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  1. New Marina Bay 2077

    very Blade Runner
  2. New Rochelle's Trump plaza White plains, Ritz Carlton Ridge hill, Monarch Condos & Shopping center 100 Lake summit Drive Hudson valley hotels White Plains One city place Co-op City towers There's more to NY than Just NYC
  3. By unknown i mean unknown to people out of state.
  4. HK Bank of China Tower V2

    Amazing, You guys did a better job than Maxis.
  5. Dirty industry lots are some of the coolest but the games hates you for using them. Which in my opinion is kinda dumb.
  6. NDEX ITS Fox Plaza

    The Lift Scene in "Speed" was set in the Montauk gas tower in downtown
  7. Sk8zim17s SimCityCom EXchange BAT Pack

    Its been 11 years and these are still pretty good
  8. All of my custom buildings such as the Transamerica pyramid aren't turning on lights and looking like this: I use maxis nights, Could that be the problem?
  9. It might just be me but i love Mid-rises in rural settings \ Reckson Summit, Valhalla, NY. The inside of this place is sweet Tarrytown Corporate Center, Tarrytown, NY Hawthorne, Westchester, NY Hudson Valley Bank, Yonkers, NY