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  1. Simtropolis 1000

    joerg & Blam team: I fell it is time for leadership to call to order. We need action plans and who is doing what. just decide. If you see that it is going the wrong result, decide again. We have to be flexable, and the leader has to be a convincer and consensus builder. You lead we will follow. I can help with material, finianchial, and human resources. I non-code script. I am at ST1000 service
  2. Simtropolis 1000

    I did some research on the new game. I agree with some that it will be one type of game and playable. But the group here could create a completely different game, and not tap into EA's market one bit. That said. This is more than a mod project. This is a game creation. those of us on the organizational side of creative process probably want the all the ball rolling but sort of in t he same direction. My thoughts again. ( Then I have to go get my kids some dinner, or thay will mutnity) WE must have a stronge singel leader: CEO, Head project director, One Lamma to rule them all, whatever. That person has to have a ton of clout in this community. I don't care who that is but they must have a clear vision of what we are all working on, be able to listen to imput, but not waffel from the vision. While we all follow the automa-and ho-hum happily to our little projects. and we need boards that are sub project driven and boards for general ranting and ideas. we need to work and play. We already have teams that are already in place that can do amazing amounts of the work. ( Peg created a completly different play in a reasonable short time) We will alos need to create Mod-teams that have never been created berfore. ( see my earlier post) I will jump over to Onlyplace4 group as well. I got to go get burger and fries now. The Yogiya
  3. Simtropolis 1000

    I have always thought that this community had enough genius to create any type of Sim-City they wanted. I think we will be surprised how much finianchial backing we might get for something like ths. I also recomend that we register as a 5013c / Non-Profit and give it to educational and civic organizations to use. This allows all who donate to right it off on Taxes. Opensource programming is exploding. We can find the programmers. I think it is a nice tribute that one of the great games that launches the PC game world, would become the greatest open source game ever created. My skill is outreach and marketing ideas. I would like to see a group that works on Human Resources, Material Resources, and Financhial Resources. I am in. My concern is that the legends of the site have not chimmed in yet. Hopefully soon. The Yogiya
  4. SC4Terraformer Support

    Hey all, Nifty tool. My kid and I are now groving out on World Machine trying to bring regions into the game. I have been able to create one map moving from Worl Machine BitMap, to the covert isoclines that turns it into a png. All later tries have failed. is there a nice map making tutorial for World Machine and the SC4T to Rush Hour ( I was RL for a while and lurking lately too. )

    Originally posted by: Yogiya A couple of requests: I would appreciate that this board stay with positive and creative energy. If you have a quarrelsome nature with me, go ahead and PM me. I am pretty laid back and promise to answer all inquiries. This board is about celebrating New Orleans as only the community of the Stex can. We are creating a piece of art. So, have heard for Olympus. ( namely Superstar ) who though he is not offically Zeus, he does pack a mean thunder bolt, and he said either I start actually cranking out some BATS on this here thread. (and not just promoting the creation of them), I was through. And.... since I do have a somewhat of a Shotgun Home already Gmaxed. "Let me see... where is it... oh yea, here... right, behind my signed copy of "NDEX - The early years" I will start posting some BATS. But this also means I have permission to form a BAT Team. Thus The Cresent City Connection is now offically open. A small group, ( 4), of BATers, Mapers, Journalers, and Yatters, who are commited to bring the Feel, the Flavor, the History, and the Fun of New Orleans to Simtrop. If you have any desire to join us PM me. It does not matter if you are not the best with the BAT come on in. We will support you in your desire to be a Map Artist, or a Journalist, or if you want to find ways to contribute that no one has thought of yet. The CCC is for you. We would love also some seasoned teacher willing to groom us woefull sorts into being masters of the craft to come along for the ride. We promise to give you a prominant place near the front of the float. ( where you get the best chance to throw beads of course) Basically, I have about 100 or so unique buildings, house types, structures, etc in my catalog of stuff that is New Orleans specific. I am here to help you with those things, and I am starting some my own. When I am 80 or so. I might get to making the last one, but in the meantime PM me and lets gets the party started. Cheers, The Yogiya

    A couple of requests: I would appreciate that this board stay with positive and creative energy. If you have a quarrelsome nature with me, go ahead and PM me. I am pretty laid back and promise to answer all inquiries. This board is about celebrating New Orleans as only the community of the Stex can. We are creating a piece of art. The architecture: The Shotgun House Through out New Orleans and the rural Parishes still stands many house that can be called a Shotgun house. "Usually one-story, but many with second story set at rear of house (camelback). Narrow rectangular structure raised on brick piers. Most have a narrow front porch covered by a roof apron and supported by columns or brackets, often with Victorian ornamentation. End-gabled with roof ridge running front to back. Varying number of symmetrically arranged fa
  7. City Care Forgot "But the people cannot have wells, and so they take rain-water. Neither can they conveniently have cellars or graves, the town being built upon "made ground"; so they do without both, and few of the living complain, and none of the others" - Life on the Mississippi An Invitation: For the best and the brightest of Simtropolis to join me on a journey. Lets walk together along the aged streets Tennessee Williams once found as his muse. Lets join Mark Twain in the pilot house, as we travel down with the interesting people down the mighty missisip. Lets sit the parlor of an old house on Charters Street with Degas as he sketches the image of creole girl. Her warm coco skinned bussom being pressed again onto the parchment with the charcoals looking like dried mud. I invite the best and the brightest of you to join me in the reliving of the most creative city in he word. A city where almost every other city in he world can feel its creative influences. A city rightfully named The City Care Forgot. My city New Orleans. When I came to Simtropolis, I came because of a google search for maps of Baton Rouge. I had been playing SimCity for years, and been a registrant of EA site, but never really invested any time in any fan site of any can. Not long after being here I soon found a world of hero's and kindred spirits. I am everyday amazed by the craftsmanship of the Batters, the craftsmanship of the modders, and the poetry of the journalist. It was not long that I envisioned a project that would not only be fun, but could leave a lasting mark on the artistic world as much as our little world of the stex. My project is this: To sell you incredible artists and artisans of Simtropolis to use your talents to recreate the great sites and scenes of New Orleans for all to see. I am not an artist and my batting skills are just now beginning, but I know the city, and I believe if I can share my passion with you - you will love it too. On this board, I will be showcasing some of the real world sites of New Orleans, but also I will try to capture the flavor of the city with my words and thoughts. It is my hope that many of you will join it with your creativity. I think of this a great jazz improve with musicians pop in and out and come and go. Maybe you prefer we make a nice pot of Gumbo, taking the ingredients we all have hanging around and adding a little roux made by me. Either way the metaphor holds true. What we need. I will start posting various architectural designs of the greater New Orleans area. Once I start I would love some of you to pick up the cause and design a Lot for a piece of architecture, others can BAT if they like. ( I can test and verify the creations if need be. I am also will and able to do the math parts of any creation, and get them out to the stex. As I get better, I will try to help on the artistic side) We also have a Journalist who is starting a CJ. Lospantalones, is creating a CJ dedicated to New Orleans, we also have had JustinHayward create just an amazing map. So... the next move is yours. Come on take my hand. The music is playing, and you can smell the crawfish from the back of the room. Lets dance a while. Lets move our feet a top of the city created on "made ground". Welcome to the City Care Forgot. Next up : The New Orleans Shotgun House
  8. New Orleans and District

    And All Downloaders : Stay tune for my "City that Care Forgot" thread" as I try to rally a Bat Team to help reconstruct this neat city for the Stex. Cheers and a Float Load full of Bunnies to you all - The Yobiya
  9. New Orleans and District

    It looks Great ! Will play it tonight. My family migh be leaving Saturday to go see some fo the parades in Mid City. I will take PIC's.
  10. New Orleans and District

    Awesome ! Awesome ! Aesome ! This will go along way to helping create a CJ of N. Orleans WOW, look at that Lake !
  11. PARIS corner Dany Shoes CSplop and RESgrow

    I have found that are your growabels are my favorite when they appear in my city. I beging using your plopabels to support around it. It transforms an area of my city in a few year. It just looks cool.
  12. BSC Mega Props DAE Vol01

    awesome ! Big Fan.
  13. NDEX Riverside College by Superstar

    I like It !
  14. Rail Trestle Over Highway

    Excellent. !
  15. Traffic Control Addon

    its worth it to me if I can have communter rail lines. Neat. I will try it out.