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  1. Excellent article! Thank you!
  2. Kensington Apartments

    I love every one of your files, Mattb325. You've been doing great work for years, and I'll always be grateful for your time and dedication to making this game such a joy for so many.
  3. BSP Ypsilanti Water Tower

    Very handsome water tower! Thank you!
  4. Entry 4: Welcome to Birdwater Point

    Lovely city! Well-done! Maybe I can one day create such a handsome, successful city!
  5. MP W2W Simaplex Theater

  6. UK Retailers Pack - MAXIS NITE

    Wonderful! Thank you very, very much indeed!
  7. The Italian Collection

    Looks wonderful, but when I extract the file's contents, all I find is a read me file. Where are the lots? I'm sorry, I see that you gave links.
  8. Hram Sv Save

    Excellent work! Thank you very much!
  9. Rural churches in Gemer

    Very handsome!
  10. How do I make use of the download on the STEX disk I just purchased with my donation?   Thanks!

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    2. Lelisia1961


      Thanks for your speedy reply.  That's just it, I've not received the e-mail yet, other than those from Paypal saying they'd done my transaction.  Maybe I missed seeing the link on the Paypal message.  

    3. Lelisia1961


      I received the confirmation e-mail and did as you said.  I love the STEX disk 5!  Lots of wonderful things on it!  

    4. Dirktator


      That's great!!

  11. NDEX ITS Queens Hotel Portsmouth

    I love all of your work!
  12. PEG CDKREC Seawall Kit Vol 1

    PEG's productions have always been extremely nice and well-done. Was sorry to hear the site no longer existed, but thankful the files are available here.
  13. Temple2b

    Love all your work! Extremely well-done!