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  1. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    For the canals, I used the BSC Brick Canal Set and the "blue-ish building" is the AIG Building. I just discovered I am using an older model of Cuckatoo's AIG Building so I will link you the most recent of his adaptations. I hope this helped you!
  2. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    This is downtown California City. Although it is one whole piece, the citizens of California City tend to divide downtown by Downtown West, Downtown Mid, and Downtown East. The reason for this is because Downtown West and Downtown Mid are separated by the ES-4 freeway and Downtown Mid and Downtown East are separated by the Junipero Serra River. I am finished with downtown, but I still need feedback to improve it so I can move on to the construction of the suburbs and industrial district.
  3. Nissan GT-R

    Yes! You did the Nissan GT-R! I really love the way you remodeled it. Keep up the FANTASTIC work! I also downloaded your Ford Explorer as well. 5/5
  4. Shaky Isles Coffee Co DARKNITE

    I really love the modern look to this coffee shop. It really goes well with my city. 5/5
  5. Ford Escape

    I really love these recent vehicles. It makes your city look more new and realistic if you're trying to make a modern-day city. Anyway, I really love this model and I'll give it 5 stars. PLEASE make more recent vehicles!