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  1. Doing a One Day BAT Challenge to test my strengths and weaknesses before continuing on my main portfolio work. I have one day to model and one day to texture this BAT. Open to any suggestions on what to make, has to be simple though.

    1. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      A mid-rise office tower?

    2. Haljackey


      Redo your high mast lighting mod for RHW medians?

    3. Xyloxadoria


      The Mast lighting for the RHW medains is modding not a 3d model. So that wont count. Just mentioned the mod with the NAM people, they have a list of the IIDs i need for the mod which will make it super easy, but its for the new version thats going to be released with the next NAM. When that new version comes out, i should be able to make a matching mod.