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  1. Recreation: RUHRGEBIET by EJC

    Originally posted by: Shadow_Assassin Because of my work in the PR department of the Mining Company "Deutsche Steinkohle"quote> Why does it seem, at first glance, it reads "Deutsche Stinkhole"? What does it actually mean? Nice job, EJC, on this. It looks certainly impressive.quote> Some hole might stink, but none of our mines! :-) Steinkohle is the german term for hard coal. Because it's solid like rock we say "Stein" (stone) and "kohle" (coal). And for the pictures above: The second one shows the "Ruhr Oel Werk Scholven" which is the second largest oil refinery in germany. It belongs to Gelsenkirchen, not to Gladbeck. The pit in Bottrop is called "Prosper-Haniel"
  2. Recreation: RUHRGEBIET by EJC

    Looks good to me! And that's what traffic is like during Rushhour in Duisburg.. :-D
  3. Recreation: RUHRGEBIET by EJC

    As for the scale i understand the limitations of sc4. In my cities i'm often ignoring the correct type of bridge and choose another type just to fit scale better. I figured out which exact junction were a talking about and i think you might try to get the railroad tunneled instead. The A59 is an mostly elevated highway and at this place it goes over a huge bridge, nearly 30m in height, over the railyards and over another bridge of the Bundesstra
  4. Recreation: RUHRGEBIET by EJC

    Sorry for this layout mess, don't know how to layout properly..
  5. Recreation: RUHRGEBIET by EJC

    Hi E.J.C! First of all: I'm simply stunned of the great terraforming you did! I live in the Ruhrgebiet, born in Moers (west of Duisburg) and I'm now living in Essen in the center of the region for nearly for years, commuting to my working place in Herne to the East of the region. Because of my work in the PR department of the Mining Company "Deutsche Steinkohle" (that unifies all coal mines and has been the catalyst for this region during the industrial revolution), I know the region in quite some detail and want to help you make this C.J. as good in terms of realism as possible. So let me do a walkthrough of your current posts and make some suggestions :-) On february 21. you posted a view of the Ruhrschnellweg crossing the rhine. Besides of the scale of the rhine, which imho should be two or three times wider, the Autobahn is build as an Elavated Highway. Instead the A40 is a ground highway and only at exits it goes sometimes rises to an elevated one. Maybe you want to change that? On the west side there also goes a road beneath the bridge, you could address that issue with the underbridge-scenery if you want to. On March 6th. you posted a view of the Ruhrhafen in Duisburg with the "Stadtautobahn" A59 crossing the Ruhr and the A40 - I guess. If so you missed a road that goes parallel to the Ruhr beneath the A59 and the industrial zone ends some grid elements (sorry, don't know the correct translation) before the bridge. The bridge should be an "rised highway" without the steel construction and the A40 meets the A59 some grid elements nearer to the ruhr. On March 21. you posted a view of a rail junction south of the HBF with the A59 going through a tunnel, but irl it isn't. From this perspective I have no clue where this scenery should be located exactly, maybe you could name the exit for me so i could help you with an alternative modeling.. :-) Besides of that: Great work!!