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  1. Sooner or later I'll install poseidon Linux (Ubuntu) anyway. Also have some experience with wine, so I should be able to make it runing. Otherwise, yeah win7 pro also nice solution. Question is, how far better is multicore support etc for games on 8.1 compared to 7. I mean going back (forward :-) ) to 7 just for sc4... I hate Mircrosoft
  2. Hi Moose Yes I know that / I do. This was more a rage post because I was very upset. Also because recently I had it runing on win 7 pro (way older desktop hardware of couse) and it worked finde, so I thought, how bad can it be on 8.1 , especially when dear Microcrap is telling you 'no problem', see here -> http://www.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/compatibility/CompatCenter/ProductDetailsViewer?Name=SimCity%204%20Deluxe&vendor=EA&Type=Software&tempOsid=Windows+8.1. I gues the communitybewertung 24/87 tells everything (combewertung means com-rating in german). So this post was not REALLY intended to do more work in this matter because I am frustrated already, maybe also because Iam trying to acplish this from a shity bed in the hospital :-) 1) preload 8.1 64 standard // have 7pro and 8.1pro from university, so could install new, had this thought anyway, not because of s4, still thingking about it 2) status is installation (from cd -> deluxe edition sc4+rush hour) no patches (german edition) 3) 11.0 4) worse than ever 5) CD 6) no but will try this right now 7) -intro:off -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32 -d:software(tried this it works but with shity performance) -f -CPUcount:4 8: yes, see 7) does it run on ubuntu/poseidon-Linux? Have that too greetings, sub
  3. I have ASUS g750 gaming LT, win 8.1 sandard I tried everything, including the solution from General Lee, NOTHING IS WORKING! SOOO MANY graphic bugs