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  1. My Chemistry teacher taught me the entire structure of matter right down to T-2x10-12^ in about 2 hrs and then he and the whole class turned around and looked at me, he walked straight down the center aisle and stood over me smiling, and said "you know, skeletons smile too?" He asked me what I know, and then he sat down beside me with the whole class staring at me with blank faces, and I explained the rest to T-0 That was a long time ago, and its been coming back to me ever since.
  2. Show us Your Oddities!

    Using the standard cheats you can change the advisers to Llama heads. DollyLlama changes the faces of the advisers to llamas. I just looked at the 'town planner.dat' file with iReader, its not a straightforward graphic. I also compared it with a different set of advisers that comes with an Asian SKU for the game with Asian advisers, even more difficult to figure out how the graphics work. I agree it would be fun to make our own, but looks like a challenge to program. Press CTRL + X to open the standard cheat window, then enter DollyLlama. The Llamas may not appear immediately, so click out and back in to the adviser menu to see them. NOTE: Both 'advisor' and 'adviser' are correct spelling, same meaning.
  3. Thanks for following me :)

  4. SimCity 4 on sale at GOG.com

    CONFIRMED! GoG Winter Sale has begun! https://www.gog.com/game/simcity_4_deluxe_edition?pp=d764b9a532adfcd5a105af71e7278787b60fd43a Gog no-DRM digital SC4 Deluxe C$6.29. All three SC2, 3 and 4 are C$11.37. I've got both SC3 and 4 from GoG. The SC2 version is a matter of some contention as many reviews claim its a 16-bit DOS version and not the Win-32 version. I'm still looking into this, but SC4 Deluxe and SC3U (SimCity 3000 Unlimited) are GOOD TO GO...G! < I'll edit this post and insert a promotional picture later when I get a stroke of genius.> For now, lets do some math: Estimated actual retail value of SC4: $70 Estimated actual annual entertainment value of SC4: $7000 Estimated value-added user created content available for SC4: $700,000 So you get almost a $million dollars worth of stuff for under $10 dollars. This is the greatest deal in the world! S I M C I T Y 4 D E L U X E GoG it! Get it! Gift it! What a great gift for the giving season, you don't need wrapping paper, ribbons or bows, no crowded stores or line-ups, no worries of having to return the product, and a bunch of great colleagues here on ST for support, socializing and sharing stuff. SC4 is more than a game, its a priceless masterpiece of collective art, its an engineering marvel that will amuse and challenge generations for many millennia to come. SC4 is required curriculum for all education of all ages. SC4 is a global movement, its an international order, its a civil culture without borders or walls, SC4 is a way of life!
  5. New Zealand

    A zillion details I could comment on, but that little puff of smoke on the sheep ranch is just... perfect! The sheep would make a good wall hanging in a bedroom for counting to help get to sleep.
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    This just keeps getting better, you almost flew right over me! From the overview its looking very much like the Greater Vancouver Regional District. They must have had SimCity 4 in mind when they built this town.
  7. From my experience playing, yes it can, There are 2 types of ferry dock, and if you have the Airship DLC there are 2 types of airship dock. Both have docks for Residents and Tourists. In your ferry terminal you have one dock for Residents, and one dock for Tourists --which you must add. 'Tourist' generally means from out-of-town, 'Resident' generally means from in-town. 'Residents' also travel across connected cities in the region for education, shopping and work, and 'Tourists' also travel to attractions in the same city. If you build one ferry terminal or one airship dock you will usually see a minimal amount of 'Residents', and if you build 2 the number should normally increase. You can increase the use of the transportation system, bus, train, ferry, airship, airlines, by placing parking lots adjacent to the station(s). The sims will then park and ride. (Also placing parking lots near the highway entrance helps keep the highways uncongested.)
  8. Cahalane Communications

    Art can't be compared. Neither can it be rated. It cannot be bought or sold. It can only be understood. Only now can I see the design as interpreted by the artist, it is a beautiful waterfall of glass in the concrete canyon. Thank you Sir for the mastery of art.
  9. The Milestone Thread

    So if we include the tractor that's a "high-five"!
  10. SimCity 4 on sale at GOG.com

    The sale never really ends when you consider the value you get even at the regular $10 to $25 range of the cost of SC4. So I collected a bunch of ratings on the game and listed them below. I'd like to see a disk version available again in retail stores, but the no-DRM digital version is better by far for regular use of the game. S I M C I T Y 4 .Deluxe Edition ===========- I verified all the following sites' ratings and links, no sites listed below link to non-eula compliant sources. GoG: Community rating 4.5/5 www.gog.com/game/simcity_4_deluxe_edition ___________________________________ Metacritic: Metascore 84, User Score 8.7 www.metacritic.com/game/pc/SimCity-4 ___________________________________ Gamespot: Review rating 8.3 www.gamespot.com/reviews/SimCity-4-rush-hour-review/1900-6076158/ ___________________________________ IGN: Rating 9.2, Community rating 8.7 ca.ign.com/games/SimCity-4/pc-481429 ___________________________________ PC Mag: Rating 4/5, "Excellent" www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,1437265,00.asp ___________________________________ engadget: "Reigns supreme on Mac" www.engadget.com/2014/04/22/SimCity-4-deluxe-edition-reigns-supreme-on-mac/ ___________________________________ MAC GAMER HQ: Rating 4/5, "Great" www.macgamerhq.com/reviews/SimCity-4-mac-review/ ___________________________________ Common Sense Media: Rating 5/5 www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews/SimCity-4 ___________________________________ Game Rankings: Ranking 85.23% www.gamerankings.com/pc/561176-SimCity-4/index.html ___________________________________ GameSpot: Review 8.3/10 www.gamefaqs.com/pc/917992-SimCity-4-deluxe-edition/reviews __________________________________ IMDB: Community rating 7.9 /10 www.imdb.com/title/tt0413269/ ___________________________________ GamersNET: Rating 8.3/10 www.gamersnet.nl/reviews/simcity_4/ ___________________________________ New Game Network: Rating 88 www.newgamenetwork.com/article/391/SimCity-4-review/ ___________________________________ EuroGamer: Rating 7/10 www.eurogamer.net/articles/r_rushhour_pc ___________________________________ eTeknix: Gamer's Choice Award www.eteknix.com/sim-city-4-pc-review/ ___________________________________ STEAM: User rating 7/10 store.steampowered.com/app/24780/SimCity_4_Deluxe_Edition/ ___________________________________ PC Gamer: Review 69% www.pcgamer.com/SimCity-review/ ___________________________________ ebay: Customer rating 4.6/5 www.ebay.com/p/SimCity-4-Deluxe-Edition-PC-2003/6484464 ___________________________________ Walmart: Customer rating 4.5/5 www.walmart.com/ip/SimCity-4-Deluxe-Edition-PC/2187469 ___________________________________ 4Players: Rating 89% www.4players.de/4players.php/dispbericht/PC-CDROM/Test/2578/1666/0/SimCity_4.html ___________________________________ Control Command Escape: Review Very Good www.controlcommandescape.com/reviews/SimCity-4-deluxe-edition-review/ ___________________________________ Gaming Excellence: Rating 8.9 www.gamingexcellence.com/pc/games/SimCity-4/review
  11. "The Rain Song" This is the mystery of the quotient.
  12. Get your Maxis files here!

    maybe not. I'll flag @catty-cb so she can help with this one.
  13. Updated the final version of the Atlantis Region Maps.  Some interesting geometry.  I created a reverse isometric map with facing concentric circles, vertical and horizontal waterways.


  14. The Power of One: C H I C A G O Beginnings
  15. Introduction and overview

    Most of your views in mayor view are of the entire city tile, the entire block of small and medium tiles when zoomed-out can be seen surrounded by a lot of screen space. The large tiles usually don't fit in the screen area. This reminded me of slides in a slide show that are projected onto a canvas screen by a light projector. As you tell your story I get the sense that you are clicking from one slide to the next as in a slide presentation. As well, you only use 1 or 2 lines to explain the picture, and that makes it easy to enjoy the show --not too much reading. I think its a good thing, its unique, novel, and makes it very easy to follow and take interest in your story and pictures. Just in case you aren't familiar with slide shows, a slide show is a presentation using a series of projected images or photographic slides, digital slideshows are made with programs like MS Powerpoint.