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  1. Hi Korver, you're work in SC4 is wonderful;

    I have a question, how you make the texture's mountain/rock in Bohemia?

    It's a mod or a retouch with photoshop for example?

    thanks a lot!

    1. korver


      Thank you degeyser *:)

      Due to the unique nature of the Bohemia update, I couldn't just use rock mods - I had to make a bunch of custom BATs specifically for the update (with minimal photoshop used).

      Pretty much what I'd do is make a big rock model in 3dsmax (usually just started off with a box and stretched and deformed it like crazy until I got what I wanted):


      I then would look for a high res pic of the rock IRL and clean up a picture of it in photoshop to turn it into a useable texture;


      Then apply said texture to the box using the UVW Map modifier w/ box mapping and I changed around the scale and whatnot until it looked good without a lot of stretching or strange deformations:



      Finally, make the custom LODs and its time to render it into a BAT for use in game:


      So yeah, unfortunately, it's not as simple as just making a rock mod :/ Takes a long time but the stunning results are worth it *:)

      Don't know if that was necessarily what you were looking for, but if you're interested in getting into modeling there's a couple of really good guides I'd recommend checking out here:

      There's also an excellent guide on modeling recently made by Jasoncw here: (see the last page, pg 49)

      If you have any more questions feel free to PM me. Hope this helps *:)