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  1. Have you written a how-to for farm zoning? Since you like farming, I'm guessing you have, but I can't find it. I'm about to pave farms over one sector in my region (Stanford CA, aka "The Farm" ROTFL!), and I'm wondering about how to space my roads etc.

    1. CorinaMarie


      .The only thing I've written tutorialish for farming is Growing Farm Buildings Where You Want. There are a bunch of my farm pics starting here after I created that map I was happy with. Then there's just a couple pics here for the farm region I'm working on.

      The most important part for me is I'm now using my mod that doesn't allow higher wealth to kick out lower wealth along with the Less Abandonment mod by @Bones1. This means I can use taxes and land desirability to attract the wealth level I want and although those can upgrade to the highest in its wealth class they'll never be forced out by a higher wealth level. This is so important to me in a farm region cause the moment things start looking up economically and educationally (in the Sims eyes) the middle class would take over and upgrade every low wealth home and then bail out a few months later leaving me with hundreds of dirty, over-crowded houses.

      You've prolly seen this pic I posted:


      None of those are marked historic and they will stay there year in and year out even tho it's a high value area and medium and rich are clamoring for places to live.



    2. jeffryfisher


      OK, thx. I'll do some farming and then may start a thread to discuss what I'm encountering. My early guess is that my farm streets will not need to be as close together as in a residential suburb (farms should be bigger than suburban home lots).

    3. CorinaMarie


      Without modding the minimum farm is 4 x 4 tiles. I mostly make mine 18 x 18 which is the maximum before the game wants to add its own streets. This is not the true max they can be sustained, but any tile more than 18 away from a street or road will die. So you could make like 18 x 50 as long as you have a street along the long side. (Hold down Shift while zoning to override the auto street placement.) You could also do 36 x 36 with streets along two parallel sides.

      If you do irregular farms like I do weaving in and out of the trees the 18 tiles to a street sometimes gets borked. When the farm grows you may see the no road zot over some tiles of the farm. I just add some more street along the side and it usually takes care of that. You need to do that within the first month or two before the tiles die. If they are apple or orange trees that die they turn black.