3-02-E)

    Finish your round of 18 and join us at the clubhouse for a drink. Watch the golfers on the 18th from our patio or browse a wide range of equipment in the pro shop. Fancy a tennis match or a dip in the pool? Emerald Bay Golf and Country Club has everything for a luxurious weekend out.
  11. Transpo-Nexus Civic Center

    From the album Urban Features (S3-02-E)

    Overgrazing by Llamas and excessive use of Reticulating Splines resulted in rising sea levels which terra-formed vast regions of inland islands now connected by highways and railroads spanning out from the Transpo-Nexus Civic Center. This urban feature includes the Simolean Bank, the Simulator Office, institutions of Nanotechnology, Quantum Research, Arcology and Astrosimiology (for the terra-forming of asteroids). Currently, engineers are working on a device that will eradicate those pesky invaders from the anti-sim world.
  12. Jemmford Plaza

    From the album Vanilla Only Challenge (S3-01-W)

    The plaza for Jemmford, a city in Timbuktu. (blurring result of bad image rendering, i dont have photoshop anymore :( )
  13. Season 2 Recap

    Hall Of Fame, Season 2 Recap With Season 3 launching next week, we decided to go back through last seasons Hall Of Fame entrants. We had a lot of new entrants last season, amongst some long time ST members, and we are here to show them off! Enjoy! Weekly Challenge: City Life Third Place: @Tonraq - A Rainy Day in a Divided Society Second Place: @SimCoug - Left off of the tourist brochure First Place: @feyss - Hollogne Weekly Challenge: Sports Complexes Third Place: @rivit - Another Saturday morning Second Place: @Joe 90 - Witanceaster Simlympic Park First Place: @Tonraq - Closing Ceremony Weekly Challenge: Street View Third Place: @Mr_Maison - City Oasis Second Place: @Extrenix - Mountain Dead-end First Place: @Joshman24 - Aufgsburg City Hall Weekly Challenge: Interchanges Third Place: @cs_k3 - Gilford Bay Main Artery Second Place: @zdza - Multiple interchanges First Place: @kingofsimcity - The Beast Weekly Challenge: Transport Hubs Third Place: @CapedCat - Jarvis Central Station Second Place: @timmie - Haften - Central Station First Place: @Belfastsocrates - Illford Railway Station Weekly Challenge: Farming Scenes Third Place: @Huston - Demeter System Second Place: @SimCoug - Bumgardner's orchard First Place: @gigius76 - Campagne di Macondo Weekly Challenge: High-Rise Lifestyle Third Place: @kingofsimcity - Winchester Rising Second Place: @feyss - Avenue Louise First Place: @SimCoug - Roarin' 20s Weekly Challenge: Night Life Third Place: @APSMS - San Diego at night Second Place: @Masissar - Nor Erebuni, Midnight First Place: @Joshman24 - A Calm Night Weekly Challenge: Fantastic Photoshop Third Place: @SimCoug - Whale Watching Second Place: @kelistmac - Bassen - The Netherlands First Place: @Huston - Shuttle Drop on Menae Weekly Challenge: Sports And Leisure Third Place: @gviper - Evening Escape Second Place: @OwiHH - Island Golf 18 Hole Course First Place: @YorkshireMayor - Campus Sports Best Picture Competition Entries: @Ln X - The Night Cometh... @Ln X - In the shadow of the Pylon @MilitantRadical - When In Rome @MilitantRadical - Divine Shrine @Thin White Duke - Downtown Boswell Monthly Challenge: NAM Showcase Third Place: @Compdude787 - 5-Way Interchange Second Place: @takemethere - Spaghetti Junction First Place: @kingofsimcity - The 'Chester And there we have it! All the images entered into the Hall Of Fame from Season 2. We had hundreds of entries over all challenges, and these images represent the best of the best. What really surprised me was the amount of Cities Skylines entries we had, even with such a short amount of time since the release of the game. Also, there was a wide range of members reaching the HOF. Really exciting to see all of these great images. Hope you liked this walk through memory lane! Check out the upcoming Season 3 Challenges if you want to take part!
  14. As mentioned in the feedback topic, we'd like to gather suggestions for future challenge themes. We have a few ideas in the pipeline, but would like to develop upcoming events particularly around your city-building interests. Most challenges thus far have been based on general themes. There's been quite a few, including skyscrapers, transport, rural and recreation scenes. In addition, we're considering introducing gameplay tasks, such as urban planning to solve a problem, or creating custom plugins to meet a set brief. So basically, if you've any new ideas, please also post these below. Even if they sound a bit elaborate or complex, we'd still love to hear them! The intention is to continue using the Gallery to submit image entries, along with the voting. When posting an idea, it'd be helpful if you can provide: A brief summary: What the challenge would involve / how it might work. Suggested rules: If applicable, how the challenge could be kept fair. For some this might be self-explanatory. Target game: Should the challenge be limited to a particular city-building game (e.g. SC4, C:S), or is it open to any? Recommended timeframe: Suggest a reasonable submission period given the challenge requirements. The shorter events (i.e. 1-2 weeks) will be more frequently run, but the longer ones should be for more complex challenges. Please post any ideas and they'll be added to the "Ideas Bank" below for consideration. Should an idea be selected, we may contact you for further information or assistance. You may submit as many as you can think of per post (feel free to post again with any new ideas). Thanks! Challenge Ideas Bank Themed Challenges Show of Traffic | Transportation | General rules | All games | ~2 weeks City Showcase | General theme | General rules | All games | ~1 month+ Best Sense of Americana | Country themed | General rules | All games | ~1 week+ City Replica Challenge | Recreation | General rules | All games | ~1 month Alpine Winter | Rural planning | Require snow, infrastructure built on hilly terrain | All games | ~2 weeks Sunny Destination | Aesthetics | Cannot use desert mod or palm trees | All games | ~2 weeks Vanilla Only Challenge | General theme | No custom content allowed | SimCity 4 | ~3 weeks Space: The final frontier | Sci-fi | General rules | All games | ~2 weeks Ancient Civilizations | Country themed | General rules | All games | ~2 weeks Historic Development | Urban planning | Use an established city, with a historic background | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks Best Realistic "....." | Recreation | Aim to make as realistic as possible | All games | | ~1 month Bridges | Transportation | Show one or more bridges crossing over something | All games | ~2 weeks Railroads | Transportation | Show a train on railroad tracks | All games | ~2 weeks Complex Design | Urban | Design an urban complex area (e.g. university campus) | All games | ~1 month Nature Scene | Rural | Only allowed limited use of man-made structures | All games | ~2 weeks Night Shots | General theme | Image must be taken at night | All games (with night mode) | ~2 weeks City Tile View | General theme | City tile must be shown in full | All games | ~2 weeks Waterside | General theme | Image must be dominated by water features | All games | ~2 weeks Photoshop Challenge | General theme | Image must be edited using a form of software manipulation | All games | ~2 weeks Non-Photoshop Challenge | General theme | Image cannot be edited using software manipulation tools | All games | ~2 weeks Animation Challenge | General theme | Image must be animated in some way (e.g. GIF) | All games | ~2 weeks CoriStar Challenge [1] [2] | General theme | Represent ST in a city's layout | All games | ~1 month Essay Challenge | Instructional | Create a written guide to answer the top 5 newbie questions about SC4 | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks+ How to do it? | Instructional | Explain the steps taken to create an image, so someone else could recreate it | All games | ~1 month Best Toll Road / Turnpike | Transportation | General Rules | All Games | ~1week+ Simtropolis as an Acronym | Other | Create an acronym using the letters of Simtropolis | Game n/a | ~1 week Pinned Thread Overhaul | Instructional | Create overview guides to consolidate info in pinned threads | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks+ GIFted Goodness Drive-In | Recreation | Create a city scene featuring a drive-in theatre, using an animated portion | All games | ~2 weeks Custom Content Related Content Creation Challenge | BAT / Lot / Map / Asset | Require multiple images | All games | ~1 week to 1 month Facelift | Lotting | Enhance any default game lot, without changing the dimensions | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks Single Dependency | Lotting | Can only use one selected common prop / texture pack | SimCity 4 | ~1 week to 2 weeks Modular Complexes | Lotting | Create an integrated set of lots | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks Themed Lotting Challenge | Lotting | Create a lot to a specified theme (e.g. parks, transport, RCI) | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks NAM Challenge | Content usage | Use the NAM for a specific purpose, such as to showcase or solve a set brief | SimCity 4 | ~1 month Park & Path Set | Lotting | Create a set of parks and paths which can be used | SimCity 4 | ~1 month Roundabout Filler | Lotting | Create one for both roundabout sizes, each with the same "style" per entry | SimCity 4 | ~1 month Classic Model, New Lot | Lotting | An older model that has withstood the test of time should see a new Lot | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks Retaining Walls | Lotting | Create a new type of retaining walls | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks Transit Buildings | BAT / Modelling | Create a transit building model (e.g. stations: train, subway, bus) | All games | ~1 month Monuments & Statues | BAT / Modelling | Create a monument or statue model | All games | ~1 month Diagonals & FAR | BAT / Modelling | Create a form of diagonal building | All games | ~1 month
  15. Hey everyone, With the conclusion of the NAM Showcase, it saw the end of the second ST Challenges season. Now on a break, we’d like to welcome your suggestions and ideas. How can they be improved for the next season? What went well, and what would make the events even more fun and engaging? We’ve got a few ideas of our own, but specifically we’d like hear your thoughts on: The Challenges - New theme ideas: Please post in the "Ideas Bank" topic, where ideas can be collected. - More challenge types -- E.g. Gameplay tasks, such as population or using / creating certain plugins. - User-hosted events: Should these be brought back in some form? Submissions - Would it help to raise the image size limit (e.g. to 3 MB per image)? - Always allow more than one image? Like the NAM Showcase allowing 3 per author. - Length of the submission / voting periods for the challenge types. Voting - Thoughts on the current method of voting. - Should authors be made anonymous until after voting? They could be changed to a "placeholder" account before being revealed. Ranking System - Has it worked well so far? - Any small tweaks? Rep Prizes - Change amounts awarded? - Expand the places which gain rep (e.g. top 5 or 10)? - Also for the Best Picture Comp -- Rep for round wins + entering the Hall of Fame? Scheduling - How frequently should they run: Is the balance right? - Run more simultaneous challenges? - Use the calendar to plan the events a few weeks in advance? Would this make it easier to prepare for entries? Please also let us know any other suggestions you have. These events aren’t possible without your participation, so we’d like to give you chance to shape their next direction. Thanks! ~The Challenges Team
  16. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Right, some big news... I've now created an interactive spreadsheet, which hopefully provides a solution to the issues, and makes it easy for us to calculate results. Baseline Automated Ranking System (BARS) Features Summary Ranking Automatic ranking of challenge results. Priority sorting by the rating, then the number of votes. Entries with more votes are ranked higher, in case the rating is identical. Ties In the event of identical ties, the rep prize is split between those entries. This still keeps to the total Prize Fund (as close as possible when rounded to a whole number). Ties are clearly highlighted on the rank. Baseline Method As a solution for entries with a low sample, the "Baseline Method" is used. Consider it a cut line, which is established using the averages of votes & ratings. There are two baselines: Base Votes and Base Rating. Base Votes limits the possible ranking for entries with a small # of votes (compared to others). It's calculated using 75% of the mean (average) votes, and is rounded to a whole number. The Base Rating is calculated the same way, using 75% of the average rating. This is used to make the ranking more logical. For example, entries with a low votes sample, but a higher rating will rank above. This is because the priority is still given to the rating. Entries outside the band are highlighted with a red flag icon. Reputation Prize Fund Prize fund is calculated and distributed to the top entries. This is based on the number of entries & the challenge type. New "Bonus" rep, which adds a bit of variance to the Prize Fund. This is calculated based on the average rating, and the number of entries. Calculation to add the author's new reputation total. Checkbox to mark when the prize has been awarded. Data Validation checks to ensure data is entered accurately. Alerts box which show any glaring mistakes with the data. This kind of works like a checklist. Options to customise each challenge (e.g. ranks which receive a rep prize, manual adjustment of Prize Fund & multipliers). This means prizes could be allocated say to the top 10. Cell formatting for certain conditions (e.g. top 3, tied ranks, duplicates). Each challenge is stored on an individual sheet. Misc stats for each challenge. Preview from the "City Life" challenge (click for full size): How does the ranking work? The basic concept is quite simple. For each entry, it first checks whether it meets the 'Baseline' for rating and votes. If so, it looks at the rating value and ranks them accordingly, highest to lowest. Then a tiebreaker is used, which is calculated using the votes tally. This allocates a decimal number, which is unique to the # of votes. The more votes an entry has, the smaller the tiebreaker will be (and vice versa). It's then added to determine the final rank. If an entry fails the 'Baseline' test, it's placed in a second rank. Here entries are still sorted by the rating, but appear further down the list. The majority of the calculations are done using hidden sort columns. Really it's a bit more complex than it looks from the outside! Why not just do a simple sort using the ratings? Well, the main reason is to ensure consistency. It allows results to be decided automatically, and eliminates the need to manually split ties, or decide how many votes is a fair sample. All it requires is data to be entered accurately (in the spreadsheet). Initially I was considering doing something even more complex. For example, to use weighted ranks based on the rating & votes for each entry. Essentially to award points to each entry, and then sort highest to lowest. But in the end, I think the 'Baseline Method' is more transparent, easier to understand, and keeps most of the sorting by the ratings. Will the data be revealed for each challenge? Yes, when results are announced, I'll include a link to the spreadsheet. This will be a read-only version uploaded to OneDrive. The voting data for all challenges can be found at the following link: ST Challenges - Results Data (Excel spreadsheet shared on OneDrive) Hope this sounds useful! If all goes well, we aim to bring all results up-to-date this weekend.
  17. Living Color

    From the album Weekly Challenge #22 - High-rise Lifestyle

    Vista Del Mar Citizen's Square.
  18. UPDATE 16th October: New ranking method announced! http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/69295-baseline-automated-results-system-bars/ Original post:
  19. We are gearing up for Simtropolis Challenges "Season Two" And we are here to let you know our new additions and to also ask for your help, thoughts and feedback! Season two brings about some rule changes, new challenges, and a whole new way to play! Hall Of Fame - We've moved the Hall Of Fame into a gallery. This is a new feature of Simtropolis which we are excited to start using, and it showcases the work that has made it into the HOF excellently. Please feel free to go through, rate and comment on these images. As for the authors of these images, feel free to go through and edit details and tags etc. Feel free to add your images if they have been missed, some of the old images had hosting issues, I had saved most of them locally, but might have missed a couple. Also, in the future feel free to add your images in once they reach the HOF. Best Picture Competition - We have some rule changes coming up, which will help liven this competition. Currently it's a bit slow, so we are thinking of reducing the number of votes required to 7. At the moment, 5 would be acceptable, but we are hoping that with an increase in interest in this forum that we hope to see 7 might be a fair. So we are aiming for 7 votes for each winning image but this might change in the future once things either pick up, or do not. Also, the 24 hour period will now start from the first vote. It seems unfair to both participants if the voting period starts when no one is viewing the forum, this way an external party can initiate the voting and this should hopefully mean more people will have the chance to vote on an image. Weekly Challenges - These will be coming back in a big way. Firstly, these will be advertised site wide. Hopefully we will have this ready by next week, but this will mean that there is more exposure to these challenges, which will make for some great images. Secondly, the theme for each week will be released a week in advance. Submitting images to the challenge is the most important part of the challenge, so we are giving those who pay the most attention to the challenges the ability to collect their things before the next week. Thirdly, challenges will also take use of the gallery. This will be for voting and commenting on images. We will be taking the highest rated image in the weekly album as the winner. This means you can vote for as many images as you want, and also weight your votes depending on what images you like the most. We think this will be great, as the albums really help you look over each image as they should be displayed, and it will also mean that most images would then recieve votes, which boosts the confidence of those first time challengers, you can also apgive rep and comment on individual images. Fourthly, we've got some really great ideas for tepees challenges, and Cities: Skylines will feature as a big part of these challenges going forward. Obviously, there will be SC4 challenges, but we are excited for how the modding aspect of C:S will allow us to do fun things. But we need your help to get C:S players into these forums, so spread the word when we have a C:S week! We are really excited for these Weekly Challenges, and we hope these additions and changes will create an exciting place to show off your content! Other Challenges - From time to time we will have other, special challenges. These might include monthly challenges, other special challenges, guest hosted rounds, custom content challenges, gallery album challenges, city showcases etc. We want to keep these special, random and different, but we'd also like to hear what kind of challenges you'd like to see that deviate from the 'traditional' challenges. Rewards - Now, you may have noticed that the awards haven't travelled over form ST7 to 8. That's a big problem, and we are working on getting an alternative worked out, one of the reasons why the trixies are taking their time. However, we are also going to jump on the chance to make reputation more relevant. This will be part of a bigger change, but what's relevant here is that we are going to start handing out reputation for each challenge and Best Picture Competition win. We are yet to make up our mind on how much we will be giving out, but it will be significant. We will also be handing out a smaller amount for runners up. So, in light of a lack of an awards system, we are hoping that handing out a good chunk of reputation will be worth the effort. This will be alongside featuring the image in the HOF and on the front page as usual. Forum Changes - There will also be a clean up of this forum, with all completed challenges moving into a sub forum, and only current challenges and voting threads appearing in this. This should make it easier to get to the challenges, while also maintaining the viewability of old challenges We can't wait to start Season Two, but would also like to hear what changes you think we should be making, or if you don't think we are making the right changes, or even enough changes. Feel free to speak your mind, let's make this the best competition forum on the Internet! Rule changes will take effect next week, alongside the first challenge, which will be: City life - show us how your city expresses what makes it unique (a very open and easy challenge for you to get back into the swing of things, open to any city building game)
  20. The weekly challenges have just returned after a short hiatus over the holidays, and are rearing to go! But they need your help to continue. While they work well, we want to revive them for the new year. In the past they have been based around showing images of a specific theme, and that's fine, but there may be better things to do during the week. We haven't run out of ideas yet, however before things get too complacent we thought we'd shake it up a bit, maybe this can be a thing that happens ever 10 weeks or so. Any way, I'll cut to the chase. We'd like to hear what you think the coming weekly challenges consist of. This could be themed image challenges, or gameplay challenges, or anything we haven't tried before. It's really all up to you, if you have wacky ideas though you might have to explain yourself a bit more than others, keep that in mind. So I'll give you a couple of days to come up with a few really good ideas, and then let you submit up to three of your best with members voting with reputation. When submitting ideas: One idea per post. Keep them simple with easy obtainable goals. (Should be able to complete within a week) And a brief description of the challenge should be included. Rules for this thread: One idea per post. Three ideas in total (only the first three will be accepted, any more will be deleted) Two post rule is in effect so that others can get some ideas in close to the top of the page (can not post again until two others have posted between your first post) Please don't cheat the reputation system. And please only post submission, ancillary posts will be removed. Use the general discussion thread to discuss this topic. This post will be locked for a few days for you to come up with a few ideas. On Thursday it will be open for you to submit your ideas, and vote through the reputation system on which ones you'd like to participate in. Try not to vote for all ideas, just the ones that you would participate in. And try to submit your ideas on Thursday so that your ideas have the most possible viewers. The thread will close Sunday night with the most voted on entry launching the following Monday. Collect your best three ideas and I'll see you on Thursday to hear what you have. Looking forward to some great ideas!
  21. Simtropolis Best Picture Competition This is the easy, self running picture competition that everyone loves and enjoys. Two pictures up at one time, with members voting on which one should win. Once an image reaches a specific amount of votes then a new member posts their picture to challenge the winner. If a member beats 4 members in a row their image is added to the hall of fame, and two new members pictures are posted for voting. Visit the Hall of Fame Album to view winning entries! Rules: (Updated! 19 Nov 2015: Make sure you check the revised guidelines!) New rules are highlighted. 1. During any one round that is active, in any given category, only 2 entrants can compete at a time. Entrance of any new photos during an ongoing round will not be valid to compete in that given round. 2. As stated, the competition will run in rounds. In order for a picture to qualify for the ST Hall of Fame, the image must win exactly 3 rounds consecutively. Wins broken by losses cannot count towards HoF induction, but may try again in a subsequent round. 3. Rounds will run to a best of 9 votes. This means an image must receive 5 votes to win each round. For example, possible scoring sequences could be: 4. Each individual round is subject to a 7 day timeframe in which eligible votes may be cast. This time starts when the initial vote is made. a. A round may end before this timeframe if an entry reaches the required 5 votes (see rule #3 above). b. After the allotted time is up, if a winner hasn't already been declared, the image with the highest votes accumulated will be declared the winner of the round. c. In the event of a tie between the entrants at the end of the 7 day round, a tie-breaking vote must be cast before the round can officially end with a definite winning entrant. 5. A competitor having competed against a particular photo from an opposition competitor cannot compete against the same photo and/or member [until after four rounds or eventual elimination of the opposition competitor's photo]. 6. Participants challenging a picture must quote the original picture in their challenging post, this makes it easier for voters to determine which picture is better, and keeps all current images in one place. 7. First in first served. The first contestant to post will be the challenging image for the round. 8. All city-building simulation games are available to enter the competition. 9. An image that has competed once already in this thread, or other threads involving image competition, can be re-entered as many times as the user/competitor wishes. This is, however, strictly under the condition that the image at hand has not already won another image competition within Simtropolis Challenges, or the general competition thread here. 10. There is a standard requirement for any entrants to name their images accordingly, and round by round, image re-posters and posting competitors must display the name of these images, alongside competing members' usernames. Voting: For Voters, please follow these simple guidelines to keep voting manageable and in order: When voting for a picture post which picture you are voting for, and the current tally for both pictures. i.e. Author A 4 - Author B 2.------------------------------------ If your vote creates a winner, announce that they have won and invite a new contestant. Also, if you jump to a new page with your vote, quote the previous images so they transfer to the next page.------------------------------------ Voters who cast the ending vote for the active round cannot participate an image immediately after the round is over. A 30 minute cool-down period after the vote is made must take place before you can present a competing image (Unless someone has already presented one within the cool-down period).------------------------------------ Also, as a matter of convenience, when voting for a competitor please highlight the competitor's username that you are specifically voting for. This makes the voting counts easier to assess in the case of a miscount or bump in the results.------------------------------------ Participants that have entered a round, but lost to fellow competitor cannot enter a new image until four rounds have passed. That being said, a competitor having competed against a particular photo from an opposition competitor cannot compete against the same photo and/or member [until after four rounds or eventual elimination of the opposition competitor's photo].------------------------------------ It is advisable that members, competitors and those whom this may concern not solicit or manipulate votes to gain advantages in a round. It is definitely disallowed to cheat out votes or falsifying votes in anyway. The rules are known by many, most of you know how this runs and works, so it should be no surprise to you. We are really excited to be bringing this competition to you here on Simtropolis, we think you’ll really like the tweaks that we’ve given it to integrate this competition into ST. By the way, once a suitable awards system has been restored, all entries into the HoF will receive a custom achievement for your awards cabinet and profile. This competition will run indefinitely, so have fun, we are eagerly awaiting the first HoF entry Now, we need two images to start us off. Who wants to go first?
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVUsICUEwKg Welcome to part one of a new series! Please enjoy cause things are gonna get awesome.
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVUsICUEwKg Welcome to part one of a new series! Please enjoy cause things are gonna get awesome.
  24. Missions/Challenges

    Hello all, This is my first post on the forums, so this might already been asked before.. So back in the day of Simcity 3000 I remember playing mission maps (Like solving problems in Berlin etc.), and except for the tutorial maps I haven't seen this kind of maps back in Simcity 4. Is it even possible to export cities (not the regions/maps, but the cities themselves)? Is there a reason that no one makes challenge maps with a certain goal (or am I missing these?) I hope you guys can help me with this burning question! Peace
  25. Come join my region if you are a semi-serious player who plays most every day. I'll be looking to achieve the regional challenges, as well as collaborate on building great works. I'm looking for a handful of likeminded mayors to join the fun. Region Info Region Name: Kuna Yola Map: Discovery Delta (10/11 spots currently open) My ID: SimZeb Come find the region, or add me as a friend. More than anything, I'm looking for fellow Mayors to continue to build regions with into the future.