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  1. Yes... I would like to have trees like SC2k and they will even serve as a weak pollution sink.
  2. KotCity 0.49.3 Howdy folks! We are keeping it going! Lots of new buildings, performance tweaks and general overall progress! New in this version Fix for bad collision detection by @sabieber Optimizations to pathfinding General performance improvements (uses a lot less memory / CPU now!) Lots of new buildings Download at https://github.com/kotcity/kotcity/releases/tag/0.49.3
  3. I'm trying to fix a few bugs after adding in some buildings. I then plan to do a release and then work on schools. I'd like to use that education icon
  4. I am currently shipping updates every few days. Does this match up to the proposed release method?
  5. Yes but its drawn clumsily now.
  6. https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/51592/save-multiple-objects-from-vector-file-to-separate-files-using-inkscape-os-freew
  7. I THINK inkscape can automate that. (That's what I use for my graphics)
  8. KotCity 0.49.2 https://github.com/kotcity/kotcity/releases/tag/0.49.2 New in this version * Districts by @sabieber, initial version, more features to come! * performance improvements by @sabieber * Improved UI (added some nice labels) * Vector Graphic (SVG) assets are now supported! * Some fixes to railway (still buggy, but getting better!) * railways by @moonpatroller Known bugs * Railway navigation might be a little fluky, we are working on it. * All the other bugs More to come!!!
  9. Take a look at the src on GitHub... all the icons are loaded from folders, all separate files. For instance, the assets folder has a great deal of them. The game ALSO supports PNG if we need to use it (it's currently used for the UI buttons.. I've converted all buildings to be SVG)
  10. I've just added SVG support to the engine Release coming today.
  11. Sure thing, join the chat channel and people will be glad to answer your questions. Glad to have excited contributors!
  12. Yes it does. Let me know if it doesn't work... I tried to ensure anything > 1300x700 would be fine. I know I need some kind of education model but haven't totally settled on an approach. If you can provide your notes, please do.
  13. KotCity 0.49.1 ( Easter Edition ) Download me at https://github.com/kotcity/kotcity/releases/tag/0.49.1 What's up everyone! Been busy on KotCity! We now have a notion of land value that ties into desirability. A lot of tiny fixes and tweaks to make sure cities develop as they should. I'm feeling more confident about the simulated economy now. Next step is incorporating education and crime into desirability, which will be a huge step. I'm actively looking for people to create lots for the game and testers, so let me know if you are interested!
  14. Very cool! I hadn't heard of this.