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  1. Sim City Deluxe or Cities XL 2011?

    I just bought CXL 2011 on Amazon for $20. I figured give it a try for less money than 2012 and see how it is and then I would consider upgrading to 2012 if I really liked it. I have only gotten to play with it for one day so far but I have to say, for me, *WOW*. I absolutely love the freedom you get in terms of road placement and moving around. I think it's worth the $20 just for the fun of being off of the SC4 grid... which has been my dream for so long. I just hate the grid. Also, while I love all the third party content for SC4 it got pretty cumbersome for me personally. I felt I was always screwing around trying to find some obscure dependency prop pack instead of just playing the game... that said, I am really hoping to see lots and lots of custom content developed for CXL, the potential is huge. The jury's still out on other aspects of CXL however. I found it complains a lot (businesses need more workers! Workers need more jobs!) but I learned to ignore most of the "advice" in SC4 and live happily, so I need to see how much it can be ignored here as well. Also, I like to try to create pedestrian-only communities and other off-the-beaten-track type stuff... and it looks to me like CXL continues the SC4 tradition of making growth dependent upon roads.
  2. Fifth Avenue Place

    Plop iss in yer dahntahn n'at!
  3. The Nostalgic gaming thread.

    All right this is going back to the '80s, on my old Macintosh SE. (I still have a working Mac SE!) Anybody remember "Dark Castle" and "Beyond Dark Castle?" Throwing rocks at the little tin men... Crystal Quest with the weird voice it would make when you completed a level... female "ahhhhhhh" OK now there was this game, it was a vector rendered side scroller type of game. The premise was that you were on the moon and there were all these bases, and to get between the bases you had to fly a little lunar lander type ship through "canyons" that were heavily guarded. You could drop bombs only and the gravity/thrust physics of it were pretty good/realistic. The thing is it was a trading game, there were all kinds of different goods at each station and each good fetched a different price at a different station so you had to arbitrage your way through the game making a profit. If your ship was empty it would behave differently than if it were fully loaded. The reason I go on and on about that game is I want to find out what it is called... it was SO ahead of its time and really engaging. Does anybody else remember this game? Again it was mid-late 80s on the Mac platform. Of course the original Sim City... I pulled an all-nighter the day I bought this game, I was so immersed / obsessed with it. Then there was MYST which blew me away at the time, so engaging. More recently - relatively speaking - on PC - Battlezone by Activision and Total Annihilation by CaveDog. Fantastic gameplay. Going way back - Rogue on DOS! How in the world did we spend hours and hours playing this game? Staying up half the night guiding a little "@" battling "p" and "s" and "R"s!
  4. SC4Tool Transit Question

    warrior, thanks for the response. I don't understand exactly why it's not a good idea, but I could tell it was something fundamentally more complicated. For instance when I use the query tool on a NAM ped tile it's identified as a "Road" whereas mine are not. So I see something about what the deal is with this thing and thank you also for saving me from spending too much time going down a dead end path.
  5. I am pretty much a newbie to this, but I've been trying to play around with the SC4Tool to transit enable some park lots for pedestrians. I've kind of got it working... when I string park lots together I've enabled, pedestrians traffic seems to pass through them. However, I can't get peds to come from residential lots on to the ped-enabled tiles. For example, the ped tiles in the NAM behave the way I want -- peds will come out of a house (the rear of the house) and walk along the ped tiles to the train station and vice versa. However, if I put one of my ped-enabled parks in there in place of a NAM ped tile, the sims in the adjacent house can no longer enter the ped walkway (however those "upstream" still can and may pass through my lot). Hope this makes sense... I guess ultimately what I'm trying to do is make some parks behave like the NAM ped tiles... I'm guessing it's far more complicated than flipping a few switches in SC4Tool. But, if anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  6. I want to be able to create pedestrian residential communities. It drives me crazy that Rs won't grow without a road. And I'd like a full complement of pedestrian thoroughfares to go with it (A cross between the NAM pedestrian walkways and Simgoober's park trails for example. I also want real water above sea level! Streams, rivers, and lakes -- real ones not just props. Someone else also mentioned, and I agree, the circle zones for schools, fire, police, etc also drive me crazy. I want to be able to define neighborhoods by drawing borders, the way they are in real life. I want to draw neighborhoods for taxation purposes, and draw school districts, ambulance / fire coverage, etc. The access should follow the transportation network, as was also mentioned. Finally, the grid... I understand why we have the grid, I understand how difficult it is to lose the grid, but I really, really hate the grid.
  7. Hello all, I hope I am posting this in the right place. I followed this link from the ReadMe documentation in the "Mediterranean Commercials, by MBEAR" pack I downloaded from sc4devotion.com. Try as I might, I cannot seem to make these lots grow. Here is what I've done so far (after initial troubles, I backed up my plugins folder and deleted everything out of it - so this test is on a clean, empty plugins folder). Here's what I've done: * Read the documentation (!) * Downloaded and installed all noted dependencies * Installed the noted package I went into an unused city, threw down a nice straight road with a bunch of R's at one end and a bunch of I's at the other, then stuck a bunch of C's in the middle, of varying densities. Set the tileset to Euro only. But all I get are the usual Maxis greasy taco stand, used car lot, etc. I then applied the mods to supress Maxis buildings (all Commercial files applied). Restart and bulldoze all those car lots. Nothing grows at all. Confirmed again I've got Euro tileset only enabled, with no rotation. Restart and remove those files (the ones that supress the Maxis C lots), the standard Maxis C buildings start popping up again. Now, I try not to be an idiot. I know I can make these lots work because I got MBEAR's Med Residential lots to work like a charm with no troubles. Love it BTW... But I can't bear the thought of my Sims living in those cool Med R's but eating at Celia's. So clearly I'm missing something, or done something wrong, but I don't know what! I believe my SC4/RH installation is very up to date with the correct patches. I'm running SC4 w/ RH and "the patch" (I don't have exact versions of everything but I think you may know what I mean -- it's all up to date I believe but if there's something I can check to be sure, I'll try it. I'm not posting this from that computer so sorry for the lack of detail in this regard. Haven't tried the I's yet... looking forward to it because those farms are fantastic too... but one trouble at a time. Thank you so much for any help you can provide...
  8. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    That is the stuff... thanks a lot!
  9. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    Hi all. I seem to recall not all that long ago a whole bunch of lots uploaded to the STEX with a Mediterranean theme. I feel like an idiot because I can't seem to find them at all! Does anyone remember these and know what search term I can use to find them? Or am I losing my mind?
  10. What was your first ever game & your gaming history?

    Oh one more - sorry to double-post - Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle, on the old Mac. Not my first game but probably the first non-text game, I think...
  11. What was your first ever game & your gaming history?

    What was that old game that used text for graphics, you would walk around a maze ("castle" or "dungeon") and you were a rogue or knave or whatever, you carried swords and wore armour and you would do battle with various creatures... all were text characters so if you encountered an "s" it was a snake and a "b" was a bat etc... you would quaff potions and read magic scrolls, man WHAT was that thing called, I can't remember! It was either a CP/M or MS-DOS based game...
  12. Top 10 most desired info/mods

    Buggi, This is such amazingly wonderful news I had to read your original post three or four times just to make sure it was real. I'm going to focus on things that are specific to the source code. So I'm not going for things like new lots and landmarks that can be handled via plugins. Nor am I going to ask for things that have already been handled via mods or plugins... what do I care whether they sit in the plugins folder or are coded into the .exe, so long as they work? 1. Override the road requirement for residential lot development (I believe it's been well established this is hard-coded in the .exe and can't be modded!) 2. Neighborhoods, not circles! Would like to be able to define distinct neighborhood borders. Each should have its own school, fire, police, etc, which would provide service throughout the entire neighborhood, regardless of shape. As an added bonus, adjacent neighborhoods should have the option of sharing some services. For instance an elementary school may service one neighborhood whereas the high school could service several. Clearly this would require significant changes directly in the source code and couldn't be modded, it's a fundamental change in the game design. 3. I still wish we could get off the square grid. I know this can't happen. I know I'm silly for mentioning it. Still, there, I did it. 4. Flowing water, the ability to create streams, rivers, etc flowing into the sea, with navigability based on depth of water. I'll stick with those for now. I think each of them are things that absolutely cannot be modded, but require actual modification of the source code to be achieved.
  13. Green Depra

    I haven't been following CJs much before now but this one really caught my attention. Your layout and planning are great. Could you please, please tell me what are the pedestrian walkway lots that are showing up in some of the recent pictures you've posted? I love them and would like to try to use them myself. It appears that lots will grow connected to them instead of a road -- is that true? I'm trying to develop some pedestrian only transit villages and could really use that type of lot. Keep up the good work, looks like you have quite a following and I can see why!