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  1. The "worker's bug"

    I am sure CO are doing something about this, there have been a lot of suggestions on that topic about how to improve that system and to make things more relevent. One suggestion would make crime more relevent by altering the happiness with inadequet or over-capacitated road-connections to workplaces. Another was to make a check to make sure industrial zones were connected in anyway to residential zones, if they werent industrial zones wouldnt hire any workers. There are A LOT of improvements to be done to this game, the community are helping a ton by offering a perspective the developers just couldnt/didnt have, give it time and the game will become more and more solid, the fact they've got a decent base is whats making this game so successful - what will make it legendary is what will come with time.
  2. Oil runs out rapidely

    Seems to be a bug, the trucks that carry the coal and/or oil can't seem to replenish the power plants fast enough.
  3. Making an airport replacement

    Would be awesome when the modding starts shooting off if we could drag runways like roads (remove the ability to curve) and connect the runways to terminals with taxiways.