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  1. COMMENT REPLIES:Fort Staunton (SC4) gviper:Each in its own style anyway thanks for the trip of repetition of buildings Tonraq:Unfortunately these types of buildings appear a little too at auctions anyway thanks for the compliment Escobar International Airport in Vice City (SC4) Vice City is a beautiful tourist town but without an airport that crime capital would be?However, the international airport of Vice City called Escobar (but by chance is a reference to Pablo Escobar? Crazy in this town do happen a thousand crazy colors)The airport has 6 gate are mixed between domestic and international flights The gate F is a special gate for Airbus A380 flights which are the giants of the sky In the gate E there is a special section reserved for the legendary Concorde supersonic jet's(Hey there are flights to Canada I'm getting a crazy urge to go on a trip (quote from the President of Siculia)) In gate C there is the hub of Aeroflot flights to Russia = vodka This is the system the airport hangar Today came the tip-off by police that Vice City will host EXPO of the drug here is the tweet drug master in this town (Now we move the line on a Discovery Channel documentary) Today we'll talk about how to enter the drug in Vice City the first half are private jets in private international airport terminal Escobar there private jets only businessmen and private jets of drug traffickers The second via container ships are in fact according to the local police this ship delivers drugs Closed this parenthesis of Discovery Channel we return to our speech This is the main entrance of the airport both day and night Day Night Here is the junction that links the highway with the airport to decrease the traffic was developed a system similar to that of the Boston Big Dig (note the skyscraper and the entrances of the tunnel) Here is the unfinished 2 namely interstate 12 bridge The work of the bridge A simple airport cargo area A small look of Navy Vice City Now I leave you with this funny post on Facebook and with this lovely postcard of Vice City (which is available in the Gallery of Simtropolis) And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week P.S.I'm a fan of Grand Theft Auto so I made a little easter egg in this city journal Note: the author of this article condemns drug use
  2. Approval For the Airport

    Welcome back to the region of Rockfield! The main town in the area is Arkfield, which is growing steadily and now has a population of 3000. However, regional elections have just concluded, with Luke Johnson becoming president of the region. Within months of his term in office, he has started to put his plans into motion of developing the region into the major transportation hub of the Juraland region. He arrives in Arkfield in his Lambo to scout the site of the new logistics hub. Once complete, it will have a major international airport with two runways, a passenger harbour terminal, as well as main industrial hub, with several factories, cargo centre, and goods shipment via 3 cargo harbours and 1 main cargo train terminal It is expected to cost the government 760 million US $. But Mr. Johnson states that the long term economic profits will outweigh the short term debts that this investment will cause on the Juraland economy Only time will show whether his prediction will be correct...
  3. Kamiyama Airport

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from winning Weekly Challenge #5 | Best Airport Image
  4. Entry 15 - Sky's the Limit

    Heya there! Against all odds Amesbury has actually passed 200.000 inhabitants! The BRT has been called off due to massive cost overruns in other sectors - so let's see what's actually new in Amesbury! Overview from the south. The town has quite grown and some villages are now very close to being swallowed in suburbia, such as Groverby. Got to admit I love the way that highway (motorway M1) weaves into the city! Depending on development, it might also need one new exit. However, those highways have not been refurbished yet, and noise is one of the major complaints of residents who live near major roads. There is construction underway though, so hopefully they can very soon enjoy a more quiet scenery. The skyline of Amesbury is now, well, quite towering in the landscape. There are two new towers though! Garland Park was built over a few blocks and cost the municipality quite a few million Septims to clear. Skyward Tower (to the right) and Garland Tower share parking lots and an amazing new park in the middle of town. The County Council, as well as airline company Aeromiao, have set up their HQs in this tower. Skyward Tower offers an amazing view of town from its panoramic restaurant. It also doubles as the new TV antenna. Let's take a look at the older downtown. Oh no! The Guildhall had to be destroyed after a fire three years ago. The municipal council had promised to rebuild, but nowadays it is still vacant, abandoned land. Streets in the downtown area do feel narrow, though, so maybe a park would be a wiser option. Doesn't this corner look more open now? Many backalleys cross the downtown area, though, giving some people more options to drive around town. Many are being closed as buildings become ever bigger, putting unnecessary strain on the main roads. A freight train rolls through the new Amesbury Station. It has been completely rebuilt, too! Four new tracks under a shiny roof make for very happy commuters and more tourism! A bus heads for the depot after the busy morning rush. Articulated buses are becoming more common on some city lines, such as Line 70. The station platforms are so much bigger now too. Here's the 15:23 Intercity service to Glendale departing the station. Opposite, on platform 4, a Regional train to Lorsdale and Wittenburg waits for the all clear signal. The approach to the station has been completely reworked, too, with a brand new skyway above the tracks. The old bridge that carried Septim Bvld has been destroyed and replaced by a brand new tunnel which dives under the tracks. The tunnel does look more seamless and integrates nicely in the urban landscape. Besides, now the tracks run above, it allows for more greenery! Who doesn't like greenery! Hayfeverish greenery! SOMEONE BURN DOWN ALL THOSE TREES. Ahem...A brand new station board greets passengers. It is much easier to know when your train is going and you can find out as soon as you're out of the bus. All trains are shown, even those on the Blue Line. The bridge in Amityville has seen new development, too! They're planning a skybridge between the two new towers of the Amityville Complex. Under the bridge already they put a common terrace. Perfect for conventions! #SkylinesCon145 #TotesGoingThere #WhereIsTheBallpit Here's a view of the Mall looking east. Can you spot the little church hidden amongst the giant glass scrapers? Buildings aren't so much tall as they are packed together, making for very narrow streets and a general sense of being overwhelmed for some walking on the streets. But hey, there are a few wider streets, too! Here's a northbound Line 12 bus driving on College Street. Every year around Spring, College Street is closed for Amesbury Pride, followed closely by the Amery County Fair that takes hold on most of the length of the street. In July, the whole area is also locked down for Graduation Day, during which a massive city-wide festival is held. This is a bid to increase the town's reputation as a university town, but critics note more university buildings need to be built in the first place... Plans have been made to convert a massive number of roads into one-way streets but residents and workers alike aren't convinced. The motorway can be seen in the background, along with a street that goes sleepy in the evening sun. There isn't much activity in downtown Amesbury in the evening - though some areas such as Amityville are known for their nightlife, especially now soft drugs are legalized...until the LLAMA association manages to overturn the bill, anyway. The biggest development in Amesbury occured in the south - as the towns of Burthope and Lakeside were selected for massive urban development. The result : 20.000 more residents and a new airport. East Humberlands Airport (ECA) was built to relieve congestion at the Regional Airport and accommodate bigger jets. It also was named in order to attrack more traffic from the general East Humberlands area. However, it has been left partially completed because of massive cost overruns that nearly sank the city budget in the red (It's over five million Septim...and quite a lot more in USD). At such, its advertised second runway, cargo and satellite terminals have never been built, but space has been bought and reserved for future building. The new airport does not have a motorway connection - as this would have cost even more. However it does have a connection to the Blue Line, which was expanded to serve the new communities and the airport. Works are underway to better link the airport with the rest of the road network however - mostly through Groby Road, which needs to be built deep into the Highlands Industrial District and meet up with the turnpike. Mainline trains also call at the EC Airport, mostly Intercity services to New Wellingborough. New bridges were built to link the Burthope area with the rest of the town. Now there are three road crossings : the Dam, the Groby Avenue bridge and the Brownstone Bridge to the north, which already existed before and was massively overhauled. Groby Avenue is the only 2x2 road in this area of town, and leads directly to the airport. However, people complain as the road ends in the middle of the Industrial area, which is constantly gridlocked. At such, many drivers choose to turn south or north on Burthope Road to avoid the Highlands area. Mostly south, though - north of the junction, as in here, it's pretty quiet... Burthope is served by a new station, Aspen Park on the Blue Line. There are two more tracks which for now are just garage tracks, however the city council wants to build a commuter railway system sometime in the future. Most of the new trackwork is no-frills though : level crossings are very common with little in the way of bridges or tunnels. This will probably be the case of the upcoming railways! Finally, a view of downtown seen from high up..I do like those highways, as much as I want to start a Big Dig sort of project... And finally, a map with new bus connections and the Blue Line expansion! The BRT isn't in the works anymore (I really drowned my city in the red with that airport lol, and since I max out services it means even with high taxes it's hard to break even - I wish money was harder to make) but the Hickory Circle station is still shown in construction, so there probably are some extra plans for it..Find out soon! Thanks for reading, I should be able to post more updates from now on too Hope you enjoy
  5. Hello hello. I have recently started developing a new region. It's an island set on a 2x2 large city tiles region, which will feature Japanese styled cities again. (until I get bored of it, which is not happening soon) The island is called Okushiri but doesn't have anything in common apart from being Japanese with the real Okushiri island, Hokkaido. My main focus will be on rural and suburban areas on hilly terrain. This first post will be the index of updates, current region view and various maps I'll be doing. Region view: Maps: N/A Index of updates: N/A
  6. Entry 14 - Crown of the North (5E145)

    Heya there! Today we're taking a little vacation to a place in the north of Cathnoquey - the small town of Wodenbury, in the North Territory, about 400 km away from Amesbury. I say small - it's still the biggest town in a large forested and scarcely populated area. Wodenbury covers the entirety of the Woden Isles in the Red Ash Bay, on the west coast of Cathnoquey. It is a rugged land, much like the rest of western North Territory. About 75.000 people live in Wodenbury, and just as much on the shores of the bay. It was settled in 4E698 by the Dunmer, specifically House Redoran, and despite floods and at least two great fires, it is considered one of the first stable settlements in the country. While the Akaviri Campaigns took hold much sooner, most of the settlements had been dismantled and the island returned to native rule once the invasion of Akavir proved a disaster. Wodenbury was one of those test projects that restarted a colonial drive. Soon enough the whole North Territory was Dunmer held, and would stay so until Cathnoquey bought out their land in the very late Fourth Era. Visitors to Wodenbury are greeted by a waterfall over which the highway is built. While not an official motorway, federal road A25 is built to motorway standards on most of its lengths until Melrose. The A25 is the only vehicular access to Wodenbury. Due to its colonial past, Wodenbury drives on the left, unlike the rest of the country. The road switches sides over just before reaching the bridge to Woden Island. View of downtown Wodenbury with two of its tallest buildings : the Regency Tower in the foreground (the biggest in all of the North Territory) and two streets back, the Victoria Tower. Wodenbury has a neat grid of streets. On this picture one can see the Banhammer Building next to the General Cemetary, and further, the Fishmarket Mall. There's also the North Bridge which is, as usual, congested. Wodenbury may be a smaller town but it is thriving and vibrant with life. Peters Square, here picture, is at the heart of Wodenbury's LGBT community and also features two Vegan festivals each year : the Cabbage Street Festival in February and the Lettuce Fest in November. In September, the Beerfest draws visitors from all over Cathnoquey as the nation's biggest funfair. It's definitely a lot more lively than Amesbury... Many of the buildings date from the early Fifth Era, when the fishing village expanded into a full-blown town. Not that it was particularly hard - harbour activities and gentification helped develop the hamlet into the town it is today. This place is historical : in 5E92, three Dunmers were killed by white men, sparking ten days of intense riots and protests in what was considered a heartland of liberal Cathnoquey. The Victoria Tower is the town's second tallest building. It houses several companies, primarily maritime companies, as well as a number of condos and flats. It is flanked by two satellite buildings. Its architecture contrasts that of the chapel of Dibella behind. The Banhammer Bank, the third biggest in the nation, has its federal headquarters in this building in the middle of town. As for the Regency Tower... It was built in 5E98 as a TV tower and houses several offices. Many have named it a blight in the landscape of Wodenbury, but it is also its most easily recognizable building, and can be seen from miles around the Bay. Council estate towers in the middle of town - the Hempshare Towers are what remain of a more extensive system of tenement blocks, once on the outskirts of town, meant to house workers who toiled endlessly at the nearby Harbour. They have been placed on the Federal Heritage List in 5E125. Redoran Palace was once the symbol of Dunmeri colonial ambitions but it now houses the City Hall, as well as the Courthouse, in its two separate wings linked together by a prestigious hallway decorated like an art gallery. In front of it, the Victory Tower stands proud as testimony of Dunmer strength and honour - though the Dunmeri population has dwindled since the early Fifth Era. Wodenbury University, noted for its works in genetics and its architecture. Gotta love wall to wall buildings. Though the Tribunal has considerably lost power to Aedric cults, the Great Temple of Cathnoquey still stands tall in the middle of town and houses the Cathnoquey Patriarchy. Davelth Avani is the current Patriarch, and leads the Tribunal cults across Cathnoquey. There used to be a marketplace three times a week here, but the Council has decided to move it somewhere else and put ugly fences instead, mostly to relieve overcrowding in the nearby Great Hospital parking lots. The County Hall is one of Wodenbury's oldest buildings. Also known as the Admiralty House, there is nowadays a large room within dedicated to conventions and even a full-scale replica of a Chun-Hook class ship. Not everything is old in Wodenbury...this statue, helpfully called "Three Stone Men on a Pedestal", was set up a mere three years ago. It's a nice and modern gathering spot and meant to exemplify forward-thinking and creativity. Interestingly, there are many older people in Wodenbury. It's a nice place to live : warm but not too hot like southern Cathnoquey, and with plenty of things to do. Also low taxes. 11% for a modern social welfare state? Seriously? The Chapel of Zenithar is the most visited Aedric chapel in the city. It is bordered by many townhouses, but also greenery. Mournhold Square, named after the former temple complex in Morrowind capital Almalexia, is one of the key points for traffic in Wodenbury : the waterfront avenue, the main road to the south of the island, and the bridges to the North and East Islands all eventually converge here. Ashland Park is the biggest park in the city and also home to the Folk Festival every summer, when it turns into a giant camping grounds with very loud music. The park straddles a small river that flows from inlands into the hills. In the horizon, many container ships arrive and depart, making full advantage of the high tide. Ashland Park is perfect for running and other fitness activities. Angling is also possible, for those who fancy more quiet activities. Otherwise, well, there's also the Grand World Cinema, one of the most hyped places in the city, with 14 screens. Wodenbury is linked to the national rail network. Wodenbury Railway Station is at the heart of the city, in front of Victoria Park right by the eponymous tower. It's a nice, shady spot and Station Road (the continuation of the motorway) is a lavishly decorated thoroughfare. Looking from Platform 2, where the regional train from Melrose Central is expected. The tracks dive underground right after leaving the city, and come back out clear of the city. Here's an Intercity train from Wellsborough making its way to the station. Trains on the Wodenbury <> Melrose <> Wellsborough line have large, panoramic windows as a selling point, inviting customers to sit back and enjoy the ride through breathtaking scenery. Two freight trains meet on the tracks. Here's a third freight train, this one actually coming from Amesbury. The railyard is located in close proximity to the south harbour area. While Wodenbury does not produce much, many ships call at port and load and unload cargo, which is then shipped on rail or road to inland parts of the country. The main problem is that while the harbour itself is quite big, the highway is at capacity and there are no budgets for a second road or rail link to the rest of the country. Two ships leave Wodenbury in the evening sun. There is much traffic from Akavir here. While Wodenbury isn't so big it is crossed by a small network of 8 bus lines. This doubledecker bus serves the busiest lines of the network, like Line 38 from Victoria to Ramsey. For other services, Citaros are typically preferred. There are also many regional buses stopping in Wodenbury. However as Wodenbury drives on the left, unlike the rest of the country, many of these buses are right-hand drive buses. They have their own berth near the Victoria Tower for safe operation. However, these buses are not nearly enough to solve congestion problems, many stemming from the lack of enough links between different parts of the city. The North Bridge is usually heavily congested on both sides. This evening rush hour congestion will not prevent the local baseball team, the Legends, from playing. Though it will still be a few hours before the game begins... There are quiet spots in Wodenbury. Here looking towards the mainland, one can see the small village of Ramsey. It is built around a small inland canal, and linked to a fast road that goes from Wodenbury to the South Harbour. It's a nice, quiet place to live. Many of the boat piers that used to dot its shoreline have yet to be replaced. Following a hurricane last year many low-lying parts of the town were submerged, and while the town has mostly recovered traces of the damage are lingering. Wodenbury is also connected by air. Wodenbury International Airport (WOD) is a major airport located on the North Island. Due to its central position in the North Territory it serves as a hub for the national carrier Cathnoquey Airlines. At such it is built to accommodate larger jets on its three runways. Most traffic never leaves the airport; 78% of all passengers only changed planes in Wodenbury. Destinations include many major airports around the country, but especially in the North Territory, as well as several international destinations such as Akavir or the Imperial City. It's a very handy airport : many places from Akavir to Tamriel refuel here as it is in the middle of the route and also not as overcrowded as airports in New Wigmore or Wellsborough. And that's it for today! Hope you enjoyed this Euro building set update, and thanks for your feedback as always. I will probably not make any more updates for a few weeks due to offline holidays but I'll come back soon enough. Thanks for reading! ^^
  7. COMMENT REPLIES: Welcome to the city of industry and pollution Mymyjp :Thanks for the comment regarding the air slayer is a bat this is the link http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1968 International Airport under Development (part 2) Hello continues the construction of the airport even though the air is very heavy indeed today there was a mega fight between various engineers in fact are now in the IBC News (Italian Broadcasting Corporation) The construction of the airport continues unabated in the meantime enjoy the airport's morning skyline Returning to the guided tour of the airport start from gate D and M that are international flights In the gate E there are only Boeing 747 with international and domestic flights At gate F there is always international flights but also the hub of American Airlines one of national airlines The gate G is a gate divided into three parts, this is the gate reserved for flights of passengers with those of Airbus 380 beasts The G-6 sector gate is the gate reserved for cargo flights in fact here we have various store with lots of trucks ready to travel the interstate of the beautiful country. Ahhh the sector 6-G contains a small military airport The gate sector 7-G (NOT IS A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT) is the vip gate where there are private flights testing air important people etc People who go People that comes with private jets However today I just got Iron Maiden (I hate heavy metal) but anyway if you want to attend their concert come San Foca In gate H in addition to Boeing 747 there is also the hub of Alitalia rival company of American Airlines, because it is a national airlines In the gate I in addition to international flights, there is also the hub of Air France just to put a little bit of mayhem in "mafia" feud between American Airlines and Alitalia In the gate L there are only international flights and you see the fire station in case of emergency you never know Finally we arrive at the gate but M I already says what is To conclude this view an aero that takes off but I do not know if you are taking off regularly or is falling
  8. Version 1.01


    Transportation cheat requires both base game and the CoT expansion. This mod zeros out plop and maintenance costs for most forms of transportation. Greatly increases passenger counts and busses per garage. Roads, rails, boats, and the airship are not modified so as to maintain some compatibility with other mods. What this mod does: Increases number of buses per bus garage. Increases number of passengers for the bus, train, maglev station. Increases number of passengers per bus stop. Reduces the amount of ControlNet needed for the maglev station to 1. Removes plop and maintenance cost of the airport, passenger terminal, and cargo terminal. Increases air cargo capacity from 54 to 540 crates of freight (does not increase the number of modules). Removes plop and maintenance cost of the streetcar depot. Increases number of passengers per streetcar depot to 2000. Increases number of passengers per streetcar to 2000. All above elements have had their power, water, and garbage greatly reduced. Reduces the number of employees needed to run any of the above to 1. Unaffected: Price of roads, rails, and maglev rails. Boats Airship Note: Experiment with how many garages you need at first. With 30 buses per garage, you can clog your streets really fast if you plop all of the garages. Two garages is a good number to start out and see from there. Also, because the number of buses are increased per bus garage, this mod may conflict with any mod that claims to reduce the number of agents. Note: If you do not destroy and then replop transportation facilities, and you have mods that increase the number of modules per facility, you may get weird plopping errors. Have not tested against any mods that increase number of modules per transportation type. I do NOT have SUGPAK installed and therefore have not tested this against SUGPAK. However, this mod is compatible with the following, separate installations of: 000 - OFFLINE - Roads - Roads With No Traffic Lights - 1.5 - MaxvSk - 20140823.package 000_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_2_0_Akar.package 000_OFFLINE_Roads_Bi-level Streets Pack_2.0.175_MaxvSk_20141024.package 001_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1.0.5_AkarRoadsSet.package 001_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1.0_AkarDecoration.package 002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1_2_Avalon.package 002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_2_0_RegionalBridge.packag 003_OFFLINE_DLC_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140231_2_1_RCIHCPLOPALL.package 6A-Buildings-HomelessTent-1.0-Offline-SUGC_TEAM.package Oppie_OFFLINE_CentralTrainStation.package To use: Place all files in SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages. If you already have the script files, you don't need to put them in there again, just the included package file. If you start a new region, what I find I must do is start the region, save it, quit the game, and then re-start for any mods to work the first time, even other people's mods that I've downloaded here. If you use this file, delete and replop any existing transportation facilities. Same holds true if you remove the file.
  9. COMMENT REPLIES : International Airport under Development (part 1) Mymyip: Thank you very much JP Schriefer: Thanks you jmsepe: thanks for the suggestion cromabianca: the lights are LAX Pilastri of light green violet this it is the link: Along the intrerstate 3 Hi friends Today I show you the various counties that it crosses interstate 3. One of the most important roads in the United States of Italy. (I have decided to put a song to make to seem the most realistic the trip along the highway) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7n_0j0661c PALOMINO CREEK Palomino Creek and the city where the interstate 3. departs the city is divided into four parts Palomino Creek and the city town hall dove There Dillimore A small town center Montgonery A small town commercial center Palomino Creeck Industry and the industrial district ANGEL PINE Angel Pine is a small farming town , but also the tourist with one of the most beautiful lakes in the state. The lake called Pine PORT OF SAN FOCA Finally the highway after leaving the County of Palomino Creek we arrive in the Federal District. Here is the port of San Foca, one of the most active ports but at the same time is undergoing modernisation but the air is very polluted industries (progress payment) VINE TOWN Vine Town is another agricultural center and has a small industrial centre, but is not part of the Federal District INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT OF SAN FOCA (SFX) Here the highway crosses the airport while the construction of the airport continued in fact were made two other gate D-F international flights Gate D and E MATERA After leaving the Federal District we are now located in County of San Foca. Matera is a small agricultural Centre AIROLO In the town of Airolo here interstate 3 branches off into two interstate: Interstate 3 Interstate 23 goes to the mountains. Airolo is a small agricultural Centre COSENZA Cosenza is part County of Taranto is one of the largest agricultural centers SILICON VALLEY Silicon Valley is one of the high tech centers of the State TARANTO Taranto is divided into two parts Taranto town centre The port of Taranto, one of the largest industrial centers of the world, especially the most important State Foundry. However, the city is being developed CRYSTAL COVE Crystal Cove is a mining and tourist center, but the city has a dark past Meanwhile, the highway meets interstate 36 going towards the State of the world's most famous TORRE CANNE Torre Canne is the town where the highway ends, however, is a beautiful tourist destination with its beautiful beaches I hope that the journey has been to your liking you see you for the next city journal
  10. Hello guys!Thanks for watching my journal i appreciate the feedback! We are going to continue our journey at the edge of the region. Welcome to Oak province! One of the entrances of the region,The city is planned to be a Bustling metropolis. There are Famous landmarks like the Oak tower(fernsehensturm) The Gold bay tower And the Devon tower and Much more to visit! The main Highway system are Rhw 4/6 with interchanges/exits/entrances. This was the first interchange i built in the city: A funky looking interchange what is work in progress: The finished industrial area is Mostly I HT which High wealth sims like very much and they like to work there: The first District i built,Still not finished But its almost done The overview of The city A cloverleaf interchange,Im planning to add eyecandy to it The planned Marina Area: (I plan it to a commercial district for business and it will be the location of the convention center.) And for the final picture the Airport:
  11. COMMENT REPLIES: Welcome in the United States Of Italy Mymyip:Thank you very much. The building with the Palms is a bat (NDEX Club ATOM Blue by N747) This is the link 89James89:Thanks for the suggestion, but I will explain the development of the city of San Foca Cromabianca:Thank you Kim Sunwoo:Thank you very much The development of the metropolis of San Foca Hi friends last we saw the face of San Foca town today I show the metropolitan area of the city of San Foca As you can see the city develops on three areas today would see the airport part Oh yes that new international airport International Airport under Development After the President of the Federal State and the Federal Council have seen several projects eventually opted for a mega project is divided into three phases 1 LEFT SIDE 2 CENTRAL SIDE 3 RIGHT SIDE After a month of work, the left side has been completed then the airport has been operating with three Gate A-B-C Gate A is the gate reserved for domestic flights The Gate B is one of the gate reserved for intercontinental routes The Gate C is one of the gate mixed with intercontinental and domestic routes In Gate C there is also an Air Force Italy reserved only for President The airport entrance is a simple but very bright entrance at night To conclude this beautiful "walk" in an airport still under construction I show the landing of an aircraft
  12. Helloooo everyone! Thank for your comments and rate on my last CJ. And now I'll present your some update with agricultural areas in Krusenkrell. Agriculture in the Krusenkrell uses around 60% of the city area. The famous agricultural products of Lönsel state are flowers, rice, corn and milk. Sorry for few updates... I will update more ASAP. Thank for visit!
  13. Hi everyone I'm back!!! In this entry I'll present you some details of Krusenkrell city. Krusenkrell is a capital city of Lonsel state locate in northwest of Helsenhylne. City wiki here. And here's some shot from city See you soon...
  14. A rather funny little bug. Apparently airports aren't available in vanilla Sim City 2013? I'm not sure. However, I am very sure, that starting the guide shouldn't trap me like this: http://snag.gy/Nqi5e.jpg Only way out, is exit to main menu or quit. Can't exit the tutorial in any other way. Cheers, F
  15. Plopping aircraft

    So, I've downloaded several airports and aircraft, and have built some interesting airports. Somewhere along the line I've missed something; some terminals have no aircraft, and several aircraft can not be "plopped" at a terminal because it's already a reserved tile. My question is this: what good are the aircraft if you can't use them? Obviously you can, somehow, but...?
  16. Hey, good evening! I recently downloaded some airplanes and terminal parts for the realistic looking airports. All terminal parts show up properly as do the airplanes, except that the ground (concrete) texture does not show up and the airplane is ''standing'' on the grass (so concrete is invisible). Does anyone of you know which dependancy I am missing? I use Windows 7 professional, SC4 Deluxe. Thanks for your help! Dave
  17. Hello all, recently a friend and I decided to build a great works in Rambling Badlands (14 cities, 2 great works). We each built two cities to contribute all the materials/power/workers etc and chose an International Airport. My friend paid the initial $1,000,000 for the Airport and started it, and I began supplying the Oil. However, upon changing to my other city I noticed that the Great Work he chose (there's only 1 GW site our cities can access) was in fact the Arcology. Any Oil I provided from my first city was reported as Alloy from, the second city, matching whatever percent that I'd provided. This bug was replicated when my friend joined his second city, where he saw Arcology instead of International Airport. So, 2 cities saw International Airport and 2 cities saw Arcology, when the starting city chose the Airport. When we finished providing the resources and the construction completed, two continued to see the Airport and two continued to see the Arcology, as if completed. The two Arcology cities had, for all intents and purposes, an Arcology, even though we had never provided the TVs, etc. that are needed for an Arcology. It's a very strange bug that we've never seen before and we can't find anyone else on these or other forums who have the same issue. Any thoughts/insights?
  18. (sorry if bad english i'm french) I wanted to create a 1x1 tile building (same properties as maxis international airport) to make my RMIP eye-candy airport become "real" airport I tried to do it in LotEditor but i can't reduce the size of the lot (maybe because maxis airport is upgradable ...) I don't know much thins about modding ,etc. so someone can help me ? Thanks.
  19. TOURISM AND TRANSPORT 2/2 15th October 2005 Behind The New High School a Big City Expansion has been planned In Son Gavilans has built a small airport that expects to receive several thousand middle-class tourists in the coming months. The New Airport, In Son Gavilans To connect populations, has started a building plan Ferry terminal and a bus line that connects the airport to Port Tuduri and several lines that are distributed by major hotels, casinos and shopping areas of the Capital . The Bus Central Station, built next to Port Tuduri Budhist Temple The last major work has been a tourist resort Huge casinos, which is planned for completion in 2010, and whose first buildings have already started building. The debt has exploded, after Parliament's intention is to lift a Grand International Airport, whose construction would not be completed until 2014. REGION MAP AND OVERVIEW LINK
  20. Hello, I am searching for a functional but b'ful small sized Airport building. I don't want to waste so much of space by using the default Maxis one. I searched in STEX but didn't found any. Can anyone help please? Thank you
  21. Version 1.0


    Hey all What this mod pack does: - Increases module count for cargo and passenger terminal to 25 (combined. For example: if you have 13 passenger terminals, you can only have 12 cargo terminals). This may be increased later on. - Increases module count for runways to 25 - Increases total job capacity from 34 to 70 This mod pack might be updated. I am not entirely sure yet. How to install: 1. Unzip the file after downloading. 2. Place all files in zip file into your SimCityUserData/Packages folder. Enjoy! More mods are coming!
  22. Version 1.0


    FANTA1990 Presents: Ever wonder who's driving that little green go-cart wandering around the tarmac at your airport? Among all the figures available in the game, a policeman looked best and was chosen to sit behind the wheel. Next, the absence of any baggage behind the baggage cart had to be addressed. So, three simple, yet realistic curtained cars were attached to the rear. The resulting combination fit the bill nicely, so that particular mod was deemed complete. To boost realism even further, another more elaborate option was created from a series of aircraft ground support vehicles extracted from "Emergency 4" (aka "911"). A modern fuel truck ranked most essential and was first to be included. The generic trolley was then replaced with a five car assembly, each having a unique function and appearance complete with intricate detailing. Finally, self-propelled boarding stairs were positioned amongst the other two vehicles completing the trio. Any additional equipment only detracted from the simulated independence of the others. The result is a mobile group of easily recognizable airplane support apparatus. Both options work equally well and are available to suit a variety of individual tastes. Neither require dependencies. Even the most impressive and realistic airports will be incomplete without this one inconspicuous, yet crucial mod. Required: Luggage_AIRx3-Police.dat - Replaces the default luggage cart with a 4-car trolley manned by a policeman. -OR- Emergency4 Airport Vehicles.dat - Replaces the default luggage cart with a mobile group of ground support equipment Optional: Emergency4 Airport Vehicles_7f1038a5.sc4lot - Optionally installs a demonstration lot with props for use in the Lot Editor *** For the latest updates and other spectacular creations by Fanta Soda, visit his homepage on SimCity China at the following URL: http://www.SimCity.cn/thread-99303-1-1.html Fanta has taken considerable measures to make his site accessible to English speaking users. However, I encourage you to exploit the automatic translation features available in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, or one of many Add-ons for Internet Explorer. Mandatory registration will unlock Fanta's downloads and all other custom content on SimCity China. One login prompt and two verification screens may seem excessive, but are well worth it. Since Fanta spends considerable time manufacturing custom mods, he specifically requested my assistance publishing his work to the mainstream English speaking audience. All credit and responsibility for this download lies solely with Fanta Soda. He will personally read and perhaps respond to any praise, feedback, criticism, or suggestions to this post. More impressive works from FANTA1990 will follow.
  23. The Trip (Part 1) Leaving The Great Coast

    Alright folks, we are ready To go in a cross country trip to Plantation Bay, one of the largest cities in this country, for the Extreme Gaming Conference, and see previews and gameplay of the new city-building game to be released. The trip is a 4500 mile flight across this country (United Cities), but we're going to make several stops. In this trip, me, and a few other gaming enthusiasts are leaving The Great Coast behind, and going to the Capital of United Cities (UC) to the Gaming conference to see the amazing new games coming out, especially SimMetropolis 5! First off, here's a map for reference as to we're we're going: The trip: First, we'll fly out of the Great Coast and land near Temperance lake, a lake surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills. (similiar to the east mountains in the United States in real life). Then we'll fly over the ocean to the West United Cities continent (We're currently on East United Cities) to the airport near Plantation Bay. Then we take a 4 hour drive to Plantation Metropolis, which is the capital of UC. Let's Begin... 7 am A beautiful sunny morning at Coastland Metropolis, right here we're picking up our last buddy, Mike. (Michael Homes) He works in the Khallulu Observatory (the highest observatory in this world) and is currently on vacation here at Coastland Metropolis. We take the main avenue... and get on the highway... We leavet the metropolis and head for the outskirts, here is the border between Coastland Metropolis and The Tech District: We continue to the highlands... (Note: Image was rotated) We're finally in Ashville Metropolis...(Or what used to be...) Here we pass by some abandoned factories that survived the great catastrophie that destroyed this city (see earlier entries) Most of the traffic you see there is from the busses going to Ashville City (north of this city) which is perfectly intact. Here we pass by the Ashville University Campus: We finally arrived at the airport to catch our 1 pm flight: (11:05 am; Ashville Metropolis Airport) Mayor Jack Green, take care of your Coastland County cities! I will! Don't worry, we got this! Enjoy your trip! Not much of an airport, but it does its job. We waited over 2 hours but finally got on the plane! (1:14 PM; Runway) Now boarding Airlines Flight 565 to Temperance Mountains (near Temperance Lake; See map) Our journey finally begins!!! Say goodbye to The Great Coast! We'll be back one day! Hey I can see my house from here! We'll keep you updated! Stay tuned!
  24. Automata Fix Pack Vol1

    Version 1.0


    FANTA1990 Presents: There are many reasons a gamer may choose to forego automata replacement mods, preferring instead the default vehicles shipped with SC4. In so doing, certain cosmetic anomalies that were present from the beginning have to be overlooked, at least until now. The files contained herein do nothing more than re-render standard objects the way they were originally intended to appear. Hence they are very small, have no effect on performance, and will function under any platform and configuration supported by the game. Naturally, there are no dependencies and no configuration is required. This package is intended to pick up where Maxis left off, preserving the integrity of the game in a small, but still relevant way. Maxis FreightEngine Fix.dat - Restores the forward facing panels and far side framework of the Freight Train Engine when viewed from the right-front. MidJetPlane FIX.dat - Restores the rudder and fin assembly directly beneath the horizontal stabilizer on the Mid-Size Jet when viewed from the left-front. SkyDiver Skin Fix.dat - Eliminates a section of the fuselage protruding through the wing above the cabin on the Skydiver Plane when viewed from the left-rear. armybase_jumpjacksX3.dat - Reconfigures the formation of troops gathered at military installations to eliminate overlap and realign 3 distinct groups of soldiers performing calisthenics (Additional arrangements are available on Fanta's website). *** For the latest updates and other spectacular creations by Fanta Soda, visit his homepage on SimCity China at the following URL: http://www.SimCity.cn/thread-99303-1-1.html Fanta has taken considerable measures to make his site accessible to English speaking users. However, I encourage you to exploit the automatic translation features available in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, or one of many Add-ons for Internet Explorer. Mandatory registration will unlock Fanta's downloads and all other custom content on SimCity China. One login prompt and two verification screens may seem excessive, but are well worth it. Since Fanta spends considerable time manufacturing custom mods, he specifically requested my assistance publishing his work to the mainstream English speaking audience. All credit and responsibility for this download lies solely with Fanta Soda. He will personally read and perhaps respond to any praise, feedback, criticism, or suggestions to this post. More impressive works from FANTA1990 will follow.
  25. Version 1.1


    FANTA1990 Presents: A Complete replacement of default civilian airplanes sharing a common fictional theme. Each model was adapted from Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 (2004) with exception to the Voltaire which uses an original texture featuring propeller engines, and the Crop Duster which was cloned from Tropico4. The planes all sport the same color scheme and logo of World Travel Airlines (WTA), the sole carrier in Sim Nation. Since this is essentially an automata reskin, there are no dependencies and no configuration. It's an easy way to improve the realism and appearance of the game's otherwise drab portrayal of manned flight. Nightlighting remains intact and UDI is still available for the landing strip aircraft. Choose from the following two files: FS2004 World Travel Airlines Plane V3.5.zip - Uses HD textures, but requires Hardware Acceleration to avoid visual defects. FS2004 World Travel Airlines Plane V3.5-256.zip - May be used with Software Acceleration. *** This mod was originally posted along with many other spectacular creations by Fanta Soda on his SimCity China homepage with the following URL: http://www.SimCity.cn/thread-99303-1-1.html Fanta has taken great lengths to make his site accessible to English speaking users. However, I encourage you to exploit the automatic translation features available in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, or one of many Add-ons for Internet Explorer. Mandatory registration will unlock Fanta's downloads and all other custom content on SimCity China. A login prompt and two verification screens may seem excessive, but are well worth it. Since Fanta spends considerable time manufacturing custom mods, he specifically requested my assistance publishing his work to the mainstream English speaking audience. All credit and responsibility for this download lies solely with Fanta Soda. He will personally read and perhaps respond to any praise, feedback, criticism, or suggestions to this post. More impressive works from Fanta will follow. -Cori Edit: Fixed formatting.