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  1. Neutopia 2

    sorry for being rude, here is the complete map with all regions clean. this one is worth the look.
    l shouldn't tease, it's not nice, hehe
    it was drawn before l knew about that region mapper mod. l thought that was how the game played when l made the map.
    there is an island from skies of Arcadia on the map  for a laugh.


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  2. Neutopia 1

    Sorry it's still in mapper colors, and please, don't flame me for uploading it the way l have, but for the region to work it had to be hand drawn.
    To make it look "proper", open the city, save city and exit. please do NOT auto justify, there were some parts that, even after days and days of trying, l couldn't get the 4 corners to align.
    The region is, watching the loading screen so many times, l always wanted to make a city in similar terrain. It's pretty much a region of every type of terrain a person could possibly want to build on, from a huge mountain, to the canals of Venice, a canyon through the map that no mayor could pay to fill in, even Mesa's to deal with.
    This is my thanks to all of you who uploaded content to this site that l have judiciously raped of content for when l start playing this map myself. (still playing the Adelaide map l modded off here).
    had to mapper it because l tested it over half the map, hehehe, as you do, only way to flush it if your backup died.
    Hope all y'all like it.


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