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  1. Hello guys, Is it just me that simtropolis is taking ages to load any page? I mean I tagged this post for "simtropolis challenges" because I achieved a challenge being able to post a topic Maybe the site is haunted since it is Halloween. Besides, am I the only who gets this issue regularly that when I start a new topic, there is no field available for typing? Anyway, just wanted to know if I'm the only one having this issue. Oh, and happy new year by the way because due to this issue, I expect my topic will be posted by new year's eve
  2. @CorinaMarie I don't know if @twalsh102 misunderstood you. But speaking of myself, when I said that I guess Corina didn't know that I will take her example literally, I meant that you didn't expect that I will take it literally that the "Stores" provide 20 jobs for $$sims only because you thought I knew about the table. When you noticed that I took it literally, you knew then that I don't know about that table and you brought it to my attention that it is true that the stores provide 20 jobs, but these 20 jobs are divided among the other wealth level sims via the formula of the CS$$ that is included in the table. I know that you provided the rights stats through your explanation for each one of the 2 commercial buildings mentioned in this post You guys can't know how relieved I am that I finally understood how all this work, a big thank you to you and all the others who contributed in making this clearer.
  3. Yup, R-levels of the sim are distributed according to the table. But one more thing I need to know is whether the table applies to custom lots as well
  4. How Can You Best Think?

    @TekindusT Ironically, I can think well in a train or bus but not in a car even if I'm not driving and no one is talking to me.
  5. @twalsh102 I guess @CorinaMarie didn't know that I will take her example literally because she thought I knew about this table. Now I can say that the idea I was trying to understand is crystal clear. This brings me to a question I guess is the last. So can we say that the formulas mentioned in the table applies to the custom lots as well?
  6. I'm lost again so bear with me. What I understood from you before your last comment is that the "Stores" employ either 20 R§§ sims or 70 R§ sims in case of dilapidation. But according to the table, the "Stores" which is a CS§§ can employ low, medium, and high wealth sims. What am I missing here? It is so important to me to understand this because I am working on something that requires my full understand of this matter.
  7. @CorinaMarie Can you explain the meaning of the term "stage" while you're at it? For instance, 2 Chicago Retail Stores 3 has a stage of 1 (3x3, 3x4, 4x4), 2 (2x3, 3x2) What does it mean? And is it the same as the "Growth Stage" which also I don't know what it is? xD
  8. @CorinaMarie Ohhhh. I thought that the "stores" http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Stores employs 20 medium wealth sims and 70 low wealth sims (office boys, vallet parking, janitor, etc...). I got it wrong the whole time!?
  9. That's a nice expression my man
  10. @CorinaMarie I'm not sure I understand the (dilapidated § jobs). But I think it means that this variable will vary according to other economic variables in the city and region. If that's the case, does it mean that the 20 number of §§ jobs is fixed?
  11. How Can You Best Think?

    Bike or car?
  12. Hey guys. I got a question. I hope you can help me. Regarding the stats of stores http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Stores This building grows on every density, does this building have the same stats with low, medium, and high density? It doesn't make any sense to have the same number of employees with small, medium, and high density. Andrews Fashion Center for instance is a building that also grows on low density and provide more than 200 jobs. It doesn't make any sense. http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Andrews_Fashion_Center Edit: Maybe the number of § jobs is the one which increase with every density? Is there a way to know how much § jobs every density building provide if that's the case?
  13. I just checked all the prima guide chapters that are related to police and crime, found nothing
  14. @CorinaMarie I also think that the number of police dispatches available are not relevant to a station's effectiveness in dealing with crime automatically. They only matter when dispatching manually. But I want to make sure.
  15. How Can You Best Think?

    Hi guys, Due to the nature of city building games, I think most of this community are thinking type people. So out of curiosity, how can each one of you think about stuff the best? For me, I can think about anything really good and effective when I am sitting on the couch while eating sunflower seeds. The second most effective and best way to think is when when walking (not back and forth). What about you? What is the best way to think? While smoking, showering, shitting ?