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  1. mine dosent work with COT well it does but when it does get "futurized" it becomes the original station
  2. is there any mod that allows me to do it?
  3. Kalone's Road Pack Revival

    some one help the mod worked but i cant place it normaly but i can see it when i place the staiun and is the stree cart and train one plesae help meeeeeeeee
  4. if this guy make the interchange like 4 way interchange or the t one rotate in all 4 sides and the 4 way rotate in 2 sides that will be cool
  5. Kalone's Road Pack Revival

    udon have one way roads
  6. Kalone's Road Pack Revival

    can any one tell me the incopatible mods please because this road pack is not working un my simcity 5
  7. my udon dont work the car go in the wrong way like they go like a normal road