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  1. Is there a way to download a file directly i.e. the Helicopter Silencer without the "Download manager". They are notoriously a door to spyware and I will never use one. After the fact: I was able to click through the "Ad-Fly" /"Download Manager" screen and get directly to the file.. Still a little surprised it comes up. Download managers are not needed for anything anymore. Thanks
  2. Guess we'll have to wait until the final release but.... This is seeming too much like political steerage to the acceptance of "Agenda 21".. They casually mention "sustainable developement" but it seems to be built in to the strategy. They took their follow up "Cities XL" and made a couple changes and now it's "SimCity 2013". Looks and acts very similar. Even down to the online multiplayer aspect which failed miserably for "Cities XL". They should have consulted with all the authors of NAM and the custom content creators. They kept the game going for all these years making improvements that were needed and adding a lot of realism at the same time. The game was much more realistic and enjoyable with the NAM and other add-ons then it was as a stand alone. The highway system alone was award winning. The mod capability is still in question too. That was one of the best features of the last version. Can't destroy a city and recover from a saved game. Just seems non-sensical to me. Guess it's just me. I'll probably end up getting it anyway. Have to at least give it a try. It just seems like they never looked at what was going on with the game to keep it going as strong as it was for all these years. I'm ever thankful to all the custom content creators. I don't want to try to name them all because I'm afraid I would miss someone. You all know who you are though.. Thanks!
  3. Brunel Place Tube Station

    Nice, but 3.5 - 4 stories tall! If this was 1/4 size and on a 1x1 lot, to me it would be a great addition. I have a city that fills up this capacity station without blinking but the size makes it look like an "O" scale building on an "HO" platform. Model train reference I know. We really need more high capacity stations for larger cities.
  4. NDEX ITS Surbiton Station

    Nice lot. Had a problem with it becoming "immortal" when I needed to move it. Fortunately the "Immortal Killer" worked but it did make me hesitant to plop it again. It may be just me but it may also be a cautionary point.
  5. Modern ElTrain Station

    Capacity is only 1000.. Similar problem to the MacIntosh version? I don't notice trains running through it but with the capacity so reduced it is less than the standard Maxis one. Might be a related problem. Looking forward to a fix for this.. Really nice station..
  6. Unfortunately the problem exists with the Windows version as well.. shows 1000 capacity only....