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  1. For the past hour Simtropolis has been slow and rather unresponsive. Sometimes even giving a 524 time out error in Firefox and 520 in Chrome. This has also caused some unintentional double posts, one of which I was able to successfully hide.

    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Yeah, I've been noticing this also and both those errors have been intermittent, accompanied by consistent slow performance. For a good while the site was also completely unresponsive for me. Nothing would load at all in any browser. Then when it returned I only saw around 15 members online, which was unusually low for this time of day.

      Slowly but surely, the slowness seems to have improved, and I'm hopeful the issue has now resolved itself. Otherwise I'll notify Dirk immediately to further investigate the issue.

    2. SimCoug


      internet happens...