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  1. uki Sim cliffside stations NAM update

    These stations by uki-Sim are incredibly cool.
    I've updated them to have capacities and switch costs in line with the current NAM standards (September 2017 NAM 35). I've also included versions that will use the NAM query. To use this relot, simply download the original stations from the provided links and replace the .SC4lot files with my updated files.
    You must choose whether you want these stations to use the NAM train station query or the Maxis default.
    MAXIS: Extract the folder labeled MAXIS QUERY
    NAM: Extract the folder labeled NAM QUERY
    RRW USERS: If you have RRW installed, the textures of the through line rails will use the RRW textures.  
    Gorge Station:
    Size: 1x4 + overhang
    Capacity: 50 000 passengers
    maintenance: $10 per month
    To use this station, simply plop it on the edge of a steep slope or cliff with the arrow pointing away from the dropoff. A steeper slope generally looks nicer, but isn't necessary.

    Gorge Station 30m:
    Size: 2x4
    Capacity: 57 500 Passengers
    Maintenance: $15 per month
    To use this station, you must make sure the change in elevation over the tile adjacent to the rail line is ~30m. If the slope is much shallower or steeper, the stairs will not look right. The hole diggers included with NAM are very useful here.
    Place the station with the arrow facing towards the dropoff. The flexible foundation will conform to the slope.
    This station includes a bus stop.
    You need the original stations .sc4model and .sc4desc files for this relot to work.
    The main pages are in Japanese, but Google Chrome's auto translate is adequate
        Gorge station:
        main page: http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/article/143281360.html
            just click on the download icon in the center of the page
             (or Direct download is:  http://uki-sim.up.seesaa.net/bat/Gorge-RailStation.zip )
        Gorge station 30m:
        Main page: http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/article/143729718.html
            just click on the download icon in the center of the page
            (or direct download is: http://uki-sim.up.seesaa.net/bat/Gorge-RailStation_30m.zip )
    Final Notes:
    I encourage you to check out the rest of uki Sim's bats and props on their website. http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/


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