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  1. BSC Waste to Energy Plant

  2. Water Control Board

    an electric company and sanitations building are good ideas too. anyhow, superb..
  3. whole city coverage hospital with UdriverIt vechicles

    wongkw Feb 03, 2005 03:26:46 AM Those peole that makes negative comments are just plain stupid. I dont make negative comments at all. 10\10!
  4. skyscrapers The Palm Building

    looks like the columbia sea first center...
  5. Billboard Square

    it's a good idea...i downloaded it coz it's great but it doesnt fit in my soviet-style city. i need HUGE propaganda billboards to be built infront of my government housing projects. please please please i need those!!!
  6. BAT Slum Kit Medium Density

    how can there be sattelite dishes on their rooftops if slums dont even have cable tv...
  7. Grynder Apartments

    if only there were brutalist-style civic buildings.....
  8. Frogface Apartments

    beautifully ugly...
  9. Public Pokemon Training Facility

    select a rating and be fair.... yep... a rating of 1 is too high..
  10. NDEX KaplanKo Tower by DuskTrooper

    im very well impressed by yer buildings..... but.......but......but..... u think it's time to build sky scrapers together with complexes and other minor buildings???