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  1. Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield

    okay i'm back. i found the copters and hangers b and c. they were included in the mod folder BUT when i moved them in the parent folder called "plugins" it didn't do jacksquat. the structures on hangers b and c didn't show nor the copters. did i put them in the wrong place??? i founded the files but nothing is happening! Aargh!
  2. Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield

    i looked for them jwhen i woke up this morning and late last night and yes i figured there were tabi props but i searched the net EVERYWHERE the links provided to them here are ded ind sc4devotion where other tabi props does not contain them. are there any VALID links to these not dead ones???/
  3. Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield

    okay i freakin' gave up on the aircraft but how 'bout hangers type b and type c??
  4. Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield

    okay i got everything working a-okay EXCEPT hanger type B hanger type C the helicopters and the planes. Can someone help out with those? anyone??? i'm sooooooooo close!
  5. Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield

    okay i got fences people runways but still no planes or any buildings!! did i goof somewhere?? do i put the coast gaurd props in a sub folder or don't do that??
  6. Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield

    are the hangers dependencies and stuff included in the coast guard station mod? or are they separate? and what about the aircraft?? that would be good to know.
  7. Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield

    okay thanks. good to know. now how 'bout the aircraft and hangers props? Where are those found. The links provided are all dead!!!1
  8. Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield

    do i use the peg cdk3 coast gaurd station for the hangers and buildings dependencies for the Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield 1???? Cause those are what i'm missing that and the aircraft of course.
  9. Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield

    I can't find the hanger props neither. Where are they??? also all the dependencies links are ALL dead! Also your direct download is now's saying 404 file not found. can you update this and locate the dependencies. --Tamikanottammy