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    Thanks. You were right, I wasn't running 3ds as administrator. After I selected NVIDIA mental ray as the renderer and made the Sampling Mode and Skylight Mode manual adjustments I ended up with this preview: It looks a little "grainy" to me, I don't know. I'm also not sure about the illumination. Maybe the Gamma fix is necessary. With that said, I'd like to make a proposition, if anyone is interested. First, let me say that none of this is part of my profession (I'm a lawyer, actually), so all the knowledge involved is pretty useless for my regular life. I see myself as a newfound hobbyist modeler. When I started this, my plan was to create New York buildings (I can dream wit há recreation, right?) and, considering the significant work that is involved, I thought about concentrating on buildings that are big enough to stand out in the game, but also with simpler shapes. After concluding the One New York Plaza, I planned to model buildings like the 111 Wall Street, 2 New York Plaza, 55 Water Street, One Penn Plaza, the XYZ buildings and others. Bigger projects would be Citigroup Center, MetLife Building, the original WTC complex. Pretty ambitious, I know, but this would be a long term hobby. The problem is, I don't think I have enough time, right now, to learn all the nuances of the texturing part and deliver a high quality work. Since I really liked the modelling part, maybe I should stick to it. I've been way more motivated to make new models than to texture and export this one to the game. I don't want to sound lazy or anything, I'm just being honest. So, if someone is interested in texturing this model and exporting it, I would be very grateful. I don't know how this would work out. There is a "3ds models" category on the STEX. Maybe I could upload it there. Any thoughts?
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    Hello! I have been working on a model of the One New York Plaza on Sketchup. This is my first 3d model and it's been fun doing it. I was surprised by how easy it was to learn the basic functions on Sketchup. Except for the first floor surrounding area, in which I made some changes, the rest of it is pretty close to the real building. Here are some pictures: I never used 3DS before, so, for me, applying textures with Sketchup would be easier. I exported the model to 3DS 2015, with BAT4Max v.5 installed, but haven't been able to use the Preview tool. It just crashes midway the rendering and a "Unknown system exception" box appears. The images above are from the regular 3DS rendering. Being new to all this, I'm open to advice. Hope you guys like what I've done so far.