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  1. Issues With Canals

    Thanks for that CorinaMarie I checked the download and there was a dependency required right enough. Have installed just now so will see next time I run the game. Hopefully checking the DL pages again will solve this with my other dodgy lots as well. I'm sure I tried tab rings but will double check again but I'm sure the items I'm missing were showing in the lots menu in the Youtube clip
  2. I've started trying out using some different canals and having a few glitches with some of the pieces. Particularly problematic is the PEG locks ( ) I can add this no problem but sometimes there is a large brown parcel sitting on top of the lock. I've seen this appear before in the past with a few other downloaded components (transit lots if I remember rightly) but never managed to resolve. I'm assuming this is due to one of the animation views not working - I can see the full lock with and without a ship in it and I'm guessing the parcel is appearing when a lock is supposed to be empty / water level down? If I place several locks they all do this. I'm running Rush Hour exp with NAM version 30 (2011) Also an issue with the Oppie's canal set I can't seem to get the boats, locks and curve sections demonstrated in this Youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8akfn2sMNcs) - all I have are the straight sections, corners and bridges. Been hunting all the SC4 websites to no avail to find a solution to both these problems.