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  1. you know what I don't know why i thought it was weird i literally lived in WA on a road that had no sidewalks hahaha
  2. where in australia is that terrible road existing. It makes legit no sense hahaha
  3. median strip between tram lanes on the snowfall medium tram road is 3.2m wide FYI
  4. well cars still technically use bus lanes if they need to turn off with that lane - so they would go through the median strip..
  5. I would only use it if it was packaged with the road - meaning you wouldn't need a mod to load the road, only to create it
  6. So errrm Floating Parks

    I asked the devs, apparently the bobbing is hard coded into the shader and can't be changed with vertex paint (however they did say "currently" so maybe they might think of changing it)
  7. So errrm Floating Parks

    Which vertex colors did you try?
  8. So errrm Floating Parks

    I'm gonna try and see if any vertex colours control the bobbing
  9. sooooo you did follow the suggestions but you didn't follow them? also suggestions sounds like you have a choice, think of them more as instructions because If you don't follow them then the end result won't be what you desired
  10. I don't believe in hell so I won't build a road to it Good concepts but PLEASE if you want me to bother you need to make sure they fit properly and have the correct lane widths - check out the first post in this thread for instructions. If you can't show me them as working viable concepts then i won't waste my time trying to figure it out when I can just make someone's road who has put that effort into it. Make an effort please, because it's such a small simple thing to do. Again interesting concepts but you MUST submit any suggestions as outlined in the first post of this thread otherwise you will post things that just won't work in game and be a waste of time, space and internet data..
  11. There is a minimum width for zoneable roads of 2 cells. Use NExt roads if you need less than that
  12. Hey Guyyssss!! I Have 5 (FIVE!) new roads already completed for you to subscribe to! I worked hard in the last few hours to have them ready for launch so hopefully if there are any bugs (which i don't think there are) they will be minimal CLICK THROUGH HERE
  13. unfortunately not, it's like the building editor - you can't mix and match features of a building into one you like, you have to import your own mesh. I know it's frustrating but it is a good way of streaming what comes out of the workshop - if literally anyone could just mix a road, the amount of tripe we'd get or barely any different roads would be enormous - look at all the vanilla buildings that were uploaded with nothing more than a slight change in hue. In saying that, you should wait for tomorrow or so to see what i initially upload. i've got around 5 roads fresh to upload and a few more that are close to completion. You may find the functionality you desire in one of them, and maybe they won't be exactly the right textures for you but they match the Vanilla textures so they won't look out of place
  14. you can just tell me what configuration you want and I'll see if it's possible