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  1. Another beautiful building. Two small comments: it does look a little bit bright compared to other buildings (I was using daylight classic + tropical LUT). Also, it appears the LOD model is a few meters offset from the main model.
  2. Greetings! I've just released 'De Dageraad', a set of 6 RICO buildings that fit together so you can fill whole cityblocks with buildings of the same architectural style. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=950283141 I have no idea if something like this will be popular. I'm not aware of any other sets of buildings that fit together like this. It is rather Amsterdam-specific, and people may find it hard to use. But I had fun making it. Lots of smoothing. Let me know what you think!
  3. How to share texture maps?

    I don't want to end this thread on a sad note, but please note that the loading screen mod and the test version have only 70,000 subscribers combined so for the majority of Cities Skylines players you won't save any memory at all. Or, in other words, don't compromise the design of whatever asset you're working on just to save some memory for a minority of all users.
  4. How to share texture maps?

    I've read it is based on the content not filenames, but I can't find the place where I read that at the moment.
  5. How to share texture maps?

    If you publish multiple assets using exactly the same textures, the loading screen mod will notice this and share the texture between assets. People who do not use that mod will not save memory. I believe this is the only thing you can do for texture sharing.
  6. Great train station! You're really turning these out like clockwork. The moving escalators are a nice touch. I think you should consider adding some dirt and grime to the glass roof. Surely a train station can't match an Apple store for cleanliness.
  7. Cloud Assets Experiment

    Fascinating idea! It will be very hard to do with our current understanding of the rotor shader. You've already spotted the two problems: 1. LOD semi-transparency seems to be impossible. You can maybe emulate semi-transparency by dithering full transparency. Actually your screenshots already look reasonable. This is a problem but not a show stopper. 2. Transition from the full model to the LOD is not smooth and there is a step in between where neither is visible. This would be a show stopper for your clouds. We need another breakthrough to get this to work. I posted a while back this could be overcome but turns out that only works in the asset editor and not in game.
  8. @Ronyx69 It seems you are right. It works in the asset editor but the same asset has the same problem in game as sub-buildings. In other news, the asset editor has become even more unuseable for me. Now in --noWorkshop mode I can only view a building from a large distance. wtf.
  9. Hey Ronyx! I didn't make the transparent glass the main building for my train station, because to do that I would have a building that would be way larger than the plot size. So yes, there is no semi-transparent lod on my train station. I did do my tests only the in asset editor. I guess I'll repeat them and see if it works the same for me in game.
  10. Welcome to asset editor hell! Subbuildings disappearing hapenned to me too. Remember the coordinates of your sub-buildings so they're easy to replace. I'm not sure why your pedestrian path is sagging, maybe it is attracted by the paths passing under it?
  11. Right, that's exactly the problem I had. So the maximum length I've heard is 200m, and as I recall that I was above that when got the 'cannot find path' errors. Loading my station in the asset editor right now I have 136m main segments with 20m extra segments on each end. Somehow that math doesn't quite add up but maybe train segment math doesn't work with simple addition. Anyway, if you can make your train station work with a single train station track segment you should totally do that. Or if you can use regular track segments instead of train station track segments that would also solve the problem for your station. If not, join me in requesting changes to the Spawn Point Fix mod.
  12. Not knowing the code of that mod I assumed it would be easy to distinguish between long and short segments. But so far the mod owners haven't been responding to me... For my curiosity, why did you need those extra segments on the end? In my case I ran into some maximum lenght limitation for train station track segments but your main segment doesn't seem that long.
  13. You don't have to create multiple objects. Once you have added the edge split modifier to your object, you can select individual faces to be shaded smooth. And you can mark individual edges as sharp.
  14. This sounds like the work of Spawn Points Fix mod. It will place spawn points on every train station track segment. Amsterdam Central Station has the same problem because I needed small extra segments at the ends as well. I keep having to explain to people the can't use the mod and my station at the same time. I think the Spawn Points Fix mod should be changed to not place spawn points on very short track segments.
  15. Blender is confusing. You need to add an edge split modifier to your object for smooth shading to work.