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  1. Hi Judazzz.

    I saw your highway signs pack. Great work. I was wondering if I could make a polish version of signs? You could pack it into your mod. 

    What do you think? :)


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    2. Judazzz


      All my mods are basically open source, so feel free to create a different version specifically for Polish road signs: all it basically takes it renaming a few things and changing the sign props and textures that are included in the mod: the large highway signs and street name signs only have different textures (so to make them Polish all you have to do is edit the textures), the other signs are new models (which means they need to be turned into new props with polish textures).
      Unfortunately there's not much I can do in regard to the props (I can't model myself, and the signs are taken from an earlier mod, American Roads, which was abandoned by its creator), but if you can create Polish road sign props to replace the vanilla ones and Polish textures for the highway/street name signs yourself (or find someone who can), I can assist you with combining everything into a new Polish Roadsigns mod :) 

    3. wojtason


      Superb. My time is limited but I will try to find time to do it :) Where can I find all the nesessary props?

    4. Judazzz


      If you have the American RoadSigns mod installed, you'll find all the props and textures in the mod folder: C:\{path_to_path}\steamapps\workshop\content\255710\690066392.

      Keep in mind that these props are not the same as the the vanilla ones (they are different models, because the same signs in Europe and the US have different shapes), so unless Polish signs have the same shape as US signs, it may be better to extract the vanilla road signs from the game, and create new textures for those. Also, if you are going to re-use the US props, make sure you rename them (because otherwise they will conflict with the ones from my mod).