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  1. SM2 Water Towers

    @Simmer2 Apologies mate! Wasn't trying to downplay the lot's ingenuity. I was attempting to justify my request lol I go too far sometimes, keep talking when I should shut it!
  2. SM2 Water Towers

    There's ways to leave a signature on your lot without permanently editing its configuration. Have a great one!
  3. SM2 Water Towers

    Looks great! I've downloaded it and using them in my cities, for a more realistic feel. This happen to be the only water tower that is truly great. I do have some criticism - the only thing I didn't like about this lot was the irremovable words "SM2 Water Works". Look I get it; you were putting your signature on an awesome lot because you should get recognition for your hard work. But my city isn't called "SM2" ... See what I'm sayin? Water towers are predominantly either blank, or use the city's name. I can't do anything with "SM2", it just makes me feel like I should find a way to alter what the water tower says somehow.