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  1. Sim Societies Question

    Will there be plugins for SCS like the other ones?
  2. I have got it before but it took forever to get a REGULAR walmart super center. I just need a regular wal mart. Not the Deconstructivist WalMart or the Wal Mart Supercentro Mexico. I just kinda find it funny that a place so common is sooo hard to find.
  3. Need Wal-Mart

    I can't find a regular Wal Mart. Not urban or that other stuff. just need a normal one. With a parking lot. I thing the one i want is lock for administrative purposes or something.
  4. Robert Taylor Homes

    wow just like on that old 1970 show "Good Times"
  5. PEG Krispy Kremes and Police Station

    lol, cops dont have to go home no more, they got everything they need at the station:D