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  1. I'm having some problems with finding my asset in game. I made a second building for the 'modern low-rise living' set. It's a level 5 high residential who fits on a 4x2 grid. But somehow it just refuses to grow anywhere. Both buildings from the set are/will be published with RICO settings added, but to test it out myself I manually added them in RICO too, The first building (which is already published) show up just fine, the new second building however refuses to show up in the RICO tab, and yes I did reboot the map and even game several times. So then I tried to make my own mini building theme with only a few buildings in it so mine will spawn more often, because of the 4x2 size it's pretty hard to force it, there are no low level buildings in that size so I make 4x3 zoning spots to let it grow (trying to avoid the 4x4 library). But when I'm in the Building Theme Manager I can't even find my own buildings, like the assets are disabled in the game. But then I look them up in The Mesh Info and they are showing up just fine... So can anyone please tell me why it's not showing up? What am I missing here? o_O
  2. Problem solved! I was able to manually spawn it with Findid indeed, I had no idea that also worked for growables. If anyone is interested, its online now http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=910029444
  3. I have Findit, but that does not work on growable buildings, and even then I don't own that much assets that I'm drowning in them, It's just not in the right tab in Rico. And I do not get any error messages when loading my game either.
  4. No that can't be the case, I took my own asset as starter template to match the colors and floors so it should show up the same. And both are level 5 originally and that's what I was trying to achieve in RICO too, I didn't change the level.
  5. So recently I started working on a new mod: Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. It's a building on the top of a mountain, looking over the Griffith Park. The front side is normal height on the ground level, but the back of the building goes lower and lower into the mountain, as can be seen on this image: So right now I'm testing the model in game to see what's the best way to get the back part looking like that, I figured with ingame terraforming I could get a lot done. if I make the grid smaller than the actual building terraforming should not be a problem. I do however bumped into an other problem which I just completely forgot. Everything below ground level will have a dirt texture on it. How would you guys solve this problem? Is that dirt texture removable? and is there a way to make sharper mountains, just to make sure no ground will be poking trough the model anywhere? Thank you in advance.
  6. Yeah that's how I've "always" been doing it, hoped there was a more poly-friendly solution. I'm at 6.8K now so should be fine.
  7. It worked! On to the next step! How do you guys normally deal with grass sticking trough a path? My only solution so far is place 1 plane directly on 0 ground level to stop the grass and then another one floating 5-10cm above it to avoid collision with the ground texture.
  8. Ah yes of corse! Thanks for the help, at least now I know I can finish this asset in peace
  9. Sorry for being a noob, but where exactly do I change these settings?
  10. I had that once, I just removed the glitchy polygons(s) and put new ones in, unwrap them if needed and done.
  11. Hey there! I have some great ideas for new projects, based on a real life buildings. But they are all much bigger than the allowed grid size. Max tile size is around 12x13 while these buildings need at least 20x20. Have any of you made huge buildings like these? How did you do it? You scale it down? You just go bigger and place no props there? Please tell me your experiences. Best regards, Kliekie
  12. This is gonna be interesting, thanks!
  13. Hmm that looks like a good option. Do people need to have the mod installed in order for it to work? Plus is there no max grid size? Might take some time to get the hang of all that, but thank goodness summer vacation is right around the corner
  14. Hey guys! I've been digging trough the forum but I don't see anyone mentioning this so let me put this out here: The voting for the modding contest has begun! You can find all the participants in this link: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=255710&searchtext=%23tempted&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=totaluniquesubscribers&section=readytouseitems (ignore those 6 cars, those are not for the contest) Every subscribe = 1 vote, you can vote for as many assets as you wish You can vote till july 23rd.