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  1. I guess the turning issue is something nobody considered when voting.
  2. There are several multi track underground train stations on the WS. I use some of them myself and they work fine. Might this be an approach for tram stations as well.
  3. You are right, its the station selection thats not working underground. But it might be worth to try to build a station that is nearly 100% covered so that a little open area remains for selecting the station. Btw. how does it work for the train network then? There you are also able to build underground stations.
  4. Saddly up to now it is not possible. I read somewhere that the tram network does not allow this.
  5. Also you can use TM:PE to build "turbo-roundabouts". The inner lines of roads connected to the roundabout are only allowing to enter the inner lines of the roundabout. This forces traffic to split before the roundabout and speeds up the traffic passing the roundabout. If needed I can post an image later.
  6. See, even I have forgotten to mention, that the roads needs to activated in the options menu as well. Thanks Turjan
  7. Do you have activated the mods. Especially NEXT2. Not only subscribed, but also activated ingame?
  8. Thats a good reason. :-) So have fun with building your dream harbour. Btw.: There are other reasons, why it does not make so much sense to build it as one big asset. Prop limits when creating assets, placing would be diffifcult as your space would always have to fit with the asset size, etc.
  9. Just for my understanding. Why you want this as ONE asset? I would rather build a harbour that contains multiple elements like container storage, ship-docks, etc. So you can mix the types of workplaces, etc. in the harbour area as you need them. You can place all you want ingame using prop anarchy, etc. This enables you to create different harbour areas and customize them as needed.
  10. Do you want this as a mod? It seems for me this is a request for somebody building for you such a harbour from the existing parts in the WS. You have all you need available. There are multi track cargo stations, ship docs for free building, container props, etc. Also you can play with other assets to improve your harbour. Use f.e. the toll-booths on the WS to create truck-in+out-entrances. Google for "Cities skylines and container or harbour" and you will find beatifull pictures of things ppl have build with the existing assets.
  11. Yes, the game generates one. More details http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=463645931
  12. Hard to say what's wrong based on the information. Can you post a logfile? Seems like something is wrong with a mod or that you are using a outdated mod somewhere.
  13. Maybe a stupid question. Do you use both Next AND Next2?
  14. When you are going there you will find out this is basicaly the case. Winter there is dark and days are short and at summer you have nearly 24h light. The country looks so different in winter and summer. Much more than f.e. in central europe. So I can understand their approach. :-)