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  1. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    Here it is one of my wealthiest cities I have ever built. I hope you enjoy my screenshots... Wonderful Island-13 Mar., 3581499656849 by Víctor Ledezma, en Flickr And if we close up to the city-detailing, you will see a lot of fancy houses and very green suburb areas Californias Harbor-14 Mar., 1451494790173 by Víctor Ledezma, en Flickr Wonderful Island-13 Mar., 3581499657003 by Víctor Ledezma, en Flickr Wonderful Island-13 Mar., 3581499657013 by Víctor Ledezma, en Flickr If we go to the commercial areas we'll see big and tall buildings Wonderful Island-13 Mar., 3581499656939 by Víctor Ledezma, en Flickr
  2. Convention Center

    Excellent design, so suitable for my city
  3. Standard Federal Savings and Loan

    Yes, I have the Dark Nite version and I have the dark nite mode installed in my game, I don't know what really happens. I´ll try with the maxis nite version and see what happen
  4. Standard Federal Savings and Loan

    I got a brown box, I.ve already verified the dependency is downloaded... is there any incompatibility with another mod or plugin? :c
  5. Show us your Riverside, Lakeside, or Oceanside.

    These are a couple of nice shots from my lakeside Cities, hope you like them Portland-7 Abr., 8981497640831 by Víctor Ledezma, en Flickr Californias Harbor-9 Sep., 1431494789200 by Víctor Ledezma, en Flickr South-20 Mayo., 5521489177036 by Víctor Ledezma, en Flickr
  6. Woodlands Region

    Here you will see some nice shots of my city called Woodlands... some beautiful night shots.. I hope you like them
  7. Torre Multiva

    beautiful, I love it.
  8. City bug with empty lots

    I did use the sc4save and one of my cities did have that problem but I replaced it too, and I did check it for prop pox and it appears the backed up file doesn't have any prop px.
  9. City bug with empty lots

    Thank you all for your answers, and yes. all my city details are set to high, so that's not the problem, what I'm actually doing right now is to replace the cities I have backed up before to get rid of this...
  10. hello, guys, I've been concern about a bug I have in part of my cities I've maken. some of the zoned areas are looking as in the image below. They look horrible and I don't know what to do to delete that... the thing is that not in all zones this is happening but in some parts of the city. If it was a matter of dependencies or anything like that it would be for all zones in all areas in all my cities but is not, can somebody help me with this? please. The trees, flowers and all details in the houses tilesets are not showing up they look completely empty.