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    wandering in France
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    Architecture, Urbanism, Literature, Philosophy to some extent. And creating buildings for Simcity 4.
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    SimCity 4

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  1. Here is a new release of mine on toutsimcities : a small mattress manufactory, inspired by a real one located at the rue Ravier in Lyon.


    You can get it by following this link. There is no need at all to subscribe to download it.

    I completely admit that I post my original creations only on Toutsimcities.com in a common effort to keep this antique website alive *:rofl:

    A good compromise could be uploading my personnal re-lots heren (I make a lot of them for my MD), while keeping the original stuff on TSC. I will consider that in the future *;)

    1. matias93


      Really nice building (if you are like me, into an antique workshops' hype), probably will match very well with the ones by @Adrianor.

      And about the updating policy, is a good idea, but it would be good to keep a mirror file elsewhere, in case TSC is not available and you don't have the time to respond in real time. Maybe loading them here at the STEX and keeping them hidden, with a note to the moderators allowing to show them is TSC is down for a number of days or weeks.

    2. Krasner


      Hi matias93 *:) Using the STEX as an "escape room" for my files is indeed an interesting idea. I will consider that. Even more interesting, considering that we were discussing recently about TSC's future.