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  1. Woot! My antique Photoshop Elements 2.0 installed fine and runs on my new comp. :D I was worried that it would be too old to play nice with a later OS. (Its requirement is 98se or XP.)

    So, since this is the first time I've initiated a status here's what I've been up to:

    • Bought a new (to me) business class HP 6000 Pro comp.
      • 3.06ghz
      • 4gb RAM
      • 250gb HD
      • Dual video ports on the MB
      • Win 7 Pro 64 bit
    • Bought three 1tb external USB drives (for redundant backups)
    • Installed Firefox (it had Chrome pre-installed)
      • Added Bluhell firewall
      • Added uBlock Origin
      • Added Mozilla Archive Format
      • Added Tab styles for better definition of them
      • Imported my bookmarks and personal dictionary from my old comp (so no re-training to be able to say borked and confuzzled and other weird things without the red underlining)
    • Transferred My Documents (separating My Pictures to 7's folder arrangement)
    • Installed Macrium Reflect
      • Made image file backup and unpacked to separate HD and tested
    • Installed PSE 2.0 (just now)
    • Installed PDF Redirect 2.5.2 (just now)

    I still need to go thru my 174 pages of update and tweaks notes from my old comp. There was some setting change (or registry tweak) I had to make a long time ago to avoid a popup in PSE when whatever online check it does would get an error. I'll want to get GIMP as well since I use that if I'm writing tutorials in which image editing is needed.

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    2. Handyman



      I am seriously considering a dual boot tho with Linux so I can follow along with @Handyman's guide to get SC4 running. (And then I can pester him with tons of questions.)

      Dual boot is a great way to get started. If you give yourself a chance to get used to it, I think you'll eventually find it the preferred choice at boot time.

      If you decide to go that route, let me know and I can try to help it go smoothly for you. And I will, be happy to help you get SC4 running. It will be a small repayment for the help you have give me.

    3. rsc204



      One thing you'll probably be contending with is the barrage of Windows Updates. There were hundreds the last time I did a clean install, so this can only have grown.

      Actually that's no longer necessary, things have changed... So Windows now has a system of cumulative updates released once a month. You don't get to pick and choose individual updates any more.

      From a fresh install, make sure you've SP1 installed, then find these two updates (updates your system to Mar 2016 in just two patches).

      After that one or two update rounds brings you to the monthly patch system, in use since Sep/Oct 2016. But you don't need all of them either, the patch for Feb 2017 for example, includes all the previous monthly patches if you need them. The process is much more simplified, but removes all control from the end user.

    4. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom


      Actually that's no longer necessary, things have changed... So Windows now has a system of cumulative updates released once a month. You don't get to pick and choose individual updates any more.

      Ah yes, how could I forget...

      When I mentioned being "very judicious" about installing updates, in truth, "very foolish" is probably a more accurate synopsis. Initially, after hearing the changed policy and the big push towards Windows 10, I thought to give things a while to settle down. As it turns out, as you may have figured, I haven't installed a single update since the middle of last year. :P

      It didn't help with the indefinite checking for updates bug, which caused slowdowns on many systems, mine included. After much trial and error, I got lazy and hit the master OFF switch. Hopefully this is fixed now? Otherwise, it might be worth reverting to the manual Update Catalogue, which still at least allows the rollups to be downloaded at your leisure.

      This blog has some info on the wonderful world of patches, which I will be catching up on. Some good summaries in there for a general perspective.

      So it seems like Microsoft's plan is to slowly bundle older updates in future monthly rollups. This could potentially mean unwanted patches are eventually included. After which, the only prudent way to avoid them would be to disable updates, and then abandon Windows if connecting to the internet.