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  1. I'm back! I had gotten a new job over the summer and fell out of the routine. But I started working on the building again and I'll try to get an update on here as soon as I can :)  

    1. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      Yay! It felt like you appeared and showed amazing stuff, only to go AWOL a short while after. So good to hear you are backm and congrats on the new job! I hope it's good and pays well. :)

      See you around on the forums, then!

    2. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Fantastic! All these BATters coming back to work their wonder. It's a great time to be a SC4 nerd!

    3. JP Schriefer

      JP Schriefer

      Great news! Welcome back.