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  1. Hello, I am a newbie in SimCity 4. Having read through the manual, I decided to install NAM. Now as a basic city, I made an highway (the upper road) exit to a street. In addition there was an avenue which was connected to the highway. However, none of them work when the houses were assigned to tiles as you can see from the screen shot. Does anyone know how to connect regular roads to RHW in NAM? I can make exits with the ground and elevated highway that was in the default SimCity 4 but not with the NAM. Thanks
  2. Hello, First of all let me say I'm new to this forum and to SimCity 4. I installed NAM to my computer with SimCity 4. Now while I was making the highways for the city that I'm working on, I noticed that I couldn't connect an exit from the RHW to lets say an avenue or a regular road or even a street. So basically I'm stuck at this stage. Any help on where I can find something to connect this to a road would be appreciated. Or is there any way to make an exit with the NAM (with the default ground or elevated highway, there was the option of ramps and that could've been easily connected to the roads. With RHW, I don't seem to find any option like that.) Thanks