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  1. Stare domy

    Ten napis KURVA na dome :D Super !

    my jaw is on floor ... this is.. unbelievable
  3. Slavin monument

    wow.nice i like it! konecne nejaky Slovensky monument
  4. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    thanx existenz , this is cool site too itsnot what i was looking for , that site was green, and it had buildings like Zayeed Res.. you know,, palaces, hotels, but only few of them but thanx anyway, i really appreciate that
  5. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    hi,im looking for a website with few buildings (6-10 high-rise ?) made by one person. it was something like Zayeed Residence,..it was flash site i guess.. i couldnt find it anywhere.. thanx for reply
  6. Khaledi Democratic Republic

    i...i...i...i dont know what to say..this is unbelievable city.. best CJ ever ^^ and.. im speechles
  7. Nyhaven: Views From Within (AIN)

    oh my godness... awesome work ! very detailed
  8. Stacked Freight Containers

    lol.neat,nice eye candy :D
  9. DEDWD Sunken Plazas Tree Plaza2

    superb ! 10/10
  10. Hyundai Heavy Industries in Korea

    eeeer....is this REALLY SC4 building? looks too real 2 B true .. 11/10
  11. Dave and Busters

    this is niice