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  1. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I'm looking for the low wealth homes to the right of this image, any suggestions what these are?
  2. Copper Basin, AZ - Mohave Desert City!

    very nice, I drove through this part of the world a couple of years back and how I would have loved to have passed through your city rather than the really dull country around Kingman. I would love to see some logistics type industry i.e. some big warehouses and a hugh railroad yard (US lingo) would look amazing too. The trains passing through Kingman kept me awake all night so I know there are some pretty long trains.
  3. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    Originally posted by: aldara6166 Hope that helps... quote> it does thanks so that stuff will be put on the STEX in due course
  4. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    just a quick ques: how come SG lots get put up first on Pegasus's site? Presumbably the onles on there will be released on the STEX in due course.
  5. BlaM Modern Oslo T Bane station

    very nice, what are the buildings either side? Are they in game buildings
  6. Tonksies BAT Thread NDEX

    excellent, yup all worked. Charring X is lovely BAT, i've set it up just like in the RW going straight into a bridge. Was hoping the arches underneath would be included too, many a night has been spent partying in the arches under Charring X
  7. Tonksies BAT Thread NDEX

    quick ques regarding Charring X and Fenchurch St. Stations. Trawled through alot of this thread looking for help but to no avail. Have downloaded these two stations but firstly neither have a readme (thought that was slightly suprising for a BATer with so many BATs) so do you just have to simply put in all files into the plugins. Also what is ITS Streetset?
  8. District AFL Footy Oval

    i don't think you should have floodlights either and maybe make it a bit bigger too.
  9. Port Realism Pack 1 Ver1

    great stuff. Please can we have more containers. All big ports have massive container depots and are really needed in SC4
  10. NIMBY Collection 1

    absoultely brilliant. Simcity is about building realistic cities and these are in cities and suburbs the world over. SG: The praise far outweighs and criticism.
  11. NAM: Development

    hi guys i just thought i'd offer my services. I'm currently working as a Transport Planner so feel i could add useful input on the actual design aspects of some junctions. Although i do not have any modding experience i thought i could still have some use. I'll try and check back in this thread but i have real memory problem when it comes to which threads i've posted in. So if you need any feedback on designs probably easiest to drop me a PM.
  12. Green Depra

    great stuff again. You are really liking your mosaic pictures arent you
  13. Cadott Bay

    wow, really really really good cj. You should feel honoured my normal praise consists of good. Just great looking. So many buildings i'm intrigued what they are but i'm going to limit myself to just asking about two: 1. not really a building, but the port which has the two big metal gantry cranes running on tracks with lots of warehouses behind. 2. the apartment blocks that made up the lower class area, there were quite a few all togather. Keep up the great work. Would be nice to some longer distance shots to give an impression which area of the city the viewer is looking at
  14. Sydney terrace houses

    spent quite a while in Sydney and these are a superb recreation. Well done
  15. Anduin Valley Revisited

    wow. my heart literally skipped a beat with that update. Awesome. Is that megamall on the STEX?