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  1. Image issue

    That worked. I feel stupid...heh.
  2. Image issue

    Alright, so I haven't played Sim City 4 in awhile on my computer and had previously had some trouble with it, uninstalled it and found it didn't work (this was back in like December). The computer has since had some professional repair because of a virus or something and today I was able to successfully install Sim City 4 and Rush Hour. I saved my old region that I had worked on and was playing around with it when I discovered there's an error with the image of some parks and my minor league stadium when I set it down. The weird looking thing in the residential is supposed to be a community garden but clearly doesn't look like one. When I set down a minor league baseball stadium, all you can see is the field while the rest of the stadium doesn't really appear. I wasn't sure what could be causing this problem. I've downloaded a plug-in it said I needed (the Transportation one...for the military base) and I already updated it with the SC4 official patch. Ideas?