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  1. A few weeks ago, Skylines came out with a DLC update free of charge made by the developers. This feautured tunnels (oh how i love tunnels) and European-style buildings. What do you think the developers will come up with in these next DLC updates?
  2. Making The Switch

    I Totally Agree. Really, I'd Be Suprised If Anything New Comes To SimC. Really, C:S Is The Best Choice.
  3. Making The Switch

    Well one of the big differences is graphics. No offence to CS, but SimC has way better graphics. The building in CS are very, square-like. While some building aren't, SC is still the winner. The Shadows are better in SC, and so is texturing. CS has a clean-cut look, but SimC is more realistic. Another Thing, No nights. (But there are mods) Mods, Buildings, and Other things are really easy to dlwnload because of the Steam Workshop in CS. The Plots Are Way bigger in CS, and By achiving pop. Milestones, you get to buy another plot (9 in vanilla, 25 with mods) The Traffic is different in CS. While both SimC and SC use agent systems, Everyone in SC go to the same job, eliminating alot of traffic there. (But there are still problems) And buildings are more densly packed, giving it a real-city look, And there's Metros! ---------------------- In my opinion, Cities Skylines is amazing. I truly think Skylines Is Way better than SimC for many reasons, it May be more expensive, but it is still a amazing game. ------------------- I suggest you get Cities Skylines, because I think it has way more potential than SimC. -Skit (Androids Are Superior)
  4. Apartment Road

  5. Me Either. They Haven't Anything In A While
  6. I stil have boxes on some buildings

    Well the problem is you have a 2gb video card. you need to get a video card with way more storage
  7. True. Actually If they do continue to do stuff like that, That Would Count to me to
  8. I'm Eating Food. It's Edible... Or not.

  9. For Starters, Skylines is lonely. You can't play with friends which makes it somewhat-boring (to me at least). So, Do you think Skylines Should Add A ''multiplayer'' system, or not?
  10. Yes, I Do Agree Actually. If You Want A Rural-Looking Area, There Should Be Powerlines
  11. When your country disappears benearth the sea.

    But, It isn't. the reason there sinking is because of the Ice Caps melting. Many islands have all ready sank. And soon alot more will sink soon. Really, the Moving towards the sun is not a big contributing factor to it. Its the fact we're causing global warming by emitting Greenhouse Gases to cause these ice caps to melt, and it's causing these islands fast. I looked up some sunken islands, and one recorded it losing about 1.2 Sq. Mi of land every 14 months (it's un-inhabited)
  12. When your country disappears benearth the sea.

    Well yeah! We all know that do to us moving closer to the Sun, is the reason we're having Global Warming and these islands are sinking. And Yellowstone Would Probably Make It Worse, Causing A Nuclear Winter .