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  1. MargoCity Mall Depok

    Reggie got the rig, Reggie got the rig, Margo got the city mall and Reggie got the rig.
  2. Wendy's Restaraunt

    Wrong. It is Anytown, Canada! All of mine are based in Canada (especially since I am funding Medical Centers and Clinics with tax money).
  3. Springfield Town Hall

    Where do I find Maxis buildingprops?
  4. McDonald's

    Good but there is a problem. The sign says drive though but there is not one. Can you add a play place, more parking and outdoor tables?
  5. Traffic Light Replacement Mod v1

    How did you do this?
  6. Updated Truckstop

    Actually I would buy it. *Below is for the up loader* Where are the two most important things of a truck stop? Parking and fuel! Also where is the building with showers, fast food & restaurants? You tried but there needs to be a lot more work on this.
  7. Frex_Ceafus Stop Sign Pack

    Warning, cheesy pun ahead!
  8. Tim Hortons

    No Canadian city is complete without one (trillion) of these!