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  1. stage 8

    Theres a mod on the stex somewhere that gives you all the maxis buildings as plopables, stage 8's and all. I forget who it's by . It's well known that residencial plops have a habit of abandoning priety quickly though but all the office buildings will be fine. Other than that it's a question of over all city size. Only a preset percentage of your buildings will be a certain stage, so you have to go out to go up!
  2. 70,000,000+ Sims

    120 million! Man thats quite something! I was thinking tho, how cool would it be to have a city of 120 mill but with a 'normal' city density? I figured that if you had an adverage city size of 300,000, you'd need to fill every tile in a region 80x80km! Anyone with a machine out there up to the task? Keep up the good work ILTF! We need visionaries / nutters like you to inspire the rest of us!