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  1. Can someone please send me a link to the Maxis renewal packs... Cant find them anywhere but know they are here somewhere! =/ ...

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    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      After a quick search, maybe these ones @Manuel-ito created?


      Otherwise, I suggest it's worth posting over in the "Can't Find It" thread, where some other folks might know exactly what you're looking for. :)

    3. HORSEY


      I do not know why i didn't see these replyies until today. My notifications must have glitched. Thanks for the replys. I found it eventually. It was Maxis civics, Utilities & parks relots. It was over at screwpile =) 

      ...i think...

    4. CorinaMarie


      Check your notifications settings (scroll down to the Profile section).

      Also, for your original question, it's quite acceptable (even preferred) to create a topic in the SimCity 4 General Discussion. That way if someone else later Googles it they might find it. ;)