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  1. Free and Open Source City Builder/Simulator Games on Sourceforge:

    • OpenCity is a 3D city simulator.


    • Simutrans is a freeware and open-source transportation simulator.


    Choose from multiple unique paksets which offer different graphics and gameplay


    I'll be trying these out this weekend and report back here.

    1. RandyE


      Open City is still in basic development, the graphics are very clear and the projection is straight-on rather than at an angle.  There's no edge scrolling or rotation.  The interface is very simple and only includes icons for plopping roads, zoning and adding civic buildings.   Its a builder without a simulator.

      Simultrans is very well developed, so much so I'd have to play it over several days to comment much further.   The interface and layout is easy to use and very similar to the SimCity series.  The graphics are about the same as SC3K

    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Sounds interesting, thanks for sharing! *:8)

    3. RandyE


      I'm gradually going to compile inventories of the free and open source stuff and the fan sites that have SC4 resources.   My Website URL is my personal ISP web space where I've started an HTML page for the fan sites.   The intent eventually is to post these in an appropriate forum on ST.  If there any fan sites you know of to add please let me know. As well, I'm studying BBCode so I can make the pages easily transferable and browser friendly.